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Biography Nicholas Karachentsova

What can we say about the life of Nicholas?What was the biography of this man?Why Karachentsova life for us so interesting?Perhaps the fact that the fate of Nicholas held the man for all bands, both light and dark.That is why we are so interested in the facts of life Karachentsova.His biography can be really eye-opening for many people.

choice of profession

So let's go directly to the stories of his life and the events that happened to him before he became an actor, and during his career litsedeya.Nikolai Karachencov - Scorpion.He was born on the twenty-seventh October 1944.Nicholas can be called a native Muscovite, because it is in the Russian capital, he was born and spent almost all his life.It was here that he went to school education, he studied at the sports school, but then I realized that he wanted to be an actor and only an actor.This, however, is not surprising, because Karachentsov grew up in a creative family.His father painted pictures in the schedule, and my mother worked as a chore

ographer.So no surprise that the boy grew up very creative and child development.Probably, no one even knew that once he embodied many theatrical roles, as well as more than a hundred roles in films.But let's talk about how Nick got to the point that he wants to be an artist.In fact, he had dreamed about this since high school.And when it ended, it just decided to enroll in the high school studio name Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater.Of course, his parents were against it, because they themselves have had a close relationship with art.That's why the boy has never dissuaded from their chosen path.On the contrary, it has always supported and understood.But Nicholas himself was a very talented man.This confirms at least the fact that he finished his studies with distinction and immediately went to work in the theater of the Lenin Komsomol.It is this theater became the places where Karachentsov stayed for life.He fell in love with the stage director and partner.It is at the stage Lenkoma Karachentsov played their best roles and played them to this day.Karachentsov immediately able to uncover on stage all his talent.Spectators who came to the theater, loved and recognized the young actor.He soon became a leading actor Lenkom.If we talk about the theatrical career of Nicholas, then he became known after the play staged by "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta."In this play, based on the work of Pablo Neruda, he played two roles.In addition, it is worth noting that the show was a musical, and that it Karachentsov showed their very good music data.Partner on stage Nikolai often performed Inna Surikov.It is with it, he has played many fine performances.This tandem has always fascinated the audience, so they loved Karachentsova and Surikov.But still one of the finest performances of Nicholas played with Shanina.This, of course, was the production of "Juno and Avos".That's it in Lenkom played more than fifteen years.And, despite the fact that the age of the actors increased, it still was constantly sold out.And the song "I'll never forget you" loved and remembered by many generations of the post-Soviet space.So, we can say with confidence that the full Karachentsov held as a theater actor, the performances of which happy to go and walk the hundreds of spectators who are appreciated and loved by his talent and professionalism.

Brilliant role

If we talk about the roles in the movie, no doubt, played Karachentsov many wonderful characters who remembered and loved by the audience.It all began when Nikolai played a role in the film adaptation of the play Busygina Alexander Vampilov "eldest son."Prior to that, the way he played and bit parts in such films as "The Twelve Chairs" and "The House that Swift Built".Though they were small, but even there, the one who would, of course, noticed Karachentsova.And then the screen came the picture "The Adventures of Electronics".In it Karachentsov able to show not only his acting ability but also the ability to ride a horse and fence.He showed the ability and beautiful film "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines."

Karachentsov always looked great in costume.That is why many remember him for the role of Riccardo in "The Dog in the Manger".Another of his beautiful and memorable role is the role of none other than Peter the Great himself in the movie "Secrets of Palace Revolutions."Besides films, Nicholas was shot in the series.But it is worth noting that he was involved only in the television movies that really can be called interesting, original and good quality.It became such series "St. Petersburg secrets" and "D.DD Profile Detective Dubrovsky. "Nikolai Karachentsov has a truly extraordinary talent.The fact that it is equally well can play both comedic and dramatic characters.Nikolai no one role, that it would not succeed.Nikolai Karachencov - an amazing person.He was able to overcome the disease that nearly took away his life.Many thought that he would surrender, but he continued to fight and come out the winner.In this he was helped to his wife Lyudmila and son Andrei.Today, Nicholas continued to act in films and playing in the theater.They are admired by many generations of viewers, and this is the biggest and it is necessary for the artist, the more such a wonderful and brilliant, as is the Karachentsov.

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