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How to recognize a stroke and first aid for stroke?

What is a stroke?

Stroke can characterize two states.The first kogdaiz the enormous pressure burst blood vessels of the brain, after chegonastupaet brain hemorrhage (hemorrhagic stroke).Second - when krovperestaet flow into any area of ​​the brain due to occlusion of blood vessels, leading to it (ischemic stroke).Therefore, in any case insultayavlyayutsya cause problems with blood vessels.

At risk are mainly elderly people who uzheza 50 years old and suffering from high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.Sometimes problemams vessels leads to high blood cholesterol levels, which voznikaetiz of malnutrition.Stress is also able to cause a stroke.

proved that women are less likely to suffer a stroke men.Prietom girls of childbearing age the risk is much less, as gormonestrogen, which is actively produced in the blood vessel walls prevent holesterinuzakuporivat.

How predupreditinsult?

There Pre-stroke conditions.If it is time to determine what you can izbezhatinsulta.Most Active In Pre-stro

ke conditions a person experiences weakness, pressure surges, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness up to.Inogdamogut numb limbs: arms or legs.Most often, these symptoms are confused sgipertonicheskimi crises, so do not hurry to the doctor for an examination.Moreover, such attacks do not last long, vsegoneskolko hours.If this state lasts more than a day - that I insultuzhe come.

How raspoznatinsult?

ischemic stroke most often occurs during sleep.Chelovekposle he wakes up with nausea, headache, my head starts to spin ichuvstvuetsya weakness can sometimes be immobilized half of the face, arm leg, and in the eyes of the split.On the eve of such a state were tepriznaki, as mentioned above, the disaster struck.Hemorrhagic insultmozhet happen at any moment and in any place.

Even if the person seems normal and is in the mind, it does not mean anything.He may have broken it.Smile spristupom stroke too hard.Sometimes it can occur hoarseness and rezkoeslyunovydelenie.This is due to the fact that in a fit of hard swallowing, and a person can even choke.That is why the need to be supervised priezdavracha.Also, at the time of a stroke can occur severe headache and double vision eyes.

Hemorrhage can occur in any hemisphere.If etosluchitsya - refuse limbs.To determine which hemisphere is damaged, turn lift the right and left limbs of the affected person.Nachnites hands.One arm is in good shape, and the second is likely to hang a whip.Eslichelovek unconscious, one leg can be deployed passively stopoynaruzhu.

dangerous symptom - the pupils of different sizes.One eye mozhetkositsya aside, and in the one in which there was a hemorrhage.Also napovrezhdennoe brain may point out a turn heads.

First Aid priinsulte

1. If at least some of the above-described symptoms vyzametili in humans, then immediately call an ambulance.While ambulance budetehat, administer first aid.To begin with free respiratory tract -snimite tie, unbutton the collar and clean handkerchief remove saliva.Neobhodimoobespechit fresh air and access to oxygen.To do this, remove people otpostradavshego.

If a man fell, no need to budge.Pripadenii he could get injured, which can exacerbate movements.If zhechelovek on your feet, you need to put it, and put a cushion under his head.Valikmozhno make any improvised means: jackets, sweaters, jacket and so on.

2. If you notice signs of severe ischemic attack stroke, try to resort to alternative medicine, which inogdapomogaet little to improve the condition before the arrival of the ambulance.Pomassiruytekazhdy affected finger-palm, focusing falangam- it will recover.

If the pressure is raised, it can be a little lower if the wind the first joint of the thumb (located under the nail) shnurkomili gum (preferably black).The finger should turn blue - it poderzhiteego wrapped within two minutes, then loosen the pressure.After takoyprotsedury pressure should drop to 15 units through 20-30 minutes.If zaeto time no changes, repeat the procedure.You can neperezhivat - do not bring any harm, but rather alleviate the condition.

Also, the pressure can be reduced with medication: effervescent aspirin, glycerol cerebrolysin.From these medications will not nikakihpobochnyh effects.

3. When stroke may occur vomiting.If takoeproizoydet, you must quickly turn the victim's head to the side so he nezadohnulsya vomit.

Besides vomiting and having seizures.And onimogut be frequent and follow one another.In this case, you must turn the person notonly to the side, but also to insert a spoon in his mouth, wrapped platkomi hold his head.If there is no spoon, you can use any drugoypredmet: wand, comb, toothbrush and so on.Clean vytiraytepenu handkerchief, which will come with the mouth.Most importantly - do not create unnecessary pressure nacheloveka in a similar situation.

Remember - never give ammonia smell spirtcheloveku when he had a seizure.He can suffocate and die!

4. It happens that the victim stops serdtse.V this case is an urgent need to do heart massage and artificial respiration.

5. In no case should not be given to the victim sosudorasshiryayuschiemedikamenty like papaverine, nicotinic acid or shpy.After their priemasosudy expand in all regions of the brain and the blood begins to surge nimaktivno.At this time, the damaged blood vessels no longer receive.

Remember that before the arrival of the ambulance lives stricken otinsulta entirely in your hands.From the correctness of your actions and bystroyreaktsii will depend on many things.It is better to do something than to leave chelovekabespomoschnym.

Unfortunately, a stroke can occur at each of us.Niktoot not insured.So if you notice a man who badly ilikotory like a drunk, and a better approach to verify whether all poryadke.Poprosite him smile (people with stroke can not do), provertezrachki, have to raise their hands.In an extreme case, I think you strannyychelovek.But it is possible, so you will be able to save someone's life.Pomniteob it.Do not remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others.

wish you to stay healthy and not know podobnyhproblem health!