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Biography Polish actor Michal Zebrowski

How began his biography?What interesting things happened in the life of Michael, while he sought popularity?How did personal life Zebrowski?When can we celebrate the birthday of the Polish handsome?In fact, about the life of the actor can talk a lot.Despite the fact that his biography is not too long, because he is still young, it clearly can not be called uninteresting.In the Polish idol of many women's hearts occasion, their ups and downs and interesting history.But that did not happen, for Michael was always important of his career.Perhaps that is why, Zebrowski has achieved such heights.

actor's life began in Warsaw.He was born on the seventeenth June 1972.Michal from childhood knew exactly what he wants in life.The boy became interested in art almost from infancy.But if many of his age just dream and fantasize, Michal has set himself the goal.Zebrowski always had a stubbornness and ability to get what he wants.Therefore, when the boy went to school, he walked in a circle reciters.There Michal read

many works of literature and learned the first elements of hypocrisy.When the man finished the Warsaw Lyceum General Education Mikola Ray, the guy just decided to enter the theater.The choice fell on Zebrowski State Higher Theatre School.Michal successfully passed the exam and was enrolled in the theater department.Already in the third year guy managed to appear on the screen.Zebrowski Pavlik landed a role in the television drama Feliks Falk's "AWOL."Young and promising man noticed.Soon, he got another role.This time the guy had to portray Olek in the television movie "rent a room".But, apart from the cinematic career of actor, Michal is also very interested in the theater.Therefore, in 1994 he made his debut in the production of "Look Back in Anger."Michal inherited the role of Jimmy Porter.The play was a success at the Public Theatre of Zygmunt Hubner.

theatrical life.

In 1995 Zebrowski graduated.The time has come to choose the theater, which he would like to serve.Initially, Michal decided to continue working at the Public Theater.There, he played some interesting roles and even received prizes.It was the reward of the jury, the audience and Jan Machulski XIII looks at theater schools in Lodz.Two years have passed, and Michal decided to change jobs.First he went to the Warsaw theater named after Stefan Jaracz.But in subsequent years, Zebrowski often changed jobs.He could not find it "his" theater, however, managed to play in the performances on the stage of the National Theatre in Warsaw, Studio Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, Theatre of New Prague, the Comedy Theatre and the Bolshoi Theatre.As a result, the young man began to appear regularly in the performances of the last two theaters.Directors recognized his talent, so called Zebrowski on a variety of roles.The young actor has successfully implemented the characters as the comic and tragic characters.He constantly worked on himself, continuing to improve their skills and hone talent.

true knight.

But, of course, about the shootings in films and serials, Michal, too, do not forget.He was lucky that managed to play with these meters of Polish cinema, from which Zebrowski gained experience and useful knowledge, which could certainly come in handy in his creative activity.Of course, it is necessary to recall the favorite with all the movie "With Fire and Sword".This movie took one of the most famous directors in Poland - Jerzy Hoffman.He filmed a beautiful novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz.It is thanks to this role, the actor fell in love with not only Polish audience but also Ukrainian and Russian.His character - a true knight.He - the dream of many girls.A man who is ready to defend the homeland and fight for their favorite.Michal coped well with the role and received a nomination in the category Ory "male lead."

Also, Michal starred in "Pan Tadeusz".A second wave of popularity among our viewers, came to him after they played in the fantasy series "The Witcher".Michal got the main role of Geralt of Rivia, who was nicknamed the White Wolf.In this series, he also embodies the image of a knight.Only Geralt, unlike Ian, is not as romantic and lyrical character.It is more cynical and self-possessed, however, always remains true and faithful to its principles."The Witcher" had and has a lot of popularity as the vast Poland and in Ukraine and Russia.

student mortar.

Today, Michael is one of the most famous Polish actors.But other than that, he plays in many Ukrainian and Russian films.By the way, Michal said that it is very influenced meter Ukrainian cinema - Bohdan Stupka.Together they starred in "The old tradition.When the sun was a god. "Together they discussed the role of Michael, Mortar gave him valuable advice.At that time, Zebrowski himself understood that he still does not have enough experience, so do not always know how to play a particular scene.Mortar taught him a lot and many suggested.Now when Michael arrives in Kiev, he is sure to meet with Bogdan Stupka as he became his friend and, in its own way, a mentor.

As for the personal life of Michael, here he, too, everything went very well.In 2009, the actor married.His choice was Alexander Adamczyk.A thirtieth of March 2010 the couple had a son.So, today Michael is perfectly happy man.He appeared in films, theater plays for fun, and then returns home to his beloved family.