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Biography Natalia Andreichenko


Natalia - native of Moscow.It was there that she began her biography, she was born the third in May 1956.Parents Andreichenko was intelligent and educated people.Dad worked at an aircraft factory, and mother - the Ministry of Education.Girl with early childhood interest in art.When she was only five, the parents took her to the ballet "Sleeping Beauty".Natasha liked it so much that I saw on the scene, the girl agreed to at all costs, to become a ballerina.Already in the third grade, she independently organized the staging of the ballet school, with not only came up with the script, but also put their own dances.Parents saw the daughter of creativity, so I gave it to a music school.At first, she learned to play the accordion, and then another, and began taking piano lessons.However, it is worth noting that Natalya was interested not only in art but also in sports.In parallel with studies in music school, Andreichenko also went for a swim.But it was more of a hobby, as Natasha knew how thi

s sport affects the figure.Therefore, she is not fond of them too hard to figure it has not ceased to be graceful.When Natalia was in high school, another serious passion for her was the literature.She thought for a long time over what she did professionally engaged in life.One time, she even almost decided to enter the Faculty of Moscow State University.But in the end, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", she nevertheless decided that she wanted to enter the theater.So she did.

first Natalia filed papers in school Shchepkin.But, unfortunately, there has not arrived Andreichenko.However, this setback did not stop Natalia and she again filed documents, but now the Film Institute.It was there that she received a theatrical education.She studied in the studio of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva.It really was a great success, to do such a talented and well-known actors.By the way, she began acting while studying.The first painting, which played Natalia, was the film "From dawn to dusk."It Andreichenko played in 1975.

successful career of this lady of the Soviet cinema.

In 1977, Natalia graduated VGIK.At that time, she has managed to fulfill five roles in the film.It is worth noting that even then, Natalia was able to remember the audience.Perhaps people did not know the name of the girl, but, but, they have already learned it a way that shows the great talent of the actress.But she became known when starred in "Sibiriada."She got the role of Anastasia Solomina, a beautiful girl from Siberia.She won the hearts of the audience this way, and, from that moment, she began her career as a professional actress.Natalia still believes that the role of one of the best.Incidentally, it is worth noting that the film won a prize at the Cannes festival.That's only in the Soviet hire it shows little as director Konchalovsky went abroad and never returned.After

"Siberiade" Natalya co-starred in an interesting film, where she was able to fully reveal itself as a dramatic actress.It was a picture of Samson Samsonov's "Merchant and poet."Then Natalia played episodic, but memorable roles.And in 1983, a second wave of popularity Andreichenko.It then went films "Wartime Romance", and, of course, the unforgettable picture of "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" is directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze.It is in this film Andreichenko opened his side all the femininity that no one not previously noticed.After all the previous films, she played women lush forms, a kind of beauty-Siberians.And suddenly, the screen will display as thin as birch, skinny English lady has a wonderful musical and choreographic skills.It was a film about Mary Poppins, Natalia was able to prove himself in all his skills and talents.This picture is loved and adored by both children and adults.In the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" has grown more than one generation of children, and all have always been delighted with the wonderful magical nanny.Incidentally, it is worth noting that all of the songs written by Max Dunaevsky, who was beloved husband of Natalia Andreichenko.A song in the film for it takes time anyone yet unknown girl, and, in consequence, a popular singer, Natalia Vetlickaya.

In "Military Field novel" Natalia completely different role.She plays Luba Antipova, a strong woman who failed to pass the war, survive all the horrors and, as a result, still be happy.

Natalia Anderychenko played a lot of interesting roles, and then went to America.She broke up with her husband and married Maximilian Schell, whom she met when the director came to shoot in Russia.A woman for a long time lived in America, but there she was never able to become as well-known and beloved to the public.When the marriage broke Natalia returned to their homeland.She went back to play in the movies and people have accepted it.Today, Natalia appeared in films and politics.She has a daughter and a son: Nastya and Mitya, who took over from her mother talent for art.So that we can say: life Andreichenko success.