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Fundamentals of Eastern philosophy of health

very interesting and instructive story of one man -Katsudzo niche.K. Nishi - known yaponskiyvrachevatel, who knew the hidden potential of the human body and could propably use.In early childhood vrachiopredelili his fatal illness, thereby putting an end to the life of the boy.Novopreki this, K. Nishi dlinnuyuzhizn lived, and defeating their chuzhienedugi.For a man the most important pobedav life - a victory over himself.

with the study of basic natural sciences (physics, chemistry), a person brought into our lives the fruits of technological, urban his palace, while separating ourselves from nature.All of this is directly proportional to povliyalona lifestyles and ways of thinking.All of these factors generate a lot of barriers of bioenergy dlyazdorovoy circulation in our bodies.The result of violations tsirkulyatsiienergii are energy stagnation.A healthy body nazvatnelzya.

Energy in East ponimaniimudretsov

How to open its energy potential and how to use it to improve the health and longer f

eel young?What kind of energy source and wherein the look for her?First you need to know that there are invisible threads that bind our two molecules forming the body.These strings or chord form svoeysovokupnostyu vitality, energy.This force is the essence of all, the beginning and end of our world.

This energy is eternal.It originated in the moment of creation world.We themselves unknowingly disconnected connection with this power away from his prirody.Chelovek and everything that surrounds it, has a dual nature - matter and energiya.Odno without the other does not exist.In addition, a very important balance between these two storon.Etot balance determines the conditions of our life, not only in terms fizicheskogozdorovya.Subject to balance life energy is distributed in the body pravilno.Soblyudenie balance is a necessary condition for the energy management tela.Kontrol of energy can be attained through proper nutrition, razlichnyefizicheskie and breathing exercises and meditation classes.Our energiyanerazryvno associated with feelings, qualitatively changing thoughts and feelings in luchshuyustoronu we rejuvenate the soul, and thus the body.In various Eastern verovaniyahlyudi often practiced mantra.Voice vibration control energieyvozdeystvuyut on the matter.This is another key.I should add that literally read mantryne necessarily enough to publish guttural sounds that can sozdavatoschutimuyu voice vibration.Change the thoughts, feelings and vibrations is the way kizmeneniyu itself.

only therapeutic measures that can help vamrealno is positive thinking (pure energy of thought), absolyutnoespokoystvie in all situations (spirit energy) and pure natural products (energy supply).

food culture

To be healthy, you have to lighten your mind isvoi thoughts, take natural foods that sovetuetvostochnaya medicine.In the East, believe that if you are not able to izlechitsebya and reach out to others, your healing will never be complete, since kakvy cease to be independent.You can always help yourself, heal yourself for that nature has given every opportunity.Following the ancient Eastern traditions, anyone can master all these techniques.We can become vrachami.Chelovek for themselves in almost all cases, the source of all their ills.All this from ignorance banalnogou ilinezhelaniya know the laws of nature.It is worth noting especially reverent attitude kprirode the East.In Japan, it was thought that the cause of all bolezneyest gloomy mood, poor diet and lack of rest.Japanese in timely developed a set of rituals prior to food intake, which Pomogalov combat illnesses and returned to man the harmony of the body.Strong soyuznikomvashemu health forever be a moderate diet.In nutrition, prezhdevsego required to use "clean" foods, avoiding flavor enhancers (salt, sugar and all kinds of E-shki). Drinking natural tea, black or green, again zhebez different flavors. Try to give up coffee. Smoking and alcohol - 100% otkaz.Neobhodimo reduce the share of the products with the energy of yin (potatoes, eggplant ipomidory). Vegetables should be used strictly according to the season. The most predpochtitelnyezhivotnye proteins - fish and birds. And do not forget about the emotional background before beginning your meal.

In Japan, before coming to a strange house, where budetustroen lunch, you should always prepare yourself, that is, to cleanse the soul of zlyhpomyslov anxieties and worries. Starting to eat the food you need, being glubokomdushevnom relaxation. In this room often sounds quiet music. feast is not accepted to conduct disturbing conversation, everywhere reigns garmoniya.Blagodarya these factors create a very favorable atmosphere.Obratitevnimanie how dishes are served in Japan, each dish - almost proizvedenieiskusstva.Try to decorate and ennoble every moment of your life.