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Biography Natalia Krachkovskaya

popular dumpling

Krachkovskaya mother was Mary Fonina.That is why the biography of Natasha began, like all children actors.She traveled with her mother on the road, but most stayed at home alone, because my mother had to go to the next shooting or touring.By the way, Natalia was always very naughty and adventurous nature.Biography notes that the childhood she spent on the street, along with the local kids.They stole fruit from the gardens of others and mischief.Incidentally, it is worth noting that as a child Natasha was very thin, but always loved to eat.However, up to twelve years it is not particularly successful.As long as the guests are not arrived yet grandmother Raya Tbilisi.So she decided to fatten his skinny granddaughter.Natasha was not going to give up, and soon began to recover rapidly.Already in his youth it was crumpets, but never felt the weight defect.On the contrary, she liked the fact that it stands out from the thin girlfriends.It gave her confidence.Some hard to imagine, but it

is full of Natasha in the school ever there were a lot of fans and confessed his love for her.So everyone who is going through because of its weight, you need to take an example from Krachkovskaya.It direct evidence that interesting mischievous character and self-confidence to help attract the attention of men and forced them to ignore the extra weight.

road to fame

When it came time to act, Natalia had been sure exactly in what would become an actress.But, nevertheless, she decided to err and filed documents in the Historical Archives Institute.But its main purpose was VGIK.The girl did not stop the fact that at one place in the same year received two hundred fifty six people.On the contrary, it was the impetus for her.Natalia never give in to difficulties, on the contrary, they were forced to take the girl into a fist, and what he wants.So she went for an audition and read a monologue of Ivan the Fool from a fairy tale Pyotr Yershov "Humpbacked Horse."In fact, it acted like a clown and comedian.It was pleasant and the Commission accepted it.However, in the same year to study at VGIK Natalia was not destined.Was a tragedy - it is hit by a car, she lost her sight for a long time was in the hospital.Then he lived with his grandmother Paraskevi.Fortunately, the vision of the girl yet recovered, however VGIK sense to go that year it was not.We had to look for work, to somehow make a living.Natalya went to the Institute of Metallurgy of USSR and started to work there in the laboratory assistant positions.But this does not mean that Natalya stopped to think about how to become an actress.Despite the fact that it did not become a student of the Institute of Cinematography, Natalia was a very talented man.She knew it.Therefore, at first I acted strongly in the crowd at Mosfilm, and then got her first role.It was Verunka film Vladimir Basov "Battle on the Way."

It is set Natalia met her future husband.He was Vladimir Krachkovskii.This happened in 1962 in the film "Flood."Natalia won her husband that always behaved like a real man.He cared about her, and yet always forgot to feed all sorts of goodies that Natasha loved.She conquered this ratio.Natalya had no father because he was killed in the war.Therefore grown grandmothers and my mother, she wanted to be near a real man.Krachkovskii who could look elegant and do everything for her, promised that he would behave as usual.That is why, when the young man gave her a marriage proposal, Natalia agreed and became his wife.

Nationwide favorite

Krachkovskii became not only her wonderful life partner, it also led her to the first step to fame, who became acquainted with Leonid Gaidai.It was he who suggested Natalya her first role that has made famous and favorite female audience.This role - unforgettable Madame Gritsatsuyeva in the movie "The Twelve Chairs."Natalia played on the court together with famous actors.She learned a lot from them, but never embarrassed them.And on this film Natalya realized that, most likely, it will always have to perform tricks on their own, since it is practically impossible to find the understudy-kaskadershu her complexion.That is why the most Natalia had to fall down the stairs to a tiny mattress, repeating it take after take while the director was not satisfied with what happened in the frame.

After that Natalia was invited to many paintings, and everywhere she received an interesting comedic roles.For example, we all know his wife Ivan Bunsha in the legendary comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Ivan Vasilievich".It is here that Natalia was able to impress everyone with his talent.It is expressed in everything: facial expressions, gestures, looks, intonations.Krachkovskaya surprisingly performed this role.As, however, and all the rest.Natalia played in such wonderful films as "Pokrovsky Gates", "Do not be!'' This fun planet "," Vanity of vanities "," Man from Boulevard des Capucines "and became nationally recognized and beloved actress.She plays in the theater and film to this day.On stage, often working with his old friend Michael Kokshenovym.If to speak about her personal life, Natalia lived with Vladimir Krachkovsky twenty-six years.After his death, she was not married.This man was always for her teacher and loved, which she still remembers fondly.In Krachkovskaya a son Vasily, who is working on "Mosfilm".

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