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Biography Mireille Mathieu

postwar childhood

Mireille Mathieu was born in post-war France.She was born on the twenty-second in July 1946.Her family lived in the city of Avignon, which is distinguished by its beauty and elegance.Mireille was the eldest in a family of a bricklayer.Therefore, it shouldered many responsibilities for the care of younger brothers and little sisters.Those duties were really a lot, because Mathieu family had fourteen children.The whole family has long lived in the barracks, and only after the light appeared the eighth child, they finally gave four-room apartment.

Mireille At school things were very important.It's a shame that she was never stupid and lagging.She just got teachers who could be called as a stretch.Her teacher is simply not accepted the fact that Mireille - left-handed from birth.She thought it somehow vice and forced the girl to write only the right hand.But Mathieu could not.She was going through because of this, I began to stutter when it was necessary to read the texts.A teacher

takes it as a manifestation of stupidity a schoolgirl, I put it on the last party and did not allow to show.In the end, Mireille is just tired.She stopped to prepare for lessons, listen to what she says.And when the girl was thirteen years old, she simply dropped out of school and began working in a factory for the production of envelopes.

Steps to fame

It would seem that her life did not complain, even the bathroom Mireille first seen in fifteen years, when they were given an apartment.But no matter what, Mathieu never lose heart.She always sang.She was used to her dad, who, incidentally, had a great voice, constantly singing.And Mireille sang along with him.She loved to sing along with her father, and he praised her for her beautiful voice.That is why Mireille never stopped singing.On Sundays she went with her beloved dad to church to sing in the choir there.Despite the fact that she never studied music or singing, she was so talented that it was simply impossible to ignore.That is why, when Mireille was sixteen years old, fate smiled at her and gave a great chance.The fact that she won second place in city competition of talents, and the mayor's office, it was decided to send her to Paris to Mireille able to participate and submit their city in the TV show "The Game of Fortune" channel "Tele-Dimanche".And so began the career of this amazingly talented and charismatic singer.For the first time she went to the French scene in 1966, at the age of twenty.She sang the song "Isabel" and the audience literally in love with her.Many have said that it is very similar to Edith Piaf for his talent and a beautiful voice.Mireille is very happy, because on the one hand, it's nice when you compare with the great singer as Piaf.Also, now Mireille could safely engage in singing and earn money.She taught singing, musical notation, the behavior on stage, in general, everything that a girl could not learn in childhood and adolescence because of the difficult material situation of the family.And Mireille remembers all on the go and trying not to lose a moment, to make full use of the chance that had given her fate.

Soon comparison with Piaf became a little unpleasant.It was not that Mathieu wanted to outshine her.Just too many, they seem similar, but Mathieu did not want to become a clone.So they began to think with the producer over what to choose for Mathieu style.This helped them famous singer.Listening to Mireille, he said that it differs from Piaf that she was very bright and cheerful.Piaf always been, in its own way, in the shade, tragic.But Mireille naobrot.She just gush positive and always, as if to go in the sun.It is these thoughts became the basis for the image of Mathieu.

Mireille Mathieu was really insanely popular.She recorded the album in all languages, which you can think of.They are sold all over the world, and has a large repertoire of Mireille thousands of songs.Mireille sang songs written talented French authors such as Pierre Delanoe, Charles Aznavour, Lemesle.As for the films, which play Mireille, the first film was its Soviet painting "journalist."Together with her in this film played the actors who are now meters of Russian cinema.The film "Journalist" turned out just fine.He was able to reflect not only the meaning of the profession, but also to all those human qualities that should have a real journalist, master of his craft.Also, Mireille played in the movie "Happy New Year".But it is worth noting that Marey still a singer, not an actress.

Married to work

Mireille Mathieu - a beautiful woman, who to this day looks great.She says that this is not so difficult to achieve.Just do not sunbathe, can not smoke, you have to sleep, use natural creams and eat fish with vegetables.It is thanks to this way of life Mireille so young and fresh looks.But still, it helps the energy it receives from the audience.At Mireille no husband and children, because it is always too much work, so women simply do not have time or family.So, throughout her life, and it was the work of the songs that she sang from the stage.This is what she lived and lives to this day.