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Lanolin and its application

Application lanolin

This substance is one of the most important components irasprostranennyh ointment bases, especially osnovemulsionnogo type.Furthermore, it is contained in the patches, adhesive bandages ilinimentah.Lanolin is also used in cosmetics, fragrance industry andother areas of the economy.Vmeditsine this value as a base material for various kinds of ointments and skin smyagchayutim if mixed lanolin and petrolatum in equal amounts.Purified, chistyylanolin produce to nursing women.It is used topically, it otlichnopomogaet healing of cracked nipples and prevents their appearance.More odinplyus ointments such that it does not need to wash off before feeding the baby, because she is absolutely harmless to infants.

on the nipples are glands Montgomery kotoryevyrabatyvayut secret a substance lubricates the nipple and does not give rise vrednymbakteriyam.If you often wash your nipples with soap, then the secret is lost, and the areola become dry and lubricate the nipple rastreskivayutsya.Re

komenduyut breast milk, but if they porazhenymolochnitsey, this method is not suitable.In addition, typically in such sluchayahnaznachayut creams and ointments with an unpleasant odor, which in any case nelzyabrat in the baby's mouth.But with lanolin you can treat nipples and feed malyshaodnovremenno.

Properties lanolin

Lanolin - a viscous mass of brownish-yellow color.Egootlichie other waxes in that it has a high content of sterols in tomchisle and cholesterol.He otlichnovpityvaetsya the skin and has a softening effect.In view of lanolin ivyazky very thick, it can be a brownish-yellow or yellow, moreover, onimeet peculiar odor and melts at a temperature of 36-42 degrees.

Properties lanolin whose performance similar to fat that vyrabatyvaetsyakozhey person.The most valuable feature of this substance is expressed egosposobnostyu emulsify up to 140% glycerol, to 180-200% water ipriblizitelno up to 40% ethanol - and all this from its own weight obrazovaniememulsy with oil / water.

even if a large temperature range ivlazhnosti lanolin is able to maintain all of its physical indicators -vyazkost.The specialists have proved that it can hold twice as much water as it weighs himself and thus it does not lose its viscosity.If nebolshoekolichestvo add lanolin and fats to hydrocarbons, this will dramatically increase ihsposobnost mixed with aqueous solutions and water.Moreover, etavozmozhnost caused its widespread use as a part-Lipophilic gidrofilnyhosnov.

chemical composition of lanolin

chemical composition of lanolin is so complex that egodo not yet been studied and is not found.But for the most part it predstavlyaetsoboy weight combination of higher fatty acids (palmitic, myristic, cerotic et al.) With esters of high alcohols (izoholesterina, cholesterol, and others.) And free for macromolecular spirtami.Esli view lanolin chemically ratio, it is stableprihranenii, inert and neutral.

Getting lanolin

as feedstock takes wool fat, kotoryyizvlekayut of wash water where primary processing is carried out sheep's wool-washing factories Sherstin.In the process of hair washing with hot water emulsion is formed sdobavleniem alkaline fluid that contains fat (unsaponified and hydrolysed), wax-like substances (containing lanolin), protein-mucous, coloring and other sorts of unpleasant smelling substances izagryaznyayuschie.When a centrifugation, the supernatant, kotoryypotom separated, is called crude lanolin or wool fat.After etogoproizvodyat lanolin itself, it needs to carry out six steps: wool zhirnuzhno melt, then oxidize it, then zhirneytralizuetsya oxidized, dried, filtered and ready neposredstvennofasuetsya lanolin.

Primenenielanolina in cosmetics

Even despite the fact that lanolin has takoynepriyatny odor, it is widely used in cosmetology.And there is nothing strange, because etoveschestvo is one of the most effective fat pitayuschihi that perfectly moisturize, nourish and smyagchayutkozhu.Furthermore, products containing lanolin are able to protect the skin otnepriyatnyh factors and adverse environmental effects.

its wonderful, nutritious and uvlazhnyayuschimisvoystvami lanolin owes its ability to absorb and hold a ogromnoekolichestvo moisture.Thus, it penetrates deep into the skin and Krometogo that nourishes the skin with moisture, it protects it from dehydration dlitelnyysrok time.

If you apply lanolin constantly, then you nevozniknet never problems with the elasticity and softness of the skin, moreover, vasusilitsya regeneration of new cells.

It has already been said that the lanolin reminds kozhnyyzhir man, so often it is used as a basis for nutritional iuvlazhnyayuschih creams, especially if it is meant for aging and suhoykozhi.In addition, this tool creams acts as conservator.

Pure lanolin used in any case nesovetuetsya because it can clog pores and thereby ogranichitpostuplenie oxygen in the skin.Moreover, pure lanolin on its texture is very tough skin and coat them budetdovolno easy.

In this zhiroobraznoy weight and the lack of which he manifested in the fact that lanolin is the allergenic ingredient vkosmetike, so it can cause skin rashes and various pokrasneniya.Odnako was once produced dermatological analysis, find out where vzaimodeystvielanolina skin,it was attended by 1048 people and only 12 people pozhalovalisna allergic reaction.

Nevertheless, before purchasing iispolzovat cosmetics with the content of the substance should be predvaritelnona small area of ​​skin to make a small test, for example, on the skin of the hands, wrists nemnogovyshe, from the inside.

anhydrous lanolin can be used for prigotovleniyamasok at home.Below you will see some simple recipes.

Masks izlanolina

Take half a spoon of anhydrous lanolin, two lozhkichistoy water, mix and leave for a while until the lanolin is not a vpitaetvsyu water.While this budetproiskhodit, cucumber grate, you will need half a spoon.Tepertschatelno rub lanolin and cucumber.The mixture, which you will, nalozhitena face for fifteen minutes.After that, soak a cotton ball in milk iliogurechnom juice and remove the mask.Do not wash.

This mask is perfect for dry skin, it eenemnogo brighten and make spots and freckles less visible.

You will need one tablespoon of water and half a spoon of lanolin, lanolin, mix and allow to absorb water.Next, add three lozhkisvezhevyzhatogo grapefruit juice and half a spoon of honey.Carefully all peremeshayteili better yet beat with a mixer and send the mask on your face for ten pyatnadtsatminut.After that, soak a cotton ball vteploy water, remove the mixture and wash with cold water.This mask tones up flabby skin.

This mask recipe will also help aging skin onatoniziruet and refreshing.

Take half a spoon of lanolin and a spoonful of water, pustlanolin absorb water.Then add three to four tablespoons of freshly squeezed sokatakih berries and fruits, such as apricot, apple, black currant, cherry, melon, gooseberry, grapefruit, cranberries and a half tablespoons of oatmeal.Properly vserazotrite and send it to the face for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then umoytespodogretoy water.

If you cook nepoluchaetsya lanolin masks because they are obtained ochenvyazkie then pre lanolin is melted in a water bath, and then uzhesmeshivayte with water and other ingredients.And when it vsekomponenty add, remove from the heat and whisk mixture with a mixer or a good eerastirayte.

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