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The most beautiful actress of all time

turns out, more than a third of all the known participants beauty contest among the actresses do not meet the parameters of the external reference charm.Features of the few people wrong, it is not thinned to the proper degree, it is not enough expressive.And yet - they are role models to millions of items sighs and desirable wife, lover, friend and companion of his admirers.

So what are they - the most beautiful actress of all time?There is no clear estimate of the scale of their beauty.And, then, there can be no consensus as to their quality, especially their appearance or properties of their character.And all this because the only criterion for measuring the beauty of women is only popular opinion on their images of the audience, which is so often different to the full 180 degrees.

blonde and brunette.

It would be unfair to say that her beauty depends on the color of her hair.This - rather stereotype than an objective evaluation factor.And yet, not without reason that many years brilliant Marilyn

Monroe led not only the ranking of the most beautiful actresses of all nationalities and ages, but the most beautiful women in general, the most exquisite singers, actresses and the most gracious the most touching mistresses.

Although then replace the fragile blonde came sultry Monica Bellucci, whose way of passionate Italians for years troubled minds of hundreds and thousands of thoughts of many fans.A year later a recognized rating again topped blonde with brunette character.Bright, showy, always unexpected and extremely courageous in their images Brigitte Bardot deservedly became the second assistant manager Marilyn Monroe.

Surprisingly, most of the official ranking of the most beautiful actresses are not found on the first places holders of red hair and even more modest brown-haired.A clear contrast is stored in the Highest Rated actor beauty.What, for example, in the men's lists of Fame is not marked.There's hair color is probably plays a role.And the first - a warehouse figure.But among women, the contrast seems to be designed to emphasize the division of bias on the most remarkable actresses and most beautiful - certainly there.

American Beauty.

Surprisingly, the US ratings Beauty actresses are always different from the European.Even during a blaze of glory the world's most famous blonde Marilyn Monroe in America took only second place, behind first place Audrey Hepburn.Perhaps this whole thing a special approach to the Americans female beauty.It is estimated that the continent of liberty still less demanding appearance, preferring not to charm the eye, but expressive eyes that do not conform to generally accepted standards, but the overall impression of harmony, not accuracy carved figurines, but feminine in every movement.

Whatever it was, and today the list of the most beautiful actresses of all time in the American half consists of beauty with dark or tanned skin, and only a third of the illuminated glow golden hair.Thus, according to recent studies, the five winners in the struggle for recognition of their beauty for the Americans is as follows.

  • one place - unique and unmatched Audrey Hepburn.
  • 2nd place - amazing and changeable Halle Berry.
  • 3rd place - a truly feminine, sultry and passionate Salma Hayek.
  • 4th place - always a stranger Mila Yolovich.
  • 5th place - one of the most sexy actresses Liv Tyler in all of cinema.

second half of the top ten consists essentially of one of blondes.It Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Kim Basinger, Grace Kelly and the only rating haired Angelina Jolie.

European standard.

But Europeans Honor some prefer the old school stars, almost without noticing the brilliant actresses of our time.Experts believe that the reason for constant superiority in the assessment of European movie fans Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn - a tribute to the ancient art of creating original movies lacking luster computer adjustments and filled with subtle aroma of true acting talent.European judges themselves, putting Monica Bellucci several orders of magnitude higher than the equally charming, but a young Natalie Portman, said: her beauty to remain for centuries, and those who shine today, will certainly receive their recognition - when will give way to the horizon of true beautya new generation of rising powers Stars.

Thus, according to the European standards, the five most beautiful actresses of all ages and nationalities were distributed as follows: Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Monica Bellucci, Brigitte Bardot.This, in descending order.But in the second five of the top ten beauties even found names of modern damsels adorning the last film.For example, among them there is Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Bette Davis, Carrie Fisher and Zhang Tink.

non-trivial approach to the assessment of female beauty.

the fact that the transparency of the compilation of the ranking has never been observed, and took advantage of the British.Representatives of one of the top UK agency made its own list of the most beautiful actresses of all time.According to them, the first position in the list should go to unequivocally one of the brightest stars in the movie, just like a whirlwind once swept the hearts of millions of men.Isabelle Adjani at the age of 55 years was awarded the official title of the most beautiful actresses of the world.Combining the features of the German mother and a father from Algeria, she simply inimitable as Queen Margot.

In second place with a considerable gap from Adjani located charming Audrey Tautou that audience to tears touched his trembling "Adele."Third place went to another famous blonde, whose features truly meet the strictest notions of aristocratic manner - Nicole Kidman.Fourth - for yet another beautiful old school: Carrie Fisher - a truly landmark Pritsessa Leia has not lost its position and decades after the triumph of the "Star Wars."A top five most beautiful actresses in the world with non-standard evaluation point sultry, bright, memorable, stylish and glamorous Sophia Loren, undeservedly forgotten in the official lists.

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