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Healing potions for health

especially good to do it in the spring.Spring - a wonderful time of year, when it starts a new life cycle, the trees are filled with juice and a sprig of each kidney and poured zhivotvornoysiloy.Now we look at how you can improve health and prevent mnogiebolezni using honey, buds of trees and other medicinal plants.

To prepare healing potions to collect pochkitolko those who are about to be dismissed.Gently pluck them, but of News in a row and try to thin out.You can even disrupt their already obrezannyhvetok after the formation of the crown.Young leaves also have lechebnymisvoystvami.

Remember some very important rules prigotovleniyaeliksirov fresh buds.

required before preparing raw materials need to grind.

If there are no other requirements, then 1 g pochekberetsya 20 ml vodka, wine or alcohol.

To obtain homeopathic medicine tincture pochekrazvodyat with another substance.For example, you need to mix 100 ml of tincture and 900 mletanola or alkogoleglitserina 24 times quickly shake up

and down.Takmozhno prepare homeopathic potency D1 and others.These drugs are taken dopyati times a day a few drops under the tongue.You can drink water, better esliona will melt.

European Pear

Kidney dikoygrushi biologically rich aktivnymibioflavonoidami, vitamins and substances.In ancient times grushiprimenyali kidneys to cleanse the body of salt and slime.Excellent effektdaet infusion in the treatment of kidney diseases in the male part in osobennostiprostatita.Besides this elixir increases the potency and clears soleymochepolovuyu system.

Recipe: 100 gpochek pear pour vodka (1 liter), leave for 2 weeks, strain and receiving twice daily between meals 3 drops under the tongue.


hodyatlegendy has long been about the medicinal properties of chestnut.We believe that if the spring to drink wine izkashtanovyh kidney, you can stay forever young forever.This eliksirmolodosti perfectly clean vessel.

Recipe: 200 gpochek chestnut pour warmed red wine (2.5 liters), boil for half an hour, add the honey and vanilla to taste.When the broth has cooled, it is necessary to drain and receiving 3 times a day for 50 ml before meals.

In addition, chestnut medicine clears the lymphatic system and the young, and pozhilyhlyudey and improves blood circulation.If you have swollen feet, tormented by frequent runny nose, swollen lymph nodes, outro you can not clear your throat, then you need the next drink.

The bank bolshuyusteklyannuyu send 2 cup sour cream, 200 grams of kidney horse chestnut 3litra warm whey, 100 g of honey and 1 tbsp.l chopped chistotela.Vse need it mix well, cover with gauze and put on the window sill in a warm place so that it can wander for 3 days.Then you need to protseditlekarstvo, bottling and send in the refrigerator.Assuming it needs 2-3 times a day for 100 ml for two months.


Elixir izorehovyh kidneys great help in systemic diseases, collagen, scleroderma, chronic inflammation, etc.Useful pochkigretskogo mixed nuts with the root of the chicory, green tea and nettles.

Recipe lechebnoysmesi.A liter of olive oil heated to 90 degrees, add 200 branches gizmelchennyh kidneys and walnut 100 g of nettle as much chicory, 50 g of green tea.All the mix, add 2 liters of alcohol or vodka, postavitna stove and bring to a boil.Cool, insist 3 days, strain and mazatbolnye skin or taken three times a day for half a spoon through chasposle food.


kidneys yablonimozhno prepare ointment for the treatment of migraine.In a saucepan melt the floor kgslivochnogo oil, add 300 grams of kidney and let languish on low heat 40minut.Then leave to stand for 3 hours and again to heat add 2 g of cinnamon, stir and strain.This ointment rubbed into the temples when poyavlyatsyamigren starts.Keep in refrigerator medicine.


Elixirs izlistev and kidney currants are used in rheumatism, eczema and allergicheskihrinitah.In some cases, the drug is combined with currant Viburnum ishipovnikom.From currants sprigs brew tea and drink after pereneseniyatyazhёlyh diseases, chronic diseases and to improve vision.

Recipe: 2 lozhkiizmelchennyh kidney pour 0.5 liters of boiling water.Insist half an hour, and drink every dayAt 1 glass.

raspberry red

Crimson otlichnovozdeystvuyut branches with buds on the menstrual cycle of women also treat ovarian cysts, useful for colds, inflammatory diseases of female genital mutilation and prigrippe.

In a saucepan, mix 30 g izmelchennyhvetochek blackberries, raspberries 50g branches with buds, 5 grams of Sophora japonica, 10 g suhihtsvetov calendula, celandine herbs 5 g and 5 g of clover pour two liters belogovina.Let infused 10 hours, and then simmer for 5 minutes.Strain and drink half an hour before meals three times a day naprotjazhenii 2 months.

curative elixir for the heart

If you have a sore heart, improve, atakzhe strengthen blood vessels and the heart to help this recipe:

Vozmitepol-liter 70% of medical alcohol, sex kg mayskogomeda, grass motherwort, chamomile flowers, hawthorn fruit, herb knotweed, cudweed, valerian root.Alcohol mixed with honey and heated in a very slabomogne, stirring all the time.When the foam, it is necessary to remove the pan from the heat let stand.While honey insists brew a spoonful of each herb litromkrutogo boiling water.Let configure themselves for two hours, then strain ismeshayte with the first composition.

first week of taking the medicine needed for half a spoon in the morning and evening, and the second week - and spoon 2 times a day.

Once the medicine is finished, sdelaytepereryv for 10 days and then repeat the treatment.

This elixir is very useful for angina, hypertension, ischemia, atherosclerosis and post-myocardial.


This drink will help keep the body always in shape, Krometogo helps get rid of depression.

recipe is very simple: half a spoon of honey, a slice of lemon, 1stakan water and 30 drops of Eleutherococcus extract (available at pharmacies).

Drink it should be every morning on an empty stomach.

Eleutherococcus Extract carries a bracing effect, relieves fatigue, fatigue, irritability, improves immunity, performance and mood.In addition, you can use Eleutherococcus kakantipohmelnoe means it improves blood pressure and overall health.

I must say that this extract have iprotivopokazaniya.You can not use it when the arrhythmia, high pressure, extreme excitability and heart attack.

Add this as curative medicines skolkonapisano in the recipe.Total should be in moderation.

I wish you health!