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The director Oksana Bayrak

need to part beautifully

Oksana Bayrak sure that you need to leave pretty.As with dating.Paris, Rome, Cannes - a city for meetings, sun-drenched passion and insatiable thirst pheromone moisture desires.If you meet - you direct road here.You will not regret.

for separation must be chosen as something less romantic, but misty sea to the above pheromones were stunned sorrow.For breaking up with him, tortured despair misunderstanding Oksana chose December and Jurmala.And not lost.Because the galaxy is no more mysterious fog.The former two were walking along the shore, dissolving in the mist, and the sea breeze from time to time leaving salty tears on the faces of the sea.And yet - the verdict of the break.Immediately and irrevocably.

man, the last four years Oksana seemed the best in the world, was stunned.He walked a little in front and shouted passionately that all his failures with women from childhood.What's inattention, and even cruelty to him - it is his unique place weaker sex, arising from his

youth protest against the behavior of the father who, idolizing mother throughout her subordinate.He decided that his love is not such manifestations.Because it is - a strong man.After listening to it and appreciating it as a director, Oksana could not accept a woman.She is confident that the highest degree of male power manifests itself exactly to let the woman he loves to feel the center of the universe.

weak man - a strong woman

For Oksana Bayrak concept of "strong man" and "weak man" - just a fashionable trend.How to express the measure, the criteria by which one can define these concepts?For example, a man has biceps, he wins in the ring.At the same time the same man may both in word and deed to offend, humiliate the woman.Is in his case, too, the formula works "strong man"?

Initially men are born to be strong, not for nothing that the male sex is so named.Unfortunately, the current economic situation, the society around us form their weakness.Many men can not find yourself in a new, unfamiliar life, most of them are not able to provide for his family.Men lost.And here in the arena, which is quite natural, actively entering hitherto unknown and previously polar concept - "a strong woman."

More recently, a strong woman, producer and director Bayrak she claimed that the world turned upside down.And women have completely taken over the reins in their hands.What can I say - 10 years ago, she built a studio, fantasizing, ideas flowed.Their husbands, as to the first and second, explain in detail how and what should be done.In short, completely justifies its name Bayrak, which in Turkic means "flag".Understands that a strong and she is impressed by the title.When parted with their husbands, I thought that the gap is because it begins to live in a compromise dislike.Now Oksana knows that parted completely different reason: it overwhelmed the wild fatigue from his own forces, and the need for the rule of decision-making.

- Today, when I finally bathed in an atmosphere of absolute love, understand the meaning of the question my mother.I remember all complained, "Mom, why is he?Why am I all she has to come up with?Why "strategy games" is obliged to lie on my fragile shoulders?Why do I, and only I have to lead to the victory of our happy family life?"Mom asked again in response:" Do you ever think that she was to blame?When you start to meet with the men, they are all as one, were very strong, is not it?Why do you need to get them strong?"Now, I really like the statement of a wise man:" The weakness of the woman is chanting force men. "Brilliant!Since such "Song" gives a man confidence in himself, he feels like a king of the world, and as a result he did not, and the woman becomes strong, some gray eminence, and can operate the most courageous men of the world.

Oksana Bayrak were completely opposite thoughts.May be weak - have power?Perhaps you should be able to clap eyelashes stupid?Equally silly, but slightly open sexy plump by nature or silicone lips, listening to every word of a man?Learn.Rehearse in front of a mirror.Put experiments on the first available passer, finally.And all you get!High fraud happen for low-truths.Bait appearance utter stupidity its brightest desires and receive performance - an axiom of female happiness.

Maybe we should try to be more softly: "My dear, let's fantasize how we get out of difficulties?"In fact, after numerous scandals requirements destroyed the main misunderstandings.The man who once said to you, "I love!"And she loved you, is your main enemy.And in bed with the enemy - it's scary.

of deep conviction and a man and director Oksana Bayrak no love, no family life, or in any open relationship can not be in a bad sense, the consumer.Well, of course, consume the love of a loved one, but you have to pay in the same coin.And then we completely forget about such things as a man strong and weak.


After Jurmala Oksana more with the betrothed have not seen.Recently, in one of the magazines published an interview with former hero.It turns out that he was grateful to his father for example of the power in a relationship with a woman.The forces manifested in the fact that his father allowed the woman he loves all the years to feel the main, the only strong in its weakness, the center of the universe.All the same, life puts all the points.And what seemed like an afterthought and wrong, it may be the wisest and the most important.At least that is the position of director of professional and beautiful woman, Oksana Bayrak.

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