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Life skater Tatiana Navka

first steps in figure skating.

Soon skating took important place in the life of Tatiana Navka.Before she found his destiny, she was an excellent student in school, but after she was seriously taken a great interest in figure skating in her diary began to emerge the first "Four".

In 1980, the figure skating firmly established in the life of Tatiana.Diligently, carefully and patiently Woman spotted coach Natalia Dubova.And some time after fourteen Navka was invited to Moscow.This period of life of the young Tatiana has become even more complex.Daily Tanya had to get up at dawn to get to the "white-stone" of Mytishchi.But she firmly believed that to cope with everything and all will achieve.After long effort Tatiana and truth was the best.

paired dances.

The initial release of the athletes on the big ice began performances in the competition for the national team of the USSR, paired with Samuel Gezalyanom.In 1994, they received a 11th place at the Olympic Games.But some time later the couple broke

up Gyozalyan Navka and Tatyana began working with Nikolai Morozov.Together, they took part in the Winter Olympics in 1998.

Since then, the girl breaks up with a partner Nikolai Morozov on the ice and make a decision to play for Russia.New partner for Navka became Roman Kostomarov.Coach lays hopes on this couple and invited them to train with him in the United States.However, a year later she changed her mind - more promising, in its view, now seemed a couple of Roman Kostomarov and Anna Semenovich.The opinion outlined Linnichuk Natalia Roman and requested to notify the Tatiana.Meanwhile, she played the coach of great surprise to Navka.In the absence of a partner skater decided to implement his dream of the blue - the birth of a child.Life took it at that time much more than a sport.

Alexander Zhulin.

all his youth Tatiana was crazy in love with the famous figure skater Alexander Zhulin.He, along with his wife Maya Usova once visited his hometown of Tatiana - Dnepropetrovsk.Then, with his girlfriend Tanya came to the daily exercise of this pair, and each time asked for autographs.They have accumulated a girl close to twenty copies.Whatever it was, the athlete simply did not notice Tatiana.It was only years later, when Navka has studied in Moscow, she found Zhulin from his mustache at the stadium, where she trains.Fortunately teenager there was no end in sight!

Tatiana Navka watched as little by little crumble of famous athletes.And the young skater Navka at this time opposite appears more and more to do with Zhulin.In eighteen Navka went to training camp in France and dreamed of that there was also Zhulin.In fact, he wanted it any skater just nothing less.Since Tatiana and Alexander began to live together.

Resuming sports career.

February 17, 2000, after five years of marriage, Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin officially tied the knot their lives.In this they were helped by one of the notaries of the United States.After a few months, May 2, this wonderful couple was born a daughter Sasha.At this time, a sweet couple lived in the United States and trained in Montclair, New Jersey (USA).Without delay, almost immediately after the birth of her daughter, after only 12 days, Tatiana Navka again puts skates and returned to the ice.And after a few days, I contacted her by phone and Roman Kostomarov told about the fact that their partnership was broken against his will.Figure skater Tatiana prayed to renew their partnership.And the young mother decided to take it.Since 2002, Alexander Zhulin began to train the duo, and as a consultant to athletes by Elena Tchaikovsky.Some time later, the star couple comes out a series of victories at the European and world championships and Olympic Games.

Marat Bashar.

Since 2007 Navka returned from the US to Russia and contributes to the television show projects, from the 1st season of the "Stars on Ice", which acted as an actor Marat Basharov.They took a pair of first place.The trail went projects "Ice Age" and "Ice Age - 2", where Tatiana was the second, and "Dance Contest".

the autumn of 2009, Tatiana Navka and Marat Bashar became participants of the show "Ice Age.The best. "The couple became the darlings of the program and won.Crawled a rumor that beauty and wife of an affair with a married Navka Marat Basharov.Mass media were actively discussing a novel celebrity that has not prevented Tatiana become head of the list "Sexiest Women of Russia".

incrementally began to gain momentum gossip about the alleged divorce Navka and Zhulin and impending wedding of Tatiana and Marat.Resist the heat of information on young alleged mistress of Alexander - his ward Natalya.In 2010, the couple officially announced their divorce.In all of this, relations have Navka and Basharova did not work out, but Alexander Zhulin and has not parted with a young athlete.

autumn 2010 Navka again appears on television.This time, the project of another skater Ilya Averbukh 'Ice and Fire. "In the new show skater participates together with 22-year-old well-known pop singer Alexei Vorobyov.And immediately there were rumors that the pair broke out in sympathy and ties a novel.Here's a she, personal life figure skater Tatiana Navka - eventful and full of passion.

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