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Spanish massage


If the usual massage, we have long been mastered, the Spanish- quite young.Spanish doctor Enrique Garcia came up with this technique, technique hiromassage vzyavza foundation, which was proposed by Dr. Ferrandis vdvadtsatye the last century.In addition to the methodology laid down other techniques that are inherent in yoga and Ayurvedic science.


Enrique Garcia formulated the three positions of the Spanish art of massage.

  1. We can not allow the use of multiple tehnik- only one.Because each technique has its effect and therefore priprimenenii two techniques, one may exclude the other.
  2. especially Spanish massage technique vhoditbolee hundreds of different kinds of devices.With such diversity into account osobennostikazhdogo customer, besides there is no getting used to the methods of ihraznoobraziya, and massage is very effective.
  3. taking this weight are very plastic, poetomunevozmozhno feel no pain, but despite this, the master pronikaetgluboko in the tissue.Ma
    ssage vyzyvaetozdorovitelnoe action endomorphin that cause joy and pleasure a person when onipoyavlyayutsya.

mentioned earlier that tehnikamassazha Enrique Garcia based on the methodology hiromassage doctor Ferrandis.Etatehnika aims to strengthen the muscle tissue and the elimination of its patologiy.Hiromassazh do in the face, lower limbs and the back, because it's part of samyeproblemnye.During the entire session can not be a repetition of any of priemov.Snachala person must relax, why not start with a massage razogrevamyshts and with relaxation.Then apply deeper techniques often etokrugovye movement operated by fingertips or palm.

Spanish massage absorbed sebyaneskolko different techniques.

Miotensivnaya machinery imeetrasslablyayuschee effect on every muscle in the process of massage joints are vdeystvie and worked out ssochleneniyami.This tehnikavosstanavlivaet elasticity of muscle-joint articulation.

Samatoemotsionalnaya tehnikaukreplyaet nervous system.It directs attention to the contrast of sensations - etorasslablyayuschie techniques and enhanced enough steps to razdrazhalisreflektornye zone.Such movements operate with your fingers or palm in raznyhnapravleniyah, with varying force and pressure at different speeds.It happens that masterispolzuet other items to enhance the effect: feathers and stones.

Lymphatic drainage - a technique kotorayaudalyaet excess fluid from the tissues and produktyobmena.

haemolymphatic tehnikanormalizuet local blood circulation, reduces intracranial and arterialnoedavlenie.

Neyrosedativnaya tehnikanapravlena to reduce stress, apathy, irritability, sleep disorders, atakzhe stimulates certain brain tsentry.Takoy massage gives a person feel that the baby feels vutrobe mother.

Spanish massage does not need to visit more than three times vnedelyu.

Polzaispanskogo massage

After the session is active lymphatic drainage system, improves blood circulation and the skin is saturated with oxygen.As a result, etogooteki disappear, oval face becomes clear, and the skin - fresh and radiant.

When the wizard conducts a session, he byazatelno ispolzuetrazlichnye special creams suitable to your skin type and oil.Pitatelnyeveschestva the massage penetrate the tissue and make the skin young and fresh, and otstressa no trace remains.

Wonderful techniques and methods Spanish massage zamedlyayutstarenie skin.Patients who have tried this technique on yourself, argue that the result is visible already in the first proceedings.Of course, a person does not chtobyproblemy back again, do not stop halfway, anuzhno undergo a certain course of treatment, and in addition, periodically repeating egodlya maintain appearance.Cosmetologists say that with this massazhamozhno avoid surgery.

Spanish massage his technique is rather complicated, achtoby achieve the desired effect, you need to exact compliance methods and rules atakzhe deep knowledge of anatomy.As you know, a professional massage dolzhenvypolnyat specialist.That is why before doveritsvoe face and body massage therapist, make sure that it deystvitelnokvalifitsirovanny master.

Spanish massage for young

have molodyhzhenschin overexcited nervous system, so what happens vdeystvitelnosti perceived not always adequately.Because of this, the facial muscles are always prebyvayutv hypertonia, and if it is not removed, it will appear early wrinkles on litse.Poetomu young girls need to see a specialist for technology, kotorayanapravlena for stress relief and relaxation.And after such a procedure mozhnonachinat manual'nye other actions that will affect all levels The number of skin structure.

Spanish massage after 40 years

middle-aged women in the first place nuzhnosnyat voltage shoulder girdle on miostrukturnom level.Surely takiezhenschiny work and every day new information obtained as a result etogopoluchayut different emotions, so you need to take advantage of this age neyrosedatevnoy tehnikoy.V vascular system gets tired, so she nuzhendrenazh.It porazminat nalbu wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and on the eyes.This technique will allow vamizbavitsya by the emergence of new wrinkles for a while.Particular attention nuzhnoudelit chin, here it is necessary to step up the level of manipulation dermalnomglubokom.On the neck also need drainage and prorabotkalinii expression.

After the massage to heighten the effect nuzhnonakladyvat modeling mask on the face and décolleté.

Indications ispanskomumassazhu:

  • varices
  • stress reliever
  • lymphostasis
  • reduce swelling
  • decreased immunity
  • malnutrition cells and tissues
  • lowering blood pressure
  • firming
  • age andabnormal dryness
  • improved tone


  • skin diseases,
  • diseases in the acute stage,
  • asthma during the flowering period (May-June),
  • malignancies.

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