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Want to live longer - Remove the "rose-colored glasses"

Not long ago it was thought that only an optimist with his belief in the bright future is more likely to overcome sickness and senile, and other "charms" of arriving at old age.But statistical studies conducted in various research centers, refute this position.

American Psychological Association published the results of an analysis of data collected between 1993 and 2003, for the three groups of the following age groups: 18 to 39 years, from 40 to 64 years and 65 years.The researchers asked participants to assess whether they are satisfied with their lives for the moment and to predict their level of satisfaction with their own existence after five years.And five years later they were interviewed again and compared with forecasts of five years ago.All were interviewed more than forty thousand people.

results of the senior group - 65 years or more, stunned.25 percent of respondents indicated their prospects almost exactly 43 percent underestimate their future, and 32 percent - over-rated.So, among

the oldies-optimists waiting five years of the rainbow for himself life, 9.5% observed in ill health, and, as shown by further observation, 10% increased risk of dying or becoming disabled over the next decade compared with the othermembers of their age group.

study leader believes that this is understandable, since pessimistic citizens is constantly waiting for the fate of some trick and mentally prepared for anything.They lead a more healthy life than their peers optimists, placing more emphasis on safety at work and at home.We could not agree, because pessimism - is not constant complaints to life, and a skeptical attitude towards anything.Frustrated hopes able to lick and young people, what can I say about the elderly.And how can we not recall the anecdote about the old Jew, who was asked about his affairs and health are not boasted a modestly replied: "Do not wait!".

The researchers also noted that the more affluent elderly higher risk of injuries and, as a result of disability.It is also understandable that people with money do not want to put up with over the years, and departed trying to live more actively.Then you and the adventure tours, and fitness, and said, "gray in his beard, a lusty".Which leads to various injuries and unexpected health problems.

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