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Biography of actress Galina Polish

difficult childhood.

Perhaps the future life of the actress would have been not so difficult, if not the war.After all, the girl began life in Moscow.Galina birthday - November 27, 1939.Polish was born just before the war - in 1939.The actress had a father and mother, whom she had lost because of the Second World War.Galina's father went to the front in 1943, he was gone.Biography of actress mother too sad.During the war, she became ill with tuberculosis and died in 1947.So the Polish left an orphan.The girl was sent to a children's home, and it would seem, there is the black stripe starts.Yet, there is the fate of the girl still smiled.She found her own grandmother, who took to himself a little Galia.Of course, life in the penalty room was obviously not a luxury, but in any case it was not a children's home.In addition, close to Galya was its native people.

Happiness personally and professionally.

girl loved and appreciated her grandmother, and she did everything to Galya could learn.She alway

s tried to help her granddaughter and did not interfere with her desire.And Galina tried to help her grandmother.Perhaps it was one of the main reasons why the Polish decided to enroll in a theater.It is believed that many actors earn and easy living.Then, Galya not really thought about the fact that the actor's work, sometimes a lot harder of any other.So she went to do to VGIK.I did.There is already manifested her natural talent, which have proved to be very Polish, very much.

It VGIK, she met a man, fell in love madly.It was Faik Gasanov.He went over to the two courses was the future director, as well as intelligent, clever and terribly romantic.Faik won Galya that she spent the night at the door, he could make love beautifully, even bought the ring quietly measuring the size of her ring finger when she slept.He came to ask for the hand of the Polish grandmother and she gave the blessing, seeing that the granddaughter really love this young man.

Faik was a really good guy.He's tried to do for Galina.Even now it povёz honeymoon, though the celebration itself was modest.Polish wanted to go on the sea, in Yalta, and Faik's lumped money, and then taken away his young wife to the sea.Galina highly valued is his ability to make a nice gesture indulge in something, to please her, to make happy.

When Galina still studied at VGIK, she got her first role.And this role was not the second plan.She starred in the film Thani Sabaneev Wild Dog Dingo or tale of first love. "Galina character fifteen years.And she herself was already twenty, and she could give birth to a daughter.Therefore, Galya is not particularly suited to the role externally.Yet, still the director took her to the film and has not lost.Tanya - the character is not unequivocal.It was necessary to have the talent to show the drama of a girl who is not able for someone to adapt and always acts according to conscience.Who loves the first time in my life, but so much and really as sometimes happens, people never learn to love even in adulthood.We Galina perfectly turned out to realize this character.The audience believed her and immediately fell in love.Therefore, we can assume that Galina Polish, success came right after her first role.This film won many prizes at international festivals.One of them Galina met by Federico Fellini.He gave the girl my picture and said that she is a good actress.By the way, Fellini has repeatedly confirmed his admiration for the actions of Galey.Several times he called her to the shooting, however, Soviet officials continually found reasons not to release the actress from the country.

Meanwhile, Galina continued to appear.Another famous character was the role Galina Alena, in the film "I Step Through Moscow".It was Galina collective image of Soviet women sixties.It was fun, cheerful feminine dreamer.Therefore, it is very fond of spectators, and many wanted to be like it was at the Galina.Polish itself has always tried to play as to interest the viewer, to show him the inner essence of their characters.She did this through facial expressions, gestures and intonation.

black band.

Everything seems to be perfectly evolved.But apparently no one has the right to be constantly happy.That Galina started a black stripe.Moreover, in the professional sphere, everything was fine.She just had to appear in the film "Journalist".The role in this film Gerasimov wrote it for her.This director was a teacher Galina and really wanted her to play in his film.And Galya has played, although it is was not easy.She grandmother died, and it was a blow.But finally a woman dobilo what happened ten days after the death of a loved one.In Odessa, in a car crash crashed Faik husband.It was horrible, unfair and so painful that others probably would break.But, Ghali was four-year-daughter, for which we should live.Therefore, the Polish collected will in a fist and began to work.That work is distracted from the pain and thoughts of native people who have never come back.

Galina has devoted his entire life and career of their daughters.She had a second marriage that fell apart, but after Galya stayed another daughter.The woman is no longer married because of jealousy of children.Now, in his declining years, she sometimes regrets about the fact that there was one, because from time to time attacks occur searing loneliness.Yet, Galina still does not regret that lived a life that way.She played many roles and left bright trace in the hearts of the audience.

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