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Biography Pierre Richard

golden childhood.

So where do you start biography of this man?Born Pierre - Sixteenth August 1934.If we talk about the full name of Richard, which he received at birth, it sounds like Pierre Richard Maurice Charles Leopold Defey.The future famous French actor appeared in the small town of Valenciennes, which is located in the north of France.Father Richard studied the textile industry.It is worth noting that his family was very ancient and feudal, so Pierre ancestors from generation to generation passed on their knowledge of business development and capital increase.But Richard's father was the "black sheep" of his family.The fact that he possessed a sharp mind and could augment the state several times.But, unfortunately, my father Richard was very fond of a drink, walk and play at the races.As a result, while Pierre was very young, my father skipped almost all his fortune, and then walked away, leaving his wife and son to live with his father.Father Richard, unlike his father, was an intelligent and

wealthy.So Pierre childhood always was all.He studied at the boarding house where he was taken in a limousine.It would seem that this is the perfect childhood.But, in fact, a wealth of Richard does not help but hinders.He studied with children whose parents were farmers and miners, so they are quite discriminated against rich kid who stood out on their background.A Ritsharu did not like it because it does not take your money with something good or bad.Simply, they were all, and did not have to affect his relationship with his teammates.To show the children that it is the same as all and you can be friends with him, Richard began to amuse and entertain his classmates.That they liked, and soon became its Pekr.That's how Richard started for the first time to use his acting talent and had already realized that it can bring him benefit.By the way, the guy acted not only to classmates.When my grandfather gathered guests from high society, Richard often read passages from his plays, poems and more.And all who attended the dinner evenings sincerely praised the young man and applauded him.So, we can say that the first audience and kind of fans, appeared at Richard, when he was still very young.

not meet the expectations of the family.

All this prompted for what Pierre set about trying to learn from the dramatic course.But when he reported it to his parents and grandfather, was what the guy did not expect.My grandfather was just furious.He considered a good theater hobby, but obviously not the profession that is engaged in life.He thought that man would be the same as his father, but he needed a man who could continue the family business.As Pierre was the only child, respectively, and it was he who had to do it.But Richard did not want to become those who saw his family.So he packed his bags and went to Paris.Man has not stopped even that the grandfather of it practically refused and vowed not to give any sort of money on lodging and food.Pierre still remained unmoved.And the first time I have not entered the dramatic course, it did not give up and did not go home with a confession, to engage in business unloved.Instead, he pulled himself together and went to the courses of Dramatic Art Charles Dyullena, and then was on probation at the many famous Jean Vilar.So, we can say that in the end the guy got what he so wanted.But when he started to play in the theater, then it came to him again disappointing as it did not give the main roles.And Pierre is about them and dreamed.And madly I dreamed to play in a movie.But as long as it was not possible, he and his friend wrote humorous sketches, and making people laugh from the stage, hoping and believing that, in the end, everything changed, and he did become famous actor who starred in the lead roles.

Opening talent Yves robbery.

As we can see, soon, it just happened.In 1968, he met with the director Pierre Yves robbery.It was he and Richard glorified for the whole world.The success of Pierre came after the film "Alexander the Blessed."He began to learn on the streets, taking autographs.But, the whole world started talking about Pierre after a wonderful comedy Robber "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe".So Richard and became a sad clown, that kind bungler who always gets into comic situations and creates them, although, in fact, never wished.Pierre thirty years of his playing characters who make people laugh comic acts and incidents that are happening to them.All the comedy with his participation and enjoyed a great success with the audience.And especially, many people like their star blowing with Gerard Depardieu.Completely the opposite in character, appearance, these two wonderful French actor surprisingly complement one another and create a truly memorable films and funny images.That is why they have acted together in many films, none of which failed at the box office.

Pierre loves Russia and starred in many films that created Russian with the French.He had four life partner, have two sons and two grandchildren, whom he adores.Pierre plays sports small drink or smoke.He likes it a way of life, and never on what not complaining.

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