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Biography actor Leonid Kuravlev

So, how life began actor?The biography of this man originates in Moscow.It would seem that, living in the capital, Leonid goes well it should.But fate has prepared him Kuravleva many tests.When the actor's life was just beginning, he was left without a father.Leonid raised one mom.And in 1941, his mother Kuravleva accused of crimes she did not commit and sent to the North.It was there and continued future biography of the actor.So Leonid spent his childhood in hunger and cold, until they finally were not allowed to return to Moscow.

not want to learn.

When Lenya went to school, he could not boast of high grades and good knowledge.The guy did not like the sciences, so, he was the most difficult with physics, chemistry and mathematics.But what, then, be in life if you do not like the sciences?Leonid often think about it.And then my sister joked, saying that he was going to do to VGIK, precisely because there is no need, nor to teach, nor to hand over items that Leonid does not like.As the saying goes,

"every joke, just a joke share, and everything else - the truth."Therefore, Leonid really consider to be an actor.So, finally finishing school, he went to VGIK, which once said to his sister.But apparently, if Lenya is not yet fully revealed his talent, so his first attempt was unsuccessful.This happened in 1953.But Kuravlev was a man of stubborn, moreover, nowhere else did not want him to learn.So, the guy went to the Moscow gang "optics", and in 1955 returned to VGIK, with the intention to do there, in that at all costs.And he succeeded.The guy passed the entrance exams and was on course to Bibikov.

Opening Shukshin.

If we talk about the career of an actor in a movie, he began acting, even when he was a student.Man starred in Schweitzer "Midshipman Panin".He played the role of a sailor.At the same time, Kuravlev played in the diploma project Vasily Shukshin.It was a film "of swan report."Then Leonid Kuravlev played in many films, but it SHukshin became the director, the actor who opened to the public.Of course, this did not happen immediately, because then Shukshin he was still a graduate.Kuravlev appeared before the spectators on the screens in 1964.And what happened to him up to this time?After graduating from the Institute of Cinematography, Leonid went to play the studio theater actor.Kuravlev played roles in the theater and on the stage.Here are just a Movie parts he had still not as noticeable, what began in films Shukshin.Yet, Kuravlev vseravno playing, playing bit parts interesting and gaining experience from the more well-known and famous artists.For example, in 1961, Kuravlev played in the melodrama "When the trees were big."The main role there is played by none other than udiviteltny and unforgettable Yuri Nikulin.This man was obviously too much to learn.In addition, together with Kuravlevym in this movie was filmed himself Shukshin.They became friends even closer, and when in 1964, Vasily Shukshin chose the actors for his films "He lives a guy" and "Your son and brother," Leonid was immediately invited to the shooting."He lives a guy" - is one of the sunniest and cheerful paintings Shukshin, which, it should be noted, was not so much in his filmography.In this movie he played Kuravlev Pasha Kolokol'nikova.His character has charm, kindness and wonderful sense of humor.Incidentally, it is worth noting that Kuravlev almost left without this role.The fact that they Shukshin very long rehearsals, but on samples Leonid outplayed his character turned out not be what was supposed to be.Arts Council honored the Gorky Film Studio is a direct proof that Leonid would not be able to realize the role beautifully on screen.But then Shukshin knew him well, therefore, to the latter fought for that guy could still play.In the end, Kuravleva left in the film, and this one has never regretted.Leonid showed all his talent and even made, at the request of Shukshin, the character stuttering.Many thought that stuttering is not the Pasha, and the Kuravlev.And so it was opened by Leonid talent.

Well, in the movie "Your son and brother" - Kuravlev played the role of Stepan Vojvodina.His character, in fact, looked like a Pasha Kolokol'nikova, but is much more dramatic.After that, Leonid no longer played in the films Shukshin.Moreover, they do not quarrel and understood each other perfectly.Just Leonid did not want to become so quickly zashtampovannym and Basil is well understood.

real talent.

next role, remember that the audience was the Shura Balaganov in the comedy "The Golden Calf."It was there, Kuravlev revealed how talented and sparkling people, creating a beautiful image, almost measured the standard by which other actors who have played in the film.Despite the fact that next to Kuravlevym played very good actors, no one could beat him.It was after this, all the spectators are absolutely confident that Leonid Kuravlev is an amazingly talented actor and a bright personality.But it is worth noting that Kuravlev, can perform equally strong as a dramatic and comedic roles.He was a force to embody a variety of images.That's what he always loved and the audience and the actors, and colleagues.

Another role for which audiences love it - it's cat burglar George Miloslavsky in the famous comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Ivan Vasilievich".This role was to play no less talented actor - Andrei Mironov.And it was Kuravlev.And he played it brilliantly.He looked perfectly with the great stars of the Soviet cinema.Kuravlev played for his life more than two hundred roles, and then continues to act.He is truly a talent that is impossible not to see.