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The most famous psychologists of the world

So, we present you a list of the most famous psychologists of the world, who were able to turn over all understanding of psychology.After all these famous psychologists have repeatedly shown that this science is a part of their lives.

We fix Freud .

Sigmund Freud , aka Sigismund Schlomo Freud - is the first psychologist, that we have decided to tell you.Freud was born May 6, 1856 in Freiberg, Austria-Hungary now Pribor, Czech Republic.In the world known as the famous Austrian neurologist who was the founder of the so-called school of psychoanalytic therapeutic inclination.Zigmud is the "father" of the theory that all human nervous disorders are due to a number of conscious and unconscious processes that are closely interact with each other.

Vladimir L. Levy, a psychologist and poet .

Doctor of Medicine and a psychologist Vladimir L. Levy born November 18, 1938 in Moscow, where it is now.After graduating from medical school for a long time he worked as a doctor in the emergency room.He then move

d to the position of the therapist and was made an honorary employee of the Institute of Psychiatry.Vladimir Levi was the first founder of this new trend in the science of psychology as suicidology.This line includes a complete and detailed study of suicide and psychological state of people who are prone to suicide.For all the time in psychiatry Levi published 60 scientific papers.

addition to psychology, Vladimir fond of poetry.So it is not in vain in 1974 he became an honorary member of the Writers' Union.The most popular book of Levi - "The art of being a" "Conversation in the letters," three volumes of "Confessions of a hypnotist."And in 2000, he saw the light of his personal collection of poems entitled "Strikeout profile."

Abraham Harold Maslow and his name in psychology

Abraham Harold Maslow - an American psychologist who was made an honorary founder of humanistic psychology.His famous scientific works include such a thing as "Maslow pyramid."This pyramid includes special diagrams which represent the most common human needs.It is this theory has found its direct application in the economy.

Viktor Emil Frankl: psychologists Australians in science

known Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Viktor Emil Frankl born March 26, 1905 in Vienna.In the world his name is associated not only with psychology, and philosophy, as well as the creation of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.Most popular scientific works Frankl include paper entitled "Man's Search for Meaning."Names of this work was the basis for the development of a new method of psychotherapy called logotherapy.This method includes the desire to realize their human meaning of life in the existing external world.Logotherapy can make human existence more meaningful.

Boris Ananiev - the pride of the Soviet psychology

Gerasimov Boris Ananiev born in 1907 to Vladikavkaz.Ananiev got an ulterior motive in the list of "famous psychologists of the world."He became the first honorary and founder of scientific school of psychologists in Saint - Petersburg.Disciples of the schools and therefore most Ananiev became famous psychologists such as Kovalev, B. Lomov, and many others.

It was in St. Petersburg, at the house where he lived Boris Ananiev, was a memorial plaque in his honor.

Ernst Heinrich Weber - the famous psychologist of all ages

Brother famous physicist Wilhelm Weber, a German physiologist and part anatomist Ernst Heinrich Weber was born on June 24, 1795 in Leipzig, Germany.This psychologist belong to far ahead moving closer scientific works in anatomy, physiology and sensitivity.The most popular of them - is the work that affect the study of the senses.All the works of Weber formed the basis for the development of psychophysics and experimental psychology.

Hakob Pogosovich Nazaretyan and mass psychology

famous Russian specialist in cultural anthropology and psychology of mass behavior Hakob Pogosovich Nazaretyan born May 5, 1948 in Baku.Nazaretyan is the author of a vast number of publications that talk about the theory of social development.In addition, a psychologist was the founder of hypotheses about the techno-humanitarian balance, which is compared with the development of culture and technological progress.

Victor Ovcharenko, the pride of Russian psychology

Viktor Ivanovich Ovcharenko born February 5, 1943 in the city of Melekess, Ulyanovsk region.Ovcharenko is a legendary figure in the development of psychology.On account of Ovcharenko overwhelming scientific titles and compelling works that have made a huge contribution to the psychology as a science.The main theme of the work was to study the sociological Ovcharenko psychology, as well as the problems associated with the person and interpersonal relations in general.

In 1996, the psychologist suggested that from a scientific point of view for the first time to review the periodization of the entire history of Russian psychoanalysis.In addition to all the above, Ovcharenko has repeatedly called the best psychologist, and his famous works have repeatedly been published in scientific collections known far beyond Russia.