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Biography of Julia Roberts

«red blood»

Julia childhood dream to be on the set.Her parents - Betty Lou and Walter - possessed little shop "Actor and Writer", which often going to the beau monde of their native town of Smyrna, in the US state of Georgia.However, the store does not bring money.Relationships Betty Lou and Walter got worse - in the end the couple split, divided between the children.Julie and her sister Liz stayed with his mother and brother Eric went with his father to conquer Atlanta.Autobiography of Julia permeated expectations: "I imagine that someday a miracle happens.I was convinced that Eric will be rich and famous.Together with friends, he will call me to school by car, and I go with a briefcase with them to dine in the restaurant.If this happens, my classmates would have burst with envy. "

But Eric was not going to return to Smyrna: Atlanta, he moved to New York, where he began acting in movies.The young man turned out not bad: it was even called "future star fighters."After school, too, Julia decided to

conquer New York.17-year-old woman was selling ice cream in Manhattan, secretly dreaming of becoming an actress.She turned it quickly.However, with the help of Eric.In 1985, his brother confirmed to star in the western "blood red" and were looking for a partner for the role of his sister.Naturally, the selection of directors fell on Julia, looks very similar to Eric.Although the film received a second-class, the girl noticed.However, the relationship with the brother of Julia Roberts eventually soured.In a car accident, Eric broke his nose, and then began to look like a boxer loser with a sad look.Its all been invited to the movies less often, while Julia outgrowth in a prominent actress.

«Runaway Bride»

After Julia starred in "Mystic Pizza," where she played a modern Cinderella, living dreams of a prince.Of all the candidates for this role Roberts seemed very inappropriate.Tall and angular, with long arms and sharp features - it was quite negollivudskaya appearance.However, the director redhead girl with piercing brown eyes seemed a godsend.

Julia was in the whirl of events, people, castings and new samples.She appeared in the film unobtrusive 'Satisfaction', then was the success of "Steel Magnolias" and the legendary "Pretty Woman."The love story of a prostitute Vivian and financial tycoon opened decade Julia: For this role she was nominated for "Oscar" and the national love.After all, its charming character gave hope to millions of women in the fairy tale and faith in that there are princes.

very Roberts also dreamed of a rich and handsome prince.But, as a modern beauty, she did not expect favors from destiny: the novels of loving and Julia in the late '80s and early' 90s legends.She met with almost every partner in the film!She had an affair with Liam Neeson, who played with her in "satisfaction".Liam was replaced by Dylan McDermott of "Steel Magnolias."After Roberts fell in love with Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman" and without waiting for reciprocity, he threw in the pool with his head in the relationship with Kiefer Sutherland in "Flatliners".Then Roberts, along with Jason Patric, Kiefer's best friend, fled to Ireland.She became depressed, rescue from which it could only wonder.Or new love.

healing love

Julia chose to be treated with love.For two years she had to part with Jason Patric, fall in love with Sean Penn, have an affair with Daniel Day-Lewis, who had left for her pregnant Isabelle Adjani, and suddenly get married to country singer Lyle Loven.However, Roberts seemed chosen hero from another fairy tale.Outwardly, he did not pull the prince - for ugly facial features, even the singer nicknamed Quasimodo.But Julia's vanity was satisfied!She finally put an engagement ring and became Mrs.Roberts Autobiography describes the event: "Many people say that it is a terrible and hairstyle had some strange.And to me, he seems nice.And in general, to be married - it's wonderful!»

Family idyll lasted exactly 21 months.As the actress admitted: "We were married, and soon I panicked.It seemed to me that it really looks like a "dirty mop" as they write about it in the newspapers.Now too I know exactly what should be a real husband. "


Love scrapes Roberts did not prevent a career."Sleeping with the Enemy," "The Gambler," "I Love Trouble" - a list of roles was already on tens.The producers did not stint on royalties: in 1999, Julia set an absolute record, the first of actresses earning $ 20 million per picture!It appears in the thriller, psychological melodrama, but the audience is still waiting for Julia repetition "Pretty Woman".That was the film "Best Friend's Wedding", where the heroine herself fighting for her happiness.Julia perfectly accustomed to the role: in the film she begins an affair with a coach Pasquale Manokkya.

Her career rapidly gained momentum.For "Erin Brockovich" in 2000, she received the coveted statuette - "Oscar" for best actress.This is the story of a strong woman, who was able to win from the mighty corporation $ 30 million.Same Erin Brockovich Julia became in life.For personal happiness she began to fight in the literal sense of the word.


On the set of "The Mexican" she fell in love with cameraman Daniel Moder.He was already married and has a child.But Julie was not going to back down.She asked Mrs. Moder to divorce his wife.As compensation, the actress offered her $ 10 thousand, and the resulting "trading" bartered beloved 100 thousand.

Wedding Belle still took Julia and Daniel were married July 4, 2002.This time, the actress did not advertise an upcoming event: the invited guests were convinced that they were going to celebrate US Independence Day.The marriage proved successful: Now the actress and her husband raises the five-year twins Hazel and Finneusa and three year old son Henry.Today it is a little worried about public acceptance.She rarely appeared in films, most of the time dedicating home and family.