Perhaps dissemble those who say that never in my life did not envy anyone - else.Sooner or later, jealousy overtakes us and in no hurry to let go.A neighbor is a good figure, which has got its inheritance, and you have a year without leaving the gym.A colleague was the boss a year after graduation, you're sitting in one place for years 5. Someone has a husband, and you do not even have a dog.Someone big car, and you have a bike on the balcony.Reasons for jealousy abound, is only to give her the will, as it threatens to overwhelm the head.
Envy generate our fears, unfortunately missed opportunities, facilities and illusion.A neighbor actually may well be plump, which is just a corrective underwear, which you do not suspect.A colleague was the boss because she had become the mistress of the old and nasty Boss.Whose - the husband changes, the machine utility and hair extensions.But you do not know about it and keep envy.
Perhaps this feeling is to throw first.

Immense ego.
Each of us feels unique
and has every right to do.If you are firmly convinced that there is no one better than you and can not be, if you think everyone should love you just because you are not looking at how you're behaving yourself - this is the problem.As a result, you can pass a fatal selfish and stay in splendid isolation.
get rid of his huge ego, which prevents you from have long to live, clinging to all sharp corners and hurt others.You instantly feel relieved not to stay risknёsh diagnosed with delusions of grandeur.


not notice Do you think that at every opportunity and an awkward case began to teach other life?That you razdaёsh tips left and right, even when it is not you asking for?If you do not allow someone to solve their own personal questions, if you get stuck and to impose their views, it is time to stop.Think about whether your opinion - the only true, or, and you can make a mistake?Stop and get rid of manners to teach everyone, and you will see that the world is full of interesting things, which you do not even know.

Love for weaknesses.

Some people do not hide their shortcomings, they love them, care and cherish.They recognize and tendency to lie, and crooked legs, and bitchiness and pettiness, but ... not in a hurry to get rid of it.If you think the most pleasant topic of conversation discussion of their own flaws, you should notice that the friends you have not so many, but foe everyone easily gets on to the patient.
Get rid of self-pity and begin to eliminate the reasons that you so want to feel sorry for yourself.

course, sometimes even close friends do such nasty things without which it is impossible to answer.But if you have people taking revenge on each occasion - and what pushed you in the subway and that was deprived of bonuses, it is worth considering what is wrong with you.Some troubles can be guilty you yourself and not by others.You should not throw the blame on their shoulders.Forgive people who accidentally or specifically hurt you, try to forget those wrongs and stop revenge.Try to live differently, to be more friendly.You quickly feel how life was easier without the oppressive hatred.

disadvantages each of us lack.Someone who likes to make promises and never let them perform.Someone quips on every occasion, someone is lying at every turn, someone can not talk about anything else except for themselves.We do not always notice the flaws in themselves, but often see in others.Maybe a regular general cleaning can be a great way to get rid of the burden of unpleasant habits.In their place, others may come, the ones that make you better.