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Biography of Lady Gaga

Aries zodiac sign born in the Year of the Tiger (28 March 1986), the future star of the scene received at birth a beautiful name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.She has a sister, Natalie, who is 6 years younger.When Stephanie was a little girl, her parents worked hard to have a family money.Father Joseph was Dzhermannotta Internet entrepreneur and mother, Cynthia, worked in the telecommunications industry.In the biography of Lady Gaga says that members of her family were from the highest circles of society.Therefore, working twelve hours a day was a routine necessity.His hard work and perseverance, she undoubtedly inherited from the parents.

musical childhood Stephanie

From an early age became interested in Lady Gaga's music.In four years it without outside help has learned to play the piano, and at the hearing. As a teenager, she began writing songs.At age 11, he came to the convent of the Sacred Heart, a private Roman Catholic school for girls.There she began to be different from other girls

manner of dress and behavior.Sometimes, Stephanie was mocked by the students, but that it does not care.With 14 years she was playing in a band in high school and started to actively participate in school theater productions.She battered interesting roles, among which was Akhmatova from Gogol "Inspector".After high school, Stephanie Dzhermannotta enrolled in art school, which was located at the University of New York.There, she studied music and improve their songwriting skills due sketches and essays on themes of religion, art, politics.Although quite successful study, the singer felt that it is more creative and creative development than her classmates.So she decided to focus on his music career, he dropped out in his second year.

first steps on stage

Next Shocking Lady biography says that, he settled in a small apartment, Lady Gaga took to execute their plans.First, she recorded several songs for the audiobook, and then put together their group, taking to his friends from New York University.The group was named "Stephanie Dzhermanottaz Band" and started performing in various clubs.Singer tried in every way to attract the public's attention, leaving the scene in shorts and sequins.Her band played both well-known works, and copyrights.Soon she noted producer Rob fuser, and that while there have been several hits, including "Dёrti Ice Cream", "Disco Heaven" and "BEAUTIFUL Dёrti Rich."At the same time, and there was her nickname - Lady Gaga.According to one version, a source of inspiration was the song of the "Queen", which is called "Radio Gaga".Then there was a short contract with the studio "Def Jam".When, after three months, he was torn, she had to return home to his family.It was a difficult period in her life.Inspired by some of the burlesque shows, she danced go-go night clubs of the Lower East Side.He recalls the singer, while she wore little more than one bikini.Apparently, hence the lack of fear to show my body and act in the most extravagant outfits.Soon she meets already then known dancer Lady Starlight, which helps to consider and fix the extraordinary scenic image.Together they work for some time, taking part in various dance projects.


In 2007, fate finally, the singer presents a man who could see in her great talent and to enter into the contract.It was a famous rapper and owner of the record company Akon.Together they tried to combine several musical styles in a new harmonious sound.Glam rock, hip-hop rhythms and rock and roll entwined, creating a unique sound.In addition, taking as a basis for an existing image, the singer Lady Gaga has always been a desire to combine it with retro and avant-garde styles.This results in a completely new unique image.Although during the first serious performances on Lollapaluza she made a remark about the appearance, too short shorts were on it.However, it is only with new forces began recording a solo album.

A year later she was living in Los Angeles, and is finalizing a compilation « The Fame », that is, in fact, did Stephanie Dzhermannottu world famous.Biography Gaga shows how, through faith in themselves and tireless work, we can succeed, which crave.And by the way, the singer advises his fans always rise, if fate throws you to the floor.