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Biography of actress Ornella Muti

roots actress

eventful biography of the actress, this woman never cease to marvel at in the world.A small green-eyed girl Francesca decorated amazing city of Rome his appearance March 9, 1955.On the maternal side, it boasts a Russian roots, her grandparents were born in Leningrad, though mom - Estonian.Unfortunately, the baby's father died early, and all the care of two daughters entirely rests on the shoulders of the mother.But Francesca did not stay away from family problems.The girl, whose beauty is literally screaming about myself offered to become a Model in the Art College.My mother was not very happy with the behavior of her daughter and tried to convince Francesca to dress more reserved.But the girl was your opinion on this matter, and she agreed to pose.Magnificent figure has not gone unnoticed, and various magazines immediately one after another began to offer it as a model of cooperation.Although pictures of naked girls were accompanied by scandals at school, it did not stop the young stu

bborn beauty.She was proud that in this way makes a contribution to the material well-being of the family.

debut Muti

Unexpectedly sister Claudia, Francesca persuaded to audition the director Damiano Damiani, whom to shoot the film "The Most Beautiful Wife" required a 16-year-old beauty.When Damiano saw a dazzling figure of Francesca, he had little doubt as to who will play this role, but the young girl was only 14 years old.Samples were successful, and in 1970, the debut of a young actress rocked all film enthusiasts.With his characteristic impulsiveness Italians it changed its commonplace as the director said, the name of Francesca Romana Rivelli to Ornella Muti.

on the set of his first film Ornella met Alessio Orano, actor.A little later he became her husband, but their relationship did not last long.

Ornella became the first Italian actress, starring in the movie completely naked.Despite the low budget film "Bait for girls", "secretary", "Premarital knowledge," "Nuns of Sant Arcangelo", "Fiorina" explicit sex scenes with her participation were particularly beauty and refinement.And of course, fans of the men rated such grace and charm, there was no rest.

In 1974, Ornella starred in Mario Manichelli "Roma."The image of the heroine was dramatically more complex than the earlier role and allowed to reveal other facets of acting actress.


When Ornella turned 19, she gave birth to a daughter, Nike, but her marriage to Alessio Orano was terminated.Perhaps the reason for this were the many fans of the actress, and perhaps Orano he was not ready for a new family life.Somewhat later, the actress married Federico Fatsinetti.This union gave Ornella daughter Caroline and son Andrew, but my husband and I had to leave again.

creative way Ornella

family problems did not prevent creative ways of this amazing woman.In 1975, it showed their skills in the two tapes Marco Ferreri - "Just as a rose in the nose" and "Last woman."Both films opened Ornella way to more serious films, proving the undoubted talent of the actress.And in 1977, he came out on the screens at once 4 paintings with her participation.This is the drama "Death villain", directed by Georges Lautner with Alain Delon, Film Dino Risi "Bedroom Bishop" drama "Portrait of the bourgeoisie in the black", taken Tonino Cervi and original and interesting collaboration directors Mario Monicelli, Ettore Scola and Dino Risi"The new monsters".Shooting to the popular and talented actors Vittorio Gassmanom, Ugo Tognazzi, Alberto Sordi enable Ornella feel and show the diversity of their personalities, revealing more and more new features.

In 1980 he published all known comedy "The Taming of the Shrew."The audience, of course, remember the unforgettable image of Adriano Celentano, who was a partner Ornella in this film.And after a year of stunning duet again will delight spectators in the movie "Lovestruck".

One by one picture with Ornella Muti publication."Nothing - it's great," "History of Ordinary Madness," "Bonnie and Clyde in Italian," "Love and Money", "The Girl from Trieste." Its popularity is gradually expanding the boundaries and goes beyond Italy. In 1980, the actress is removedthe director Gregory Chuhraja in the film "Life is Beautiful", and in 1984, Volker Schlöndorff in the movie "Swann in Love". In 1999, Ornella became a favorite of eminent and even in China, where she played the director Miguel Littina in "Tierra del Fuego".

In a creative list of actresses over a hundred paintings and TV series. Only in the last ten years on the screens out a lot of pictures with her participation: "Secular lions", "favorite son", "Hotel", "tomorrow", "The Last Escape""Amazing couple", "American Uncle," "After Life", "Men and women of truth and falsehood," "Friday and Robinson," "The thing Nazarene", "Funny and tanned».

Ornella today

In 2008, the actress has shown itself also as a designer, presented to the audience a collection of jewelry.Biography Muti and her talents know no bounds.

In recent years, a charming young mom and grandmother Ornella Muti lives in Paris, but do not forget to visit them in sunny Italy.Her ownership of several vineyards of the beautiful berries that produce delicious wine.It is involved in charity work, although this aspect of activity is not particularly famous actress advertised.

Ornella looks good and says that does not use the services of plastic surgeons.The secret of her beauty - a healthy lifestyle.She does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, he allows himself to sleep longer and doing gymnastics.

Actress, as before, continues to receive creative proposals, and in films.This year, work began on the film, Woody Allen's "Bop Decameron", but so far no details on the role of Ornella unknown.Let it will be another surprise for her many fans.Here's a she, biography actress Ornella Muti does not get tired to amaze fans with their talent and delight with new works.

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