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Stone therapy: healing stones

Kakvoznikla stone therapy?

Spetsialistyschitayut that the procedure has come to us escheiz the most ancient times.In Mesopotamia doctors to heal the sick klalina a small hot stones.They thought that stones can listen KTEL, to recognize why a person is sick, what he lacks, what substances apotom fills the body of these substances.

Eschedrevnie Indians claimed that the stones can take a person plohuyuenergiyu, but the Japanese monks at the beginning of our era knew about the properties goryachihkamney and practiced it.

Krometogo often treated with warm stones and the inhabitants of ancient Rome kitayskieimperatory.At the time of this procedure have a soul filled with tranquility, bylorasslableno body, and the man himself distracted by bad thoughts and routine affairs.Mozhetbyt, for this reason, such a procedure doshlado us today is particularly popular because it is considered otlichnymsposobom relieve stress.

Sovremennayametodika treatment with hot stones

MeriNelson Hennigan, a member

of the masseurs, made a huge contribution to razvitiesovremennoy stone therapy, she developed a special technique for treating cold igoryachimi stones.Massage is carried out in accordance with the procedure massazhashiatsu point.

Dlyastounterapii use the most exotic and rare stones (jadeite, gavayskayagalka et al.) That a special device is heated to the desired temperatury.Zatem stones laid on the active important points on the human body (as onivozdeystvuyut internal organs), and then the masterHe starts making sammassazh.

Primassazhe specialist uses only gentle soothing gentle movements with a small pressure-sensitive strokes.All this is done under spokoynuyupriyatnuyu music that inspires the human soul harmony with the stone therapy.

Useful properties of stone therapy

Basically, this procedure lasts half an hour.Chtobydobitsya best effect, you need to spend 5-6 sessions stone therapy.

Stone therapy and medicine go together today rukaob hand.This procedure:

  • positive impact on vnutrennieorgany;
  • Promotes blood microcirculation in the tissues, leading to normal metabolism;
  • Calms person distracts from vsehproblem, it has a relaxing effect.

For women, this procedure is even more useful than for men.

Besides those positive effects that byliopisany higher stounterapiyastabiliziruet hormones (if it is violated, then poyavlyaetsyatsellyulit begins before aging), and it is necessary for every woman spokoynoyzhizni.

Besides this wonderful procedure iuspokaivaet tones.

When a calming effect:

  • tsentralnoynervnoy suspend the activities of the person;
  • Proprioreceptors and exteroreceptors rabotayutbolee rhythmically and moderation.

When tonic effect:

  • human body comes in tone;
  • In the central nervous system chelovekauvelichivayutsya excitation processes.

What stones can be used for stone therapy?

Vbolshey compartment for stone therapy using heated basalt, marble ilizhadeit.Experts say that due to its porous structure, these kamnimedlenno cool person and give warmth and positive energy.

It is important to check the procedure bazaltna radioactivity.

Ukazhdogo stone has its positive properties which need obyazatelnoupomyanut.

So while stone therapy can be used such stones:

  1. Hematite - a stone which is recommended ispolzovatdlya pale skin to accelerate blood circulation.
  2. Pearls - stone, which gives the skin tone of a young man isohranyaet much longer.
  3. Aventurine - Stone improves the complexion.
  4. Lapis - stone, which has unikalnymprotivovospalitelnym action.Especially useful after its application prinyatiyasolnechnyh baths.
  5. Diamond - stone, which is able to protect the skin otpoyavleniya new wrinkles.
  6. Rhinestone - stone that ispolzuetsyaimenno to relax.
  7. Moonstone can get rid of skin that is prone to irritation, redness, pimples and acne, and also reduces zhirnostkozhi.
  8. amber - a stone, which is considered in this oblastisamym miracle.It cures skin diseases, various and festering sores.Krometogo amber prolongs youth.

Stounterapiyav home

Protsedurustounterapii you can easily hold their own at home.Today B special centers teach this therapy.When you have completed the course, the smozhetene only get a job in salons and beauty centers, but also to do at home takuyuprotseduru others.

stone therapy to make themselves at home, it is unnecessary to know anything special.The most important and most importantly - the right podobratbarabannye stones.They should be completely smooth and flat.It vasuberezhet scratches on the body, but also provide an opportunity to lay the stones, Nedviga on the back.

best to pick those stones that imeyutvulkanicheskoe origin.If you can buy them, then this obyazatelnosdelayte.In addition, for such a procedure are ideal semiprecious stones.

for cooling and heating the stones need ispolzovatgoryachuyu and cold water, in addition, the stones can be cooled even in the freezer.

So to make such a procedure stone therapy vdomashnih conditions you need:

  • Special conditions where you can relax.To bylolegche dim the lights, light the candles ivklyuchite pleasant relaxing music;
  • stones that will help you get a massage;
  • Freezer or a small ice bucket, goryachayavoda;
  • delicate cream-gel for the face;
  • Essential oils that you choose to svoyvkus:

desire to have a great time and relax.

How to heat and cool stones

temperature of stones depends on kakogoeffekta you want to achieve.For example, to relax muscles, improve blood circulation to extend sosudyi need to use hot rocks - 45-50 degrees, this simply soak them for a few minutes in hot water.A chtobynaoborot narrow blood vessels and capillaries to give the muscles and skin tone ispolzuyteholodnye stones - 0-15 degrees.

General massage

To run it, you need a partner.

  1. You must lie on your stomach and your partner massiruetodnu hands leg from the ankle to the buttocks, and the second leg should be nakrytateplym blanket.
  2. on heated massage foot to put neskolkokamney: under the kneecap, on the palm up from her shin on buttock, you now need to leave them until they have cooled.
  3. Free second leg out of bed and do the same thing.
  4. Put a lot of small stones on the lower back.
  5. When the stones on their feet cool, remove them, again, a massage and nakroyteteplym blanket.
  6. Buttocks massage stones krugovymidvizheniyami slaps and then just cover with a blanket.
  7. Free loins of stones and a massage area appears to be even, sliding a large stone.
  8. partner now moves to the back.It should polozhitkamen neck and several smaller stones - on the shoulders.Leave them to cool.
  9. now a massage therapist must remove the stones, and vyperevorachivaetes back.The stones are placed on top of the legs and melkiekameshki clamped between his fingers.
  10. small stones massaged the chest, and then put this part of the stone to cool.
  11. gently and carefully as the final movement - nuzhnopovodit small stone in the stomach in a clockwise direction.


Such therapy is contraindicated in:

  • pregnancy;
  • menstruation;
  • cancer;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis;
  • acute infectious diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases.