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Biography Marina Vlady

daughter of Russian immigrants

So where do you start a story worth Vlady.Probably, you first need to think about what her life was not in vain so much connected with Russia.After all, despite the fact that she was born in the town of Clichy, Upper Seine, her parents were Russian.They just had to emigrate from the country after the revolution.Her parents were very talented people who have a direct relation to art.Pope Marina -operny singer and actor Vladimir Polyakov-Baydar, and my mother, Melitz Envald - ballerina daughter of General.By the way, Marina Vlady became because of his father.When he died, she decided to take part of its name as an alias.Marina was born on the tenth May 1938.In addition to the marina, the family had three children, all girls: Olya, Tanya and Melitz.Each of them is also linked their lives with art.Olga was the television directors and Tanya and Melitz - actresses, as well as their sister.So it is safe to say that the whole family Marina has not been deprived of the talen

ts.Yet, it became the most famous Marina, loved by the public and popular.

path to glory

How Marina begins the path to glory?It is worth noting that since childhood she developed a talent.For example, the girls attended classes at the Ballet School at the Paris Grand Opera.As we all know, it does not become a dancer, however, Marina received at these sessions and the ability to move gracefully dance honed plastic.And it will never be over in the career of the actress.On the movie screen Marina got up early enough.Already in the eleven years she, along with her sister played in the movie "Summer storm".But, despite the talents Vladi, the first role did not become a breakthrough for her genius.Still, she was still very young, so it was necessary experience.And Marina has received it, playing in the French and Italian films of various genres.This girl came to popularity after starring in the film "Bewitched."By the way, it immediately fell in love with not only the French but also Soviet audience.However, this was not surprising, because the screenplay was written by well-known story Kuprin "Oles".Marina perfectly able to bring to life the main character.And due to the fact that she was a Slav, everything that was happening on the screen, she was closer than French actress.

Accordingly, the Soviet audience saw it as their own, native character, and immediately fell in love.Marina And then met with director Robert Hossein, who became her beloved husband.Incidentally, he was also Russian.Between them broke a strong love in which children were born - Igor and Pierre.At the time, Marina starred in the films of her husband.It is worth noting that he was really talented director and actor.We all know him for his role in Zhofreya "Angelica."

Marina Every year more and more of their talents.She received awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Best Actress.Her heroines were real, vibrant and alive.Vlad filmography has both positive and negative characters.With every role she mastered and puts one hundred percent.Therefore, it appears more and more fans.Then came 1967, which changed her life, giving a meeting with Vysotsky.

Russia: love and pain

meeting took place in Moscow, at the Taganka Theater.Seeing this man, Marina was struck on the spot.He was so nice and genuinely sang their songs, that Marina was ready to listen to them all night.She suddenly realized that this man was looking for and waiting for all my life.It is he who awakens in her sea of ​​feelings and emotions.And Vladimir, in turn, admired Marina, saying finally found his woman.Between them flashed a novel.First, both seemed that soon will pass.But nothing took place.On the contrary, the feeling grew stronger and stronger.Their love flared up and in the end, both realized that they can not live without each other.Of course, at first it was difficult.There were problems with housing, with the work.They spent the night with friends, suffered privations.But Vladi with confidence still says that while Vysotsky was the best period of her life.When Vladimir died, Marina stayed in Russia.She no longer wanted to go to France.Here was her homeland, she felt immediately at home.Over time, Marina moved away from the death of Vladimir.She began to write books, make movies.Gradually getting better.The woman even married oncologist.But he died.This blow to Vladi was too strong.The second death of a loved it completely broke.The woman stopped to chat with anyone, ever saw and did not want to.But she still was persistent and strong, so, over time, been able to cope with the pain and move on.The woman realized that she becomes easier when she began to write.Therefore, all his pain and feelings Vladi start to splash the pages of his books.This has helped her cope with the loss of a woman and opened another talent.Her book, "Twenty-four frames per second," which was released in 2005, immediately became popular.People like that Marina wrote.So she continued to create.Soon there were such books as "The Man in Black," "My Cherry Orchard."Today, Marina Vlady can be rightfully considered not only an actress, but also a writer.

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