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Biography Michael Kokshenova

Childhood now serving.

course, perhaps we should start from the date of the birth of Mikhail.After all, this begins the biography of any person.Birthday Kokshenova - September 19, 1936.When the boy was born, the family of Mikhail lives in Moscow.It began there and continued his biography.Childhood Kokshenova held now serving.Michael loves to this day the area of ​​Moscow.Although he is no longer the same as before.There is the house where Michael grew up, and the movement has become much stronger.But, nevertheless, Kokshenov love to go there to remember his childhood, how he looked at the Kremlin, and it kind of was a mystery to him.Therefore, Michael, now serving is still a special place.Although he manages to ride is not as often as he would have wanted that.

persuaded to become an actor friends.

If we talk about how Kokshenova started acting the way, it is worth noting that it was quite long and complicated.Initially, the guy was not going to act in drama school.Instead, he went to Moscow Indu

strial College.Guys like specialty of the builder, road maintenance, he studied at the excellent mark and thought about what might be someone else.But friends of his court believed that Misha has acting talent.Therefore, they have long urged him to at least try myself in this field.In the end, Michael broke down and, still resisted their entreaties.He went to the Shchukin School, not really being sure that he could do.But, to the surprise and joy of Michael his friends, took Man.He graduated from this school in 1965 and went to hone acting skills on stage Academic Theatre Mayakovsky, and then moved to the Moscow theater of miniatures.

path in cinema.

path to the movies with Kokshenova was long and complicated.At first, he was given only bit parts.He has played in a variety of scenes, but almost none of it is not particularly memorable.Although Kokshenov always looked quite texturally, and the game is also excellent.But, for some reason, at that time, fate was not kind to him, and the young actor had to be content with what we have.But Michael was never going to give up.After all, if he chose this destiny and a profession, then you need to go to the end.Therefore, the actor did not draw hands and went on to star in the hope that it still will notice and give standing role.Finally, it just happened.This happened in 1973.Then Kokshenov just got a permanent job at the Central Studio actor.The resulting work has helped him to begin permanently removed.Two years later, the audience saw an excellent comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai, which was called "Do not be!".It is thanks to this film, Kokshenov finally became recognizable and popular actor.After it began to offer Kokshenovu roles in other films, and soon he played Sergunku Ratischeva historical-adventure comedy "The Tale of How Czar Peter Moor married".After this film, I went Kokshenovu personas Pashin in the anthology "The street led dresser."

filmography Kokshenova even have a musical film.This is a picture of Leonid Kvinikhidze "June 31", which is a fantastic musical.In this film were amazingly beautiful scenery and costumes for the time.Kokshenovu got the role of the Jester.And the actor played the role of King Zeldin.In tandem, they looked amazingly beautiful and interesting, and their energy and charisma just did hit people.

Kokshenova have formed their own, distinctive roles for films.He played the village boys, big boys and silly louts.But these roles are obtained by the cheerful and bright that Kokshenovu, in fact, had nothing to complain about.Especially because his characters loved and remembered.For example, we all know it as such, Stepan in the "Sports Lottery-82" or Sasha Hodos in the "White Rosah."Not gone unnoticed and the role Pryakhin "The most charming and attractive."

Kokshenov often said that life is totally different from their characters.But, at the same time, he is very fond of them, because such characters are always interesting.Whatever the time or political Arrange, there's always so funny characters, which people love to watch movies.Also, it is worth noting that Kokshenov played in a large number of military pictures.He played the role of sergeant, corporal, major.However, most of the roles were comic, but most of all she loves her Kokshenov KURYKIN in the film "Alexander the small."He believes that in this character perfectly displayed all the qualities of a true warrior and a soldier who is able and willing to defend their homeland.

found love in the queue for bananas.

If we talk about the personal life of an actor, it absolutely accidentally found his destiny, whose name is Elena.One day, the actor decided to buy a banana, and at the time this product was still deficient.The queue at the counter was very large, but the actor has decided to go ahead.Of course, it started screaming and he felt ashamed.But then he saw a pretty girl in the front of the line and politely asked her to take a couple of kilos of fruit.That's how he became acquainted with his future wife.Helen was then nineteen years old.She immediately fell in love with Michael and is still with him.Now his wife Kokshenova been working as an assistant director on casting.By the way, Kokshenov is not only an actor, but a director, and very good.Although, after all, it is worth noting that as an actor he's just a genius, and as a director - talented enough.

Kokshenov removed until today.It can be seen in many modern Russian comedies.And as decades ago, this man continues to shine with his talent, sparkling humor and charisma.

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