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Biography Tatiana Dogileva


Tatiana was born in a very ordinary Soviet family in the small town of Tambov Tekstilshchiki about February 27, 1957.My parents worked in a factory, but always dreamed of, to be sure their children have received higher education.Therefore, early childhood did everything possible to make this dream come true.Tatiana engaged in artistic gymnastics, choreography.And in the 14 years it took to the studio of the young actor, who worked at the Central Television.Life actress girl seemed mysterious and interesting, attracted and fascinated.Biography and Dogileva - a whirlwind of emotions and passions.

Student years

her dreams, and dreams of parents fulfilled in 1974 when Tatiana after graduation filed documents once all Institutes of Moscow theater.Although studio executives, which dealt with a girl, not recommended to elect the acting profession because of the unusual appearance, her luck in GITIS.In his student years Dogileva starred in episodes.For main characters it was considered beauti

ful enough, comic characters, too, was not her role.And almost immediately Tatyana realized that its role - the role of the second plan.The first major role played Dogileva the director Yuri Pobedonostsev in the film "ticketless passenger" in 1978.

Immediately after GITISa Dogileva Tatiana married, but her marriage lasted just three months.The creative life of an actress was interesting and important.She was fascinated theater.

Working in the theater

road to the stage opened Tatiana Mark Zakharov.He first noticed her extraordinary character, and offered a role in the play "Lenkom" "Cruel Intentions."Her character was a mischievous Nelka this character discovered the true nature of the actress.Tatiana gave the theater for seven years, having worked there from 1978 until 1985.In parallel, it has successfully played a role in the popular Soviet film "Private Lives," "Vasily and Vasilisa", "Unexpectedly," "Hotel" Eden, "" Bee, "" One in a Million "," Groom from Miami, "" The Promiselove "," Pokrovsky Gates ".And of course we all remember vivid role in the film "Blonde Around the Corner."

But then and now the actress prefers shooting of theatrical scenery.And although she never abandoned filming a movie, eventually began to invite her less and less.A theater - really calling Tatiana Dogileva.And education has a more theatrical than cinematic.It is at the stage it is able to fully reveal the image, get used to the role and convey it to the audience.

In 1989 Tatyana Dogileva was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Acting Tatiana Dogileva critics noted again in 1992.Then, for best actress, she won the "Kinotavr".This award brought her the role of Katya, a nurse in the film "Afghan Breakdown" directed by Vladimir Bortko.

Once, after reading Russian translation of Aeschylus' Oresteia, "she refused to play Electra at the famous German director Peter Stein.A little later, Tatiana was very surprised when she called again and was offered the role.By participating in this project, Dogileva with Elena and Igor Maiorova Kostolevsky traveled many countries, they tied a strong friendship.

Not stopping there, in 1998, Tatiana decided to feel in the shoes of director and began the play "Moonlight, honeymoon," which premiered at the Theater.Yermolova.He had no success with the critics, but the audience liked.After a while Dogileva made director of two more performances.This "passion Moscow" based on the play by Ostrovsky "Not all cat carnival" and "Do not deny him love ...".And then came the play "The Lady waits, clarinet plays ...".The performances draw full houses and go with the success so far.

Career Dogileva in two thousandth

In 2000, Tatiana won another award - she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Distant country always attract their romance.Perhaps that is why Tatiana without hesitation agreed to take part in the television project "The Last Hero".Visit desert island breathed new vitality, weight of impressions left, she even wrote a poem dedicated to this island.

indomitable energy and a desire to try his hand at a new arena pushed Tatiana Dogileva to create their own films.After a long ordeal with the producer of the actress finally managed to feel like a filmmaker.In the studio "Mostelefilm" Tatiana made the film "Leroy", which in 2007 received the award at the film festival "Golden Phoenix" in the nomination "Best debut as a director."

Who wants to play the role of Tatiana Arkadina in Chekhov's "The Seagull."This character is most attracted to the actress.Probably, his vigor, desire for action image ARKADINA something reminds Dogileva itself.Perhaps the dream once fulfilled.

his second elect Mikhail Tatiana Mishina first seen in the film "Free Wind".As a result, we began a dating relationship.Michael left his former wife did not immediately, but the wedding still took place.Soon after, in 1995, the family has expanded daughter Katya.Despite the fact that her husband is often on the road, Tatyana does not jealous.However, 18 years later, in 2008 their marriage ended in divorce.

film credits is more than eighty paintings and acting work no longer counted.In recent years, the actress became an active participant in social movements.So in 2010, she picketed the construction of the hotel "TriTe," which launched the studio N. Mikhalkov Small Kozikhinskiy lane.And in March 2011, has released a video message supporting the defenders of Khimki forest.Here's a she, versatile, amazing, strong and romantic Tatiana Dogileva.

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