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Helpful vitamins for the human body

founder of the doctrine of vitamins, it is no accident it became a pediatrician, MD Nikolai Lunin.It is experimentally proved that in addition to food proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and water, should be kept and other substances useful vitamins for the human body, is necessary for all living things.Later, they were studied C. Funk were named vitamins.Children's bodies are more sensitive to the lack of any necessary materials, because they need and fill their reserves, and build them into new cells and tissues.How to prevent the spring weakening of the body?

What will protect us?

primarily useful vitamins for the human body is vitamin C, ascorbic acid, a substance unique.Some vitamins may be partially synthesized in the gut other - are in the off-season foods such as meat, liver, kidney, eggs, milk, fish, cereals ... But the human body, even when absolutely necessary, can not by itself produce vitamin C. It is foundOnly in plant products, so in the cold season the quantity of food is sharpl

y reduced.In addition, ascorbic acid is very unstable, it breaks from cooking, away from heat, light, water, oxygen, almost from an oblique view.In any case, let's look at sources of vitamin C with sympathy.

Perhaps this is the first of useful vitamins for the human body, which the children learn when we read his books about travel around the world on Magellan and Columbus.The whole expedition in those days died of scurvy, that is, from a lack of vitamin C. Later sailors rescued sauerkraut barrels with which they took with them to sea.

Older children
story of Jack London's "The error of the Lord God" know how a northern village miners rescued from the disease ... potatoes. Perhaps the story is an exaggeration, but remember this product - potatoes. Itreally a lot of vitamin C. It is a pity that at the end of the winter of these stocks is only half, but this amount in March accounted cherish. When boiling potatoes lost less than 7% of the vitamin, but 3 hours of storage potato soup askorbinki losses amount to as much as 40%in the amount of freshly prepared dishes.

potatoes and sauerkraut retain a certain amount of beneficial vitamins for the human body during the winter. But ... too small, especially for a growing body. And when you consider that in baby food consumed these vegetablesonly after cooking, then they have high hopes place and does not worth.


It is so called foods that contain a lot of vitamin C and are able to maintain it for long.


in glossy red fruit peel his immeasurable wealth of useful vitamins for the human body, and in a particular state in which it is most active "works" in the body. The dog rose this vitamin is found in a good neighborhood with rutin and hesperidinthat increase the absorption of vitamin C and the effectiveness of its actions. Pharmacy vitamin complex contains ascorbic acid together with bioflavonoids, hesperidin and rutin (sometimes they are referred to as "citrus salt").Sometimes vitamin C produced with the addition of berries of wild cherry.But in a broad sell mainly drug is "clean" of vitamin C, which is obtained from dextrose crops. However, pure vitamin is absorbed worse in this respect, natural products have a distinct advantage.

Brier - the richest source of vitamin complex. The dog roseand a lot of carotene - provitamin A. What to cook?


Option 1: Rose hips wash, put in a sieve, pour over boiling water and Crush with a rolling pin, pour in a porcelain teapot, pour boiling water (1 cup to the table. spoonful of fruit). Tea wrap and leave for 1-2 hours. Ready infusion of strain through cheesecloth, heat to the desired state and the post instead of tea. The infusion of rose hips and can be prepared in a thermos.

Option 2: The prepared fruits and useful vitamins for the human body toexample, rose hips put in an enamel bowl and pour boiling water. Close the lid and simmer at low boil for 10 minutes.Remove from heat, leave for 6-8 hours, strain.

soup with rice and rose hip berries


1 liter infusion of rose hips

100g frozen cherries or strawberries

lemon zest

1 table.spoon starch

4 table.spoons of boiled rice

5 table.spoonfuls of jam


In hot infusion of rose hips, place the berries and bring to a boil, pour the dissolved starch in cold water, with stirring, bring to a boil again, put jam, lemon zest and let cool.Before serving, put in the dish on the table 1.spoon of boiled rice.

Sweet pepper

Its fruit is also rich in mineral vitamins for the human body, and beta-carotene.Sweet pepper on the content of vitamin C, as well as wild rose, exceeds known standards - black currant.100 g of berries accumulated 200 mg of vitamin C, and 100 g of red pepper - whole 250 mg (!).Let us remember that the daily requirement for this vitamin baby is 60-100 mg.As ripening pepper concentration of vitamins in its pods growing.Reddened the flank not quite mature pod contains vitamins more than a greenish part.Exceptionally rich in vitamins pepper varieties, maturing closer to the fall.

winter, bell peppers grown in greenhouses.Even in the greenhouse pepper enough vitamin C. Useful vitamins for the human body and stored in canning.Pasta pepper - champion of vitamins among canned vegetables.Even better vitamins are stored in the frozen sweet peppers.What to cook?For kids the best fruit juice.

this amazingly juicy and half of the pod with an electric juicer can get 50-60 ml of sweet fragrant juice.For older children who already know how to chew food well, useful salads with chopped peppers and salad of peppers with a simple and useful ingredients.

salad with sweet pepper and chicken


100 grams of boiled chicken breast

1 chopped red pepper

2 tomatoes cherry

sour cream dressing

pinch of dried basil


Connect ingredients watering sauce.To prepare stir in sour cream clove garlic, mashed with salt.

Brussels sprouts

This is a real queen of all kinds of cabbage.100g sprouts contained 120 mg (!) Of vitamin C. The frozen it retains its small Kocheshkov to 80% of vitamins, just enough so that 40 g of frozen Brussels sprouts, to 50% to satisfy the daily requirement for this vitamin doshkolenka.Beta-carotene in Brussels sprouts 15 (!) Times greater than that of white or in color, and 3 times greater than of red or kohlrabi.Value of Brussels sprouts to supply the baby is so great that added even in small quantities in vegetable soup, borscht, cabbage soup or pickle it will bring undoubted benefit.

The smell of cabbage, especially after heat treatment, it is very peculiar.And the smell, and taste are due to a significant amount of chemical compounds called indoles.They are valuable because they neutralize a number of carcinogens, acting together with quercetin and vitamin C and E. But this specific taste like not all the children, so it is trying to somehow "fix" to disguise herbs and other spices. Adults can wrapKocheshkov Brussels sprouts into thin slices of smoked bacon and lightly fry. Rich brussels sprouts and B vitamins, particularly B2. What to cook?

Brussels sprouts sauce


2/3 dish of frozen cabbage kochanchiki

Table 3. tablespoons butter

2 table. tablespoons flour

1 cup cream salt


kochanchiki sprouts, without defrosting, submerge in boiling salted water and cook for 6-7 minutes. Fold,stir in broth and flour, simmer for 5 minutes, add the butter, cream, salt and warm.Put the cabbage in this sauce, warm 8 minutes and serve with the sauce.You can sprinkle with finely chopped dill, crushed cumin.

Brussels sprouts fried


2/3 dish frozen cabbage

2 table.tablespoons butter salt


100 g dill

50g coriander

1 table.a spoonful of lemon juice

2-3 ml of saline

sour cream, mixed with heavy cream (to taste)


kochanchiki Frozen cabbage boil.Then lightly fry with butter and pour the sauce.Finely chopped dill and cilantro whisk in blend-D with sour cream and cream.Add lemon juice and salt solution, mix thoroughly, trying to avoid too sour, or, on the contrary, fresh.This vitamin is useful sauce to fill almost all the children's meals: salads, first and second courses.

The valuable vitamin C

protects the body, especially the children, many viral and bacterial infections, strengthens the immune system.

promotes healing of wounds, burns and bleeding gums.It accelerates the healing of tissue in the postoperative period.

prevents formation of nitrosamines in the body, toxic substances with carcinogenic properties.To a certain extent it reduces damage nitrates and nitrites.

useful vitamins for the human body have an effective preventive action, and also help in the treatment of colds.

improves the absorption of inorganic iron.It reduces the effect on the body various kinds of allergens.It strengthens the adhesion of the cellular proteins, thereby increasing the lifespan.