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By helping others, you heal his own heart

Scientists from the School of Medicine in New York conducted a ryadissledovany compared to the physical and mental state of the participants blagotvoritelnyhsotsialnyh programs and those citizens who have lived their normal lives.Veksperimente attended by 106 young people, half of them, for consistency with the 10-week social program, just one hour in denrabotali volunteers with younger students, helping them to learn.When etomsravnivalis objective indicators of the state of the body before and after the experiment: BMI (body mass index), blood cholesterol, the presence of inflammation etal.The researchers noted a significant improvement in their, and also drew attention to the extent to which self-esteem and a positive mood volonterov.Eto clearly points to the improvement of the cardiovascular sistemyobsleduemyh.

Commenting on the results, the experts noted that okazyvayabeskorystnuyu help others, altruistic volunteers of all ages isobstvennoe improve physical health.But, if you look, the results p

olnostyusoglasovyvayutsya with the very essence of volunteerism.Voluntary vypolneniesotsialno important work, without receiving material reward, nasegodnyashny day - is the satisfaction of their own moral potrebnosteyputem to help other people or animals.It is interesting that many of the presenters, who always looks stylish and healthy people, it is strongly rekomenduyutv including ways of extending assistance to other youth, saying that they samiaktivnye volunteers.Positive emotions from awareness of their need nesutzaryad positive energy that positively affects the entire body.

motivation, pushing the person on volunteering, razlichnye.Soglasno surveys conducted in the United States, Russia and other countries, is dominated by the following:

  • want to help people in need - 61%;
  • hope to learn something new - 46%;
  • want to have something to do - 41%;
  • for fun - 31%;
  • want to meet new people - 29%;
  • want to answer to people for good good - 11%;
  • want to deal with certain problems - 7%;
  • I have free time - 4%

Such motivation inherent in different age groups: molodymlyudyam easier to carry out any activities related to "legwork" in the vremyakak older volunteers are invaluable where you want to sit with someone, vyslushatego, just talk.And working with dumb animals are all from Young great - good word and then evaluate any animal.

Older people, helping others, relieves depression istressov, and, no matter what kind of help they have - physical iliemotsionalnuyu.And even at a young age is moschnoevozdeystvie volunteering has on the cardiovascular system that over the years, postarevshievolontery will look visibly younger and fresher than their peers, zhivuschietolko for themselves.

selflessly helping other people and animals, you predupreditebolezni heart and have a better chance to live longer ... We need to find only vsebe sincere desire to help unselfishly, and long life in a positive - razveeto not decent pay your efforts and thoughts?

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