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Actor Yury Yakovlev, biography

Studies and early successes

the entrance exams VGIK Yakovleva Commission considered unsuitable for filming because of its appearance.But Yuri did not give up and in 1948 became a student of the Shchukin Drama School.In the first year, as appears in the biography Yakovlev, he was a poor student of acting.On the second - troechnikom.But through hard work and self-improvement, in 1952 Yuri Yakovlev joined the Academic Theater.Eugene.Vakhtangov.

first success came to the young artist Yakovlev in 1960, after he was able to brilliantly play the role of the Prince in the play, which was put on the story by S. Marshak, "Woe be afraid - of happiness not to see."Soon, in the play "Play Without a Title" (written by Anton Chekhov) Yuri Yakovlev elegantly and subtly played the role Triletskogo.During their 60-80's finest hour comes in the biography of the actor Yuri Yakovlev.

At the theater actor Yuri Yakovlev played more than seventy roles, such as: Calogero, the hero of the comedy of Eduardo De Filippo "Gr

eat magic," Casanova ("Three age Casanova"), a courtier diplomat Duke Bolingbroke ("Glass of Water"), the tragic Prokofiev ("Lessons from the master").

last stage role was Yuri Yakovlev Fomenko famous play called "Guilty Without Guilt."His character - a charming Moscow nobleman who loves theater and artists.In this production the director made the most of a beautiful, musical voice Yakovlev.

people's love

popular favorite actor Yuri Yakovlev became thanks to the big screen.The debut film role Yuri Yakovlev - Chahotkin in the film "On the stage a scene."Then he played Lieutenant Dibicha in the film "Ordinary Summer".Thanks to the successful debut and extraordinary acting talent, the young film actor was in demand.

Artist Yakovlev appeared in films since 1956, but the real success came to him in 1958, thanks to the great role played by Prince Myshkin in the film version of "The Idiot", directed by Ivan Pyreva.

Biography Yuri Yakovlev enters the next level with the beginning of cooperation with director Eldar Ryazanov.For the first time Ryazanov actor starred in "The Man from Nowhere," but inclusive audience sympathy Yuri Yakovlev brought the role of lieutenant Rzhev in "Hussar Ballad" and Hippolyta in "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!".

film roles include Yakovlev also noteworthy as Stiva Oblonsky in the film version of "Anna Karenina", directed by Alexander Zarkhi and Bryukhanova in Novels "Love the Earth" and "Destiny", directed by Matveev.

Among the most favorite roles moviegoers a man like actor Yuri Yakovlev - two roles - punches and Ivan the Terrible in the comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Ivan Vasilievich".Job actor in a fantastic tape George Danelia "Kin-dza-za" in which Yakovlev starred with Eugene Leonov and Stanislav Lyubshin, became one of the most memorable to the audience.

Yakovlev - actor-improviser, subservient emotional impulses.Emotional colors appear natural, rather than invent imagination;arises from the nature of the character correctly perceived the dramatic staging of the work and ideas of the director.Yulia Borisova compared him with a flying bird that does not think about the mechanism of flight, but just acts naturally, giving joy to people.


In his younger years, Yuri Yakovlev gained a reputation as an outstanding Lovelace.According to his biography, his first wife, a student medical school Machulsky Cyrus, he took her already practically husband.Yakovlev and Machulskaya married in 1961, then had a daughter Alena.But suddenly, Yuri became known that he will soon be an illegitimate child.Mother of this child was an actress, the daughter of the famous actor Raikin - Catherine, which was, at the time, married to Michael Derzhavin.George and Catherine played together in the production of "Ladies and Hussars".Upon learning of the results of this novel, Yakovlev filed for divorce from Machulsky and married Raikin.

remarkable that the marriage was fleeting.After the birth of his son Alexei wife separated.Later, Yuri Yakovlev started a few stormy romances and eventually settled down definitively.

third wife of the actor Yakovlev became the director of the museum at the Vakhtangov Theatre - Irina L. Sergeeva.In 1969, she gives birth to her son Anton.Yuri and Irina live happily married for forty years.

His elder daughter Alena a fairly long period of time to work productively in the Theater of Satire, where the leading actress.It is noteworthy that it is - a workaholic.He tries to play simultaneously in various productions, whether movies or plays.

son of actor - Anton began his career as a theater director.His productions have good success in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

From hobbies actor can be identified reading, especially creative Chekhov.Also Yuri Yakovlev prefers classical music and likes to walk along the old Moscow.If you rest on the nature, do not miss the chance to pick mushrooms.Among the sporting passions Yakovleva: hockey, football, gymnastics and figure skating.

In 1997 was published literary work by Yuri Yakovlev "Album of my fate."

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