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Kombucha - family doctor

infusion Kombucha - a very useful drink vkusnyyi.In the 90 years of his brazenly pushed compulsively reklamiruemyesinteticheskie soda and "natural" juices.Three-liter jar with a floating vney slimy pancake-jellyfish (by the way, because of the resemblance to jellyfish, ofitsialnoenazvanie Kombucha - meduzomitset) is clearly losing design krasivymbutylkam and boxes.But lightly carbonated sweet-sour taste nastoymeduzomitseta - not just a tonic, but also a natural antibiotic iantiseptik can not be said about any of the famous soda.

In each historical epoch requirements lekarstvennympreparatam and stories about their "chudodeystvii" set out at the level meditsinskihznany that formed in those days.So with tea gribom.Drevnerimskie warriors and Vikings drank his infusion ("tea kvass") before the fight, osobodazhe without understanding its medicinal properties, just feeling the impact drink tonic iukreplyayuschee.But in ancient China gribrassmatrivali tea as a source of magical power to prolong life.Its rou

nded, slightly elongated shape with curved out of the corner, the roof resembles a Chinese pagoda hrama-, fits well with the canons of the mystical teachings of doctors Dynasty Dzinza two hundred years before Christ.The method of growing tea gribahranilsya a closely guarded secret.Chinese doctor, an expert on Kombucha, in the year 414 was able to treat the Japanese Emperor.He stayed in Stranevoskhodyaschego sun and began to grow for sale Kombucha.Since that time, and began his triumphal march through Asia and then Europe.

In 50-70 years of the last century multimillion armiyavladeltsev three-liter jars of tea jellyfish had no idea about breeding izorganizma toxins, waste, about bringing cosmic energy for blagopoluchiyasvoego dwelling on cleaning the aura.People just drank tea kvasok inahvalivali, not realizing that meduzomitset actively promoting the solution of these voprosov.Eto is now determined that as a multi domashniydoktor he possesses healing and magic (it is now a must!) Properties.They say that you can talk to the fungus, and if horoshenkopoprosit he will fulfill any desire, and fill the house with positive energy.

Currently mnogorekomendatsy appeared on the use of Kombucha and methods prigotovleniyakombinirovannyh with other herbal infusions.After the tea brew -Natural vitamin pharmacy.He will strengthen the immune system, and with a hangover on nogipostavit better than brine.In short, the panacea of ​​the 21st century.Even TV unsettled and advertise cosmetics based on it.

But there is one thing ... Too good-too good not to.In several European countries, doctors do not share vostorgovobyvateley and believe that a positive working on all cells nashegoorganizma, the infusion of fungus at the same time activates the growth of cancer kletok.Poetomu their concerns do not allow to make the list meduzomitset ofitsialnyhlechebnyh drugs.Studies of the properties of Kombucha continue, vremyavsё in its place.

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