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Biography Olga Ostroumova

happy childhood

Olga was born on the twenty-first in September 1947.Despite the fact that her life began after the war, Olga grew up in a very light and friendly atmosphere.She had two sisters, Luda and Raya, and brother George.The girl grew up in a family where three generations all men were priests.Only her father became a professor of physics at school.But apart from that, he also acted as regent in the church choir.And this is despite the fact that in Soviet times, the church was considered something abnormal and wrong.Olga was very fond of his grandfather.He served as a priest and always had his understanding and kindness.In general, in her family, and nothing ever planted.The children are always talking, explaining, but never forget that it means the right to choose.Her mother was a housewife.She was a true guardian of the hearth, the man who has always remembered the family traditions and teaching children to always be the best, most understanding and fair.Especially their family was that,

in spite of faith, everyone was very educated.For example, Olga dad taught himself to play the piano and loved to go to travel on the river.He sewed a tent, made a boat and drove the whole family to travel.A grandfather, who, as already mentioned, served as a priest, the children's questions about the various natural phenomena are not told from the perspective of the church, and from the point of view of physics.Olga, as adults, even more respect him for that, as well as the fact that he always understood that people should come to the faith itself.Her father and grandfather became an actress for the future in these spiritual guides.They instilled in the girl a love for art and everything beautiful.She remembers how on the porch listening to a brass band, when the whole family gathered to drink tea and talk.Childhood for Olga forever remain the foundation on which it rests all his life, recalling his family, who taught in the first place, to be real, kind and understanding people, who, among other things, are educated and knowledgeable in all areas of life.

choice of profession

If we talk about how Olga chose a profession, it is worth noting that no one expected that the girl wants to go to Moscow and to act in GITIS.She chose a higher education institution simply because no other did not.None of her family had no idea that Olga fell in love with the theater as early as the age of ten.Then my mother took her to a play, in which he played a close friend of the mother.After seeing it, Olga realized that she did not want a beautiful life and wealth, which can get the actress.She just wants to feel the holiday, to transform into different people and make people happy.Family Olga was not going to challenge her choice.Parents and grandfather were as tolerant as lifelong until now.They gathered in the street Olga, bought her ticket and wished good luck.That's Ostroumova and got to Moscow.Initially, she went for consultation and made just awful.

girl crying under the stairs and thought that she had nothing.She did not like to shed tears in public, but in this situation, she just did not have the strength to hold back.That is why it is allowed to reassure and convince yourself that you need to go to the audition, and nothing to fear.That is why Olga pulled herself together and was able to go through all the stages.She got a place in a hostel and was enrolled on a course to Vronsky.

about how the popularity has come

How came the popularity of this actress?Of course, it all started with the film "We'll Live Till Monday".Olga won the role of Rita.At the time she was twenty, and her character - fifteen.But, despite this, Olga has done, and it was noticed and the critics and the audience.But the real popularity, no doubt fell on Olga in 1973.It was then that screens out beautiful and sad picture "The Dawns Here Are Quiet".It has been so many years, and over this war film cry even the youngest generation of contemporary audiences.This is not surprising, because the film a real, sincere and very beautiful.In this film, Olga came almost by accident.At that time, a young and ambitious actress became disillusioned with the film, considering only real theater.She did not even want to read the script, "The Dawns Here Are Quiet".But then he met a friend who admired this picture, which was supposed to play.Olga read literally ran to the shooting and won the role of Zhenya.This film was difficult not only for viewing, but also for shooting.All the actresses gave it a hundred percent, and Olga believes that the role of one of the best.

Olga played many wonderful roles.Probably the younger generation remembers her TV series "Poor Nastia".It is worth noting that even in the movie where filmed hundred twenty series Ostroumova always been original and unforgettable.As for her personal life, she lived for twenty-three years married to director Levitin.She loved this man, and when it fell apart, it was ready to commit suicide.But she had children, so Olga collected will in a fist and beat pain.And then I married a wonderful actor Valentin Gaft.They live happily married for many years.Olga plays in films and serials.She remembered and loved.She has a wonderful family.And what do you need for happiness?