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So, let's talk about the book stars.First we turn to socialite Paris Hilton also wrote and published a book, which is called "Revelation heiress."Paris argues that this book is - not the memories, not an autobiography or even a personal blog.This is - an interesting and subtle story about how to behave in different situations - the choice of shoes and dress for a hike to a night club, to choosing a partner sexy.In his book Paris without pathos and flirting knows how to be the true heir, even if the pocket is empty.

Pamela Anderson wrote a book "The Star".Pamela herself believes that the book that she has written - very personal.The star of the television series Baywatch admits that her book, which she wrote in the genre of fiction, will not be a catchy event in the history of literature.Of course - to say, according to the most Anderson, the main heroine of the book "Star" is very similar to her.Indeed, the plot of a young woman arrives in Los Angeles from a small town with a view to achieve glory.

She also, like Anderson, some working model, then it becomes a leading television show, and getting in Hollywood, becoming a famous actress.

Britney Spears written and produced four books, including my mother a gift, it's work that she wrote together with her mother.

TV journalist, showman, TV presenter, chief editor of Star Hit - Andrei Malakhov - written and produced not a single book.Not so long ago, he wrote a book called "My other half".The product is actually an autobiography.In this book, Malakhov on his own behalf and on his second I knows how to achieve fame and material wealth.Earlier, Malakhov presented the book, which he called "My favorite blonde" - a novel about television today and customs that prevail in Ostankino.

South American actress, singer, producer, model and designer - Nicole Richie - released a book titled "Priceless" (Priceless).In his book, Nicole talks about wealth and poverty, of a spoiled child, whose life changes so much that she could not think.This story - a kind of reminder of the time when she starred in the reality show Simple Life with former best friend Paris Hilton, which today Nick in his own interview flatly objected to speak.

In 1992 he published the first printed publication Madonna - book «Sex» with photos, shameless and calling character, made by photographer Steven Meisel.This publication has been sold circulation of more than 500 000 copies.Everything else Madonna released several tales for children under the title «The English Roses».

product Anna Sedokova , one of the brightest stars of pop - the art of seduction - a lot of detailed tips that can help the lady to understand why she is so beautiful, but still one.How to behave on a first date, display or not to show the man your mind, learn how to attract those who really like us - to all these questions in Anna gave detailed answers to their own work.

burlesque artist, model and actress Dita Von Teese quickly finds common ground with the men.And even the famous designer Gaultier opened the door for her archive."There have been excellent dresses and suits, but they are not even allowed to wear at the Oscars. But Gauthier said:" If you ever want to try on at least one of these dresses, you know, they are all at your disposal, "- says Dita.But the dress on her wedding Dita ordered a Vivienne Westwood.All this Dita recalls in his book Burlesque - "The Art of Dita Von Teese."

actress and model, Alicia Silverstone , wrote and published a book, The Kind Diet.This book is a simple guide on how to quickly and easily lose weight.

Russian music producer and TV presenter - Yana Rudkovsky composed and published a book under the title "Confessions" kept woman ", or so the Steel Was Tempered."Rudkovskaja knows about his childhood and the first victory in the fashion business.The chain of reincarnations are interested in helping professional artist wife tycoon to producing Bilan.The second main protagonist of her book - businessman Viktor Baturin.Jan kept from indiscriminate attacks former spouse of all sins.Rudkovskaja welcome features of this well-aimed divided artists.And Ian knows about his first failure as a producer.Books pop and showbiz sometimes tell us a lot about our society.

Actresses twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wrote the book "Influence» (Influence).Despite initial criticism, public feedback on their excellent work - can be seen on American blogs emerged in the notes, the book attracted the majority.

Russian actress, singer and TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia, Alika Smekhova released novel "A and B were sitting on the tube," which tells about the difficult life of the heroine, an opera singer who fell in love with a wealthy entrepreneur.Alika Smekhova that during pregnancy has left the father of her youngest child, rumored to be extremely wealthy businessman well never advertise their own lives to discuss the general public.Everyone expected her life, she will open directly in the novel, but the actress explicitly stated: "The book is not autobiographical.All of this is fiction. "

Now that you know all about the pop stars of the book, and you choose only what you read.