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15 simple ways to improve sleep

1. Evening exercise

According to research proved that moderate exercise before bed help resolve urovnyagormonov in the blood, which makes it possible to quickly and sleep soundly.Otdaytepredpochtenie early dinner and an evening stroll.

2. Leave the operating business at work

Job stress and tension -prichiny lack of sleep.Do not think about work before bed.Prednaznachenadlya Bed rest, but not for work.Therefore, the workers leave things at work.

3. Avoid daytime sleep

a little nap in the afternoon vremyapolezno.But if after a day of sleep a night you suffer from insomnia, then luchsheotkazatsya rest of the day.

4. Relaxation techniques

Even if you do not like yoga master vseravno recommend a couple of poses that promote relaxation.If vamne manage to sleep, try to relax and not think about what does not.

5. Do not go to bed at plohomraspolozhenii spirit

When you're in a bad mood, you dazheesli and fall asleep, most likely, you can not avoid nightmares.If you had a fig

ht with rodnymchelovekom, before going to sleep, try to make peace with him.You'll see, posleetogo you fall asleep quickly and soundly.

6. Do not drink a lot of coffee

If you want to sleep, tootkazhites coffee.If you have used it during the day, not at night poluchitsyanormalno sleep.

7. Make notes

Keep a journal and write vnego events that occur to you during the day.Notes that vasrazdrazhaet then your attention will not be focused on what is happening.

8. Turn off the TV

Avoid bedtime by prosmotratelevizora or games on your phone.These things can stimulate the brain, which at night will not work properly, leading to insomnia.

9. Listen to the quiet and priyatnuyumuzyku

quiet music calms igotovit to sleep.Avoid heavy, rhythmic music.Only pleasant melody!

10. Think about the good

In the life of every chelovekaproiskhodili pleasant and joyful event.So think before going to bed not oproblemah and the good.So you can positive charge and quickly fall asleep.

11. Get comfortable pillow

old airbag capable vyzvatnedosypanie.So buy a new pillow and you'll feel the difference.

12. Do not go to sleep, esline decided

With unresolved issues before temkak sleep, weigh the pros and cons, try to make a decision.Probably, in the morning, you change it, but because the "Decision Makers" turned off in your head while you sleep.

13. Observe sleep

According to studies, it was found that long sleep on weekends recuperate, but he often yavlyaetsyaprichinoy sleep disturbance during the work.Observe all the time to sleep.

14. Do not go to bed when tired nechuvstvuete

Bedtime stroll through svezhemuvozduhu.Drink a glass of milk and watch the movie from which you stanovitsyaskuchno and starts sleepy.

15. Do not panic

If you can not sleep, stop panicking and constantly watch the clock, get up and take sebyakakim any business, and when he felt sleepy again lie in bed.

lyudiochen all different, but when it comes to strong and healthy sleep, everyone needs water and the same: dark and cool room neobremenёnnom soznanii.Postaraytes learn to control everything that happens around you and vashemusnu envy of everyone!

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