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Douching: the rules of, indications and contraindications


Vagina have mucosa, which vydelyaetvyazky secret he alone is the cleanser that vyvoditomertvevshie cells outside.Selections - this phenomenon is harmless and natural, they can appear at the hormonal changes of the body during the cycle (kprimeru at ovulation).That is why, if you are okay and you neboleete any infectious disease, then your body samspravlyaetsya with cleaning and do not need to douche.Quite simply, each denprinimat intimate shower with detergents.

Many female representatives douche to cleanse the genitals secretions.You have to remember chtosprintsevatsya every day can not be, this procedure washes your estestvennuyusmazku, and as a result you change the acidity of the vagina and break normalnuyumikrofloru, and it will lead to irritation and dryness.Diminish the protection function, in addition, mogutrazmnozhatsya pathogens that lead to inflammatory diseases iinfektsionnym.

Women who are over 45, especially during menopause, all you need to forget about what the

procedure is.During this period and taksuschestvuet problem of vaginal dryness.


When isolation is unhealthy and sledstviemzabolevaniya, unpleasant smell, are unusual texture and color, vyzyvayutrazdrazhenie, burning and itching, it's time to turn to a gynecologist, who vampomozhet determine a diagnosis and say what needed to be treated Kaki.

In such cases, the douche with drugs that fight the disease and help to loosen and remove unpleasant sensations.

For example, diseases that are caused by sexually are treated with antiseptic solutions.But only for the prevention imipolzuyutsya vsrochnom order (for example, if you have unprotected sexual intercourse with maloznakomymmuzhchinoy), but these drugs can not be rid of the symptoms.

If you suffer from inflammatory diseases polovyhorganov, you help decoctions drugs charges - marigold, sage iromashki, as well as various kinds of antiseptic and protivovospalitelnyepreparaty.They will remove the inflammation iuskoryat mucosal healing.

Young girls and girls, and the doctor may prescribe takuyuprotseduru (for example, when vulvovaginal), but it needs ispolzovatmyagkie, thin rubber tube.And douching holds only an expert who will do it with the utmost care and caution.


Many women douche in order to protect themselves otnezhelatelnoy pregnancy.However, it should be remembered that this method does not yavlyaetsyanadezhnym because at 80% of cases there is a pregnancy.This is due to the fact that fast moving spermatozoidyochen the cervix - in some cases they this nuzhnovsego 1.5 minutes.And you know chtoza such a short time you will not have time to posprintsevatsya.In addition, sometimes the sperm may be vslizistyh secretions where the jet syringe lacking.Therefore, if the sexual act occurred in blagopriyatnyyden, you're still pregnant.

Kakieimenno solutions can be applied?

esliv want posprintsevatsya for the purpose of health, then use a daisy.Stolovuyulozhku grass pour a glass of boiling water and allow to stand for about twenty minutes.You can try and 2-3% solution of boric acid, baking soda or rastvorfuratsilina.One tablet furatsilina to dissolve in a glass of warm water, as in a glass of water you need to dissolve a spoonful of soda.All infusion for sprintsevaniyagotov.These broths and solutions do not carry any harm, so they mozhnosprintsevatsya.However, the use of soap and potassium permanganate should not be - oniperesushat mucosa.

regards medicinal products can tell you gynecologist, because everything depends on to what you have an illness or a problem.If you have thrush, togdavy can posprintsevatsya tea tree oil or tincture of elderberry.Mr. Vozmite30 duty on half a liter of water.So zhetakoy solution is useful for obesity iendotservitsitah - an inflammation of the cervix and vagina.Recently aptekinachali deliver such preparation as gipozol.It contains methyluracil ioblepihovoe oil, therefore carries anti-inflammatory effect.He primenyaetsyapri many diseases - erosion, obesity, endotservitsitah nonspecific vaginity.Pomimo that douching with this drug helps heal poslehirurgicheskogo treatment of erosion.To effect it was better for an hour before the procedure sgipozolem perform douching decoction of chamomile.

Eslistradaete inflammation, you will hlorofillipt.It contains chlorophyll eucalyptus leaves, so has takimprotivovospalitelnym effect.One spoonful of this solution should be diluted naodin liter of warm water.

Vagotil- drug that is widely used.It has bakteritsidnymeffektom capable heal damaged mucosa, furthermore ispolzuetsyapri treatment of trichomoniasis in combination with other drugs.He otlichnoostanavlivaet bleeding and relieves itching after removal of polyps and biopsy.1-3chaynyh spoons should be diluted in 1 liter of warm water.These procedures can delat2-3 times per day.

mozhnoli independently engage douching?

case to fall in love at first need to go to the doctor, a gynecologist, and he uzheskazhet what to do in your case.If you still sprintsuetes yourself, then be sure to read the instructions of ready solutions.If you are cooking otvarytrav or other solutions, then make sure that they were not hot, tolkoteplymi.

fell in love with the event to self is very risky.You can rasprostranitinfektsiyu, and then it will be more difficult to cure, so if you have noticed sebyanepoladki, go to the doctor.

Ipomnite that before you pay a visit to the gynecologist is not douche.You yavnone become an example of such a disease, which the doctor had not yet the case.But the procedure may harm those that a doctor correctly diagnose and is even worse prescribe the wrong treatment.


  1. douche best in the bathroom.Lie back wrap, and let down your legs on the wall.
  2. First of all, relax in protivnomsluchae because of a strained muscle bad solution will fall into the vagina.
  3. for such a procedure is necessary ispolzovatspetsialnye irrigation syringe, they have a special tip, so they are very comfortable.If this is not, then you can use the usual kruzhkoyEsmarha or rubber syringe.The broth or a solution to pour vsprintsovku and gently introduce the tip into the vagina so that no povreditnichego inside.To make the procedure you need 200-300 ml of broth ilirastvora.
  4. sure that the solution is poured slowly, lest was strong pressure.Otherwise, the liquid may enter the uterus inachnut develop inflammation.The solution is to wash the vagina, after which it is poured.
  5. douching to treat morning ivecherom to do, and when -one condition will improve once a day or even a day.One course of treatment - about 10 dney.Protsedura should last 15 minutes.


  • the first time after abortion or childbirth,
  • during menstruation,
  • before visiting the gynecologist.So you will wash the vagina ismoete mucosa, and the doctor will be difficult postavitvam diagnosis.
  • during pregnancy can not carry out this procedure, because of the air may pass through the cervix, moreover, can pereytiinfektsii to fetus from the mother;can be premature births.
  • in certain diseases (parameters metroendometritis, adnexitis).

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