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The film "Sabrina", Julia Ormond

mischievous artist

Julia Ormond was born the fourth in January 1965.It - English.Hometown Julia's - Epsom.Her parents were quite ordinary people.His father served as manager of the computer, and my mother worked at home and raised a daughter.But shortly after the birth of Julia, her dad smiled unprecedented success.He was able to make a fortune in a very short period of time, so she spent her childhood in full prosperity.Julia also has a sister with whom they grew up together.However, the white stripes in life, unfortunately, does not go on forever.Therefore, in the mid-seventies, the son of Ormond began strife.Father and mother have decided to divorce.Father said that if the girls will be mothers side, they will have to leave the luxurious mansion dvadtsatikomnatnogo.This blackmail had no effect on the girls, they left everything and went with her mother.But Julia did not have much grief that she lost her material resources.A girl always had a lively and mischievous character.She was not one of t

hose who are trying dresses and do hair.Rather, Julia can be seen together with the boys playing hockey.But, at the same time, Ormond from childhood loved art and theater.She is constantly involved in various productions and has done so with great success.

Although, at that age it was not interested in a career of actress.The fact is that Ormond loved the art of drawing, especially abstraction.Therefore, she was confident in what is sure to become an artist.But, after being admitted to art school, Julia suddenly realized that this is not a profession, which she would like to have all my life.Yes, of course, she likes to draw, but she likes to play a lot more.Therefore, after years of study at the School of Art, Julia left the class and went to enter the London Academy of Dramatic Arts.Webber-Douglas.Many wondered decision variables Julia, but not her mom.She knew how much her daughter can be unpredictable.But at the same time, she knew that the girl will always persevere to the end, if we seriously take up some business.So my mother is not very worried about her daughter, holding her to the capital.She knew that Julia was not lost, and will do everything he wants.As a result, and left.Julia came to university and learn the basics of science became acting.Of course, it was necessary to make a living in the capital, so, in parallel with studies, Ormond worked as a waitress and saleswoman at Heathrow.And when she felt sad or she tired, she set off to walk to museums and art galleries.These walks comforted her and gave food for thought.Ormond could spend hours wandering through the museum.By the way, this love of painting she remained until today.

bright and diverse

When Julia graduated from the London Academy, she went to serve in the House.The girl was clearly a talent, because less than a year, she has already had fans and had a successful stage actress.For the role she played in the play by Christopher Hampton, "Faith, hope and charity," the young actress won a London drama critic for the best debut of the year.At the same time, Ormond played a role in the series "Traffic".Her character was a drug addict.In general, 1989 was a special for the girl.Not only that it has been successful in his career.Also in this year, Julia married actor Rory Edwards.So, from that time in my life
Julia began another white stripe.She played in the miniseries "Young Catherine", then he played the role of Nadezhda Alliluyeva in "Stalin."And then the girl began to pay attention not only to the British directors, and Hollywood.So Julia came in 1993 in the movie "Child of Macon."Her character is liked by the audience.In addition, they were able to appreciate the beauty of her appearance and body because there are episodes in the film, when Julia appears on the screen completely nude.

Generally, Ormond played a lot of bright and beautiful roles.That only is her character in "Legends of the Fall."In this film Julie played on the same site together with such famous actors like Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn and Anthony Hopkins.After this film, for it finally confirmed the title of the new Hollywood star.However, it was well-deserved, because Ormond could play completely different characters.She always tried to change roles and took over all the roles she was really interesting.

As for "The Barber of Siberia", then you may have noticed, not just in contact Julia on the set of Russian culture and Russian heroines.Therefore, it is with pleasure played in this film one of the main roles.Jane turned her sincere, genuine, and his.She joined the Russian flavor of the late nineteenth century.Julia liked to withdraw from Mikhalkov and she happily recalls the work done.

In addition to Julie actress, she is also involved in charity work and trying to make this world a better place.

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