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What is beneficial and what is harmful to our immunity

ATTENTION "FANS MEAT" Who likes to eat a lot of sausage, he harms his immunity!The researchers found that the consumption of more than 14 times per month ham and salami reduced lung capacity.The reason: they contain nitrite negative effect on the respiratory system.

FRIENDS immune system.

Heavy drinking protects the mucous membrane.

Dry air, warmed heating, dries the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.Impact: The pathogens can more easily penetrate.Therefore it is important to drink as much as possible - at least 2.5 liters per day.

Walk more.

bad weather does not happen.Sometimes bad clothes.Get dressed so that it was warm and comfortable, and to move more in the open air - this is important for the immune system.The protective effect of increases in 20 minutes.The best way out - Head of a dog.Then you just have to walk at least twice a day.

Gum inhibits viruses.

Chewing gum moistens the mucous membrane in the mouth and pharynx, and protects against viruses.Suffice chewing gum for 10

minutes after a meal.

morning muesli against the common cold.

Muesli with oat flakes and yogurt - the best start of the day.Reason: oats contain a substance that increases the formation of immunocompetent cells before competence 30%.Along with that lactic acid bacteria strengthen our intestinal flora and intestines - the most important organ in our immune system.

Zinc puts viruses checkmate.

trace element zinc hinders the penetration of pathogens.Good suppliers of zinc, such as beef and dairy products.

Singing protects the respiratory tract.

Most sing, for example, in the car, in the shower or with your children.The researchers found: singing promotes the production of anti-infective agents - immuno-globulin A. This is not a joke karaoke fans.Try to sing more often - see for yourself.

ENEMIES immune system.

Cola phosphate.

cola, lemonade and other products containing phosphate (eg, fried sausage), killing vital calcium, which your body uses to division and multiplication of protective cells.And as a consequence, increased exposure to all sorts of infections.

Raw food in the evening.

vegetable salad in the evening?Be extremely careful: raw food after 20 hours the security forces of the body into a state of stress.Since the contents of the bowel during the night wandering, and digestion is stretched to three hours.The body can not recover normal night.

Eggs form acid.

This product belongs to the strongest acid-forming foods.But even short-term acidity quickly leads to the disease organism.Also, acid-forming foods and sweets are.

ride to work by car.

by car to the office may be due to traffic jams this stress factor, especially if it lasts more than 90 minutes.As a consequence: the number of killer cells is growing rapidly.We recommend: public transport more fun to drive now.

Crisis mood.

from strife quickly become ill.Who ever swears, reduces the protection of immunity.And not only his, but also those who are close.

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