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Biography Barbara Brylska

Brylska not a single image of the actress.Biography of this woman - a vivid example.Just wonderful Barbara played the role of Nadia Sheveleva.Brylska, her smile, charismatic, romantic and eccentric remember all the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space.Perhaps her life would not be so interesting for us, if not for her Nadia.For the first time, viewers saw the comedy Eldar Ryazanov, the first in January 1976.It was then that we met with Nadia and actress who sings it - Barbara Brylska.Thirty-six years, and we still can not imagine New Year without loved ones and relatives of persons Eugene, Nadi, Hippolytus, and other characters that have become as immutable attributes snow holiday, like champagne, Christmas tree and Olivier.In fact, it was an amazing success that the actors rarely come overnight.But do not forget that New Year's Eve is still magic, so it can happen any miracle.So it happened with Barbara.In one night, I know about it the whole country.And one night loved it.And it is indeed a great happ

iness.Barbara realized it then.Especially since she, a woman who grew up in the postwar years, knew many problems and hardships.Therefore, and I was able to appreciate the happiness and luck that brought her New Year's Eve 1976.

Getting creative way

Barbara was born the fifth in June 1946.Her family, like many others, lived in poverty, because only ended World War II.Mother Barbara earned a living by sewing.Her father was an ordinary mechanic.Family Brylska differ conservatism and rigor.That is why Barbara could never be called unchained.On the contrary, in childhood and adolescence, she was very shy, even notorious.But despite this, she was always very independent.Although, it is not surprising, because the parents had to work constantly, so that Barbara had a child to learn to answer for itself.But in any case it can not be said that the family did not like her.On the contrary, Mum and Dad spent all the power and capabilities of the fact that the girl has been Artistic Lyceum.They saw the daughter of talent and attraction to art, so we kept all her wishes and initiatives in this direction.In addition, the director of the Lyceum, where she studied Barbara, watching as the young talent appears in the initiative, confirmed that the girl does have talent.She needs to go and act in one of pristizhnyh theater schools in Poland - Lodz higher drama school.Barbara did so.It has successfully passed the exams and received the necessary education.And then it's time to reflect on the fact that it will continue to do in life.However, the answer to this question Brylska known since adolescence.After she played a cameo role in the movie "Galoshes of happiness", and it happened in 1958, Barbara has decided for myself that this is sure to become a movie actress.Great joy for her was the main role in the film Jerzy Kawalerowicz "Pharaoh".After that, Barbara played in several historical films, TV series and the military melodrama.Her face was recognizable for the Polish audience.However, already in the mid-sixties, Barbara longer acted not at home and abroad.It can be seen in many films released film studios of the GDR.It is worth noting that they also could Brylska fully reveal all their talents and realize very interesting characters.

Joy and tragedy privacy

But it is worth noting that all of the Barbara's career has never stood higher than the family.For example, it is now removed and plays in the theater only when realizes that end funds.Of course, when Barbara was younger, it was more ambitious, but love has always taken it for at least a place in life than a career.Brylska says he loved five times.She was married three times.The first marriage was fleeting and unhappy.But with her second husband she had a great relationship.Barbara gave birth to a son and a daughter.She and her husband were so fond of each other, which gave the children their names: Ludwig and Barbara.The woman doted on the children.That is why, when my daughter at twenty-one died, three years, Barbara could not endure this.The girl was only twenty-one years.She, like my mother, a game was a beauty.Her life was cut short by a car accident and it was a terrible blow for Brylska.It is not known, she would be able to survive, because the woman is constantly spinning in my head thoughts of suicide, if not the son.He was much younger sister and needed love and care.So Barbara found the strength to live in Ludwig.To this day he remains a mainstay of her life.

Lives optimistic

Today Brylska is fairly quiet and measured life.She is a wonderful hostess, cook a wide variety of dishes, and by the way, loves to eat.But always watching them.Therefore it looks great.Barbara had nothing to regret and big plans for the future.She tries to live and enjoy the present.Her life was a lot of good and bad.After the success of "Twist of Fate" Polish viewers simply jealous of her to foreign people and stopped to take.But on the other hand, it continued to be madly in love in the Soviet Union.Therefore, it starred Barbara still imbedded many movies and has always received from the audience enough of love and warmth, to feel needed and wanted.So many thanks to Barbara for the future and always looking to the future with optimism.

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