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What you should know about anesthesia?

little about anesthesia ...

most common anesthesia today is epiduralnayai spinal.It is made in those cases where it is necessary to anesthetize below poyasa.Pri epidural drug is injected through a thin crater.This ochenudobno, since appropriate dose may be added (e.g., when dolgihoperatsiyah, after childbirth or surgery).Spinal anesthesia is all odnoyinektsiey anesthetic.Pain sensitivity in this case is lost primernona 5 hours.

Some worry that during such anesthetics mozhetpostradat spinal cord.For that you should not worry.In the place where delayutinektsiyu, the spinal cord is not present.The drug is injected into the fluid that surrounds the "ponytail" - individual nerve fibers.The needle breaks them, but damaging.The only complication that can occur when spinalnoyanestezii - a headache, which may last from three days to two weeks.Noee easily removed with simple painkillers or caffeine.

If you just do not want to feel that you are doing, ask the doctor to give mozhnoprosto sedatives that

induce sleep.In such sluchayahrasschityvaetsya this dose, which will allow you to sleep through the entire operation naprotjazhenii.However, this method is rarely practiced in Russia, votlichie from Europe, so in advance to find a clinic which is doing.


most important thing for the anesthesiologist - do it right obschuyuanesteziyu.In fact, it is a controlled shutdown of the brain.In takomsluchae your body no longer responds to all external stimuli.Ablagodarya the right combination of drugs is ensured not tolkoobezbolivanie, and muscle relaxation, and managing important funktsiyamiorganizma.

If anesthesiologist miscalculated the dosage topatsient can wake up during the operation.Sometimes it happens and you must, for example, interference with the spinal cord or brain surgeon to mogopredelit not affected by whether the important departments.Then the man goes back to sleep.Avoobsche if awakening during surgery is not planned, it is possible neperezhivat.Since awakening from anesthesia occurs gradually.And eslianesteziolog notice it, he immediately take action.

anesthetic most commonly used drugs.A Minor amounts they are safe.But can cause nausea.To etogoizbezhat necessary not to eat anything before anesthesia.Also with narkozomvrach often introduces his patient even drugs that relieve nausea.

Some people are afraid that after anesthesia sokratitsyaprodolzhitelnost life or worsen memory.Doctors and anesthetists argue that this can not happen.Of course, not counting those cases where anesthesia namoment already have problems with memory.

Doctors can not give contraindications to anesthesia.Etomozhet done only after careful examination of the anesthesiologist ivyyavleniya all health problems.In fact, no absolute protivopokazaniyk anesthesia.Maybe just not all types of anesthesia you fit, poetomuvrach select it individually.Also, there are cases where there are problems sozdorovem, a man after anesthesia during the day, sometimes more, neotpuskayuschego home and left the hospital under observation.This is done to sokrascheniyariska possible consequences.

What vampodoydet anesthesia?

Very often patients ask one question: "And what anesteziyasamaya safe?".It is not quite correct question.Each sluchaeest individual readings.In addition, the anesthetist chooses tipanestezii depending on the operation, mental attitude and sostoyaniyazdorovya patient.

Some believe that spinal anesthesia bezopasnadlya more people who have weakened immune system, as well as for the elderly.This is not the type of anesthesia is safe tak.Kazhdy differently.Therefore, we have to choose a good doctor tolkokliniku.Unfortunately, in our country the level podgotovkispetsialistov lower than in European clinics.But technology, equipment ipreparaty we almost identical.Therefore, a major role will play a factor uzhechelovechesky doctors, patients and urovenprofessionalizma recommendations.

How to choose horoshegovracha for anesthesia?

hear the opinion of the surgeon who will perform the vamoperatsiyu.For information about the surgeon get much easier than an anesthesiologist.Ktomu if the surgeon is good, and values ​​its reputation, it is never a bad nestanet work with the anesthesiologist.

Visit specialized medical forums.They vysmozhete learn many interesting things about the doctors, as well as about kakoyanesteziolog has a good reputation.Such reviews are sometimes gorazdopoleznee various certificates and titles.

If the above methods will not give answers to topobeseduyte by an anesthesiologist.Professional rasskazhetv you necessarily all the smallest details: on what anesthesia is needed in your case, as onabudet conducted.The more people you tell, the more he is literate.If vynaydete common language with your anesthesiologist - it's good and good for you polzu.Tak you will feel calmer and more confident.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia has another name - zamorozka.Ona not require the presence of an anesthesiologist and is used in simple operativnyhvmeshatelstvah.For example, in dermatology, dentistry and so on.Onaabsolyutno safe.True, some may be allergic reaktsiya.Poetomu before a shot, you have to clarify whether there was ransheallergicheskoy reaction to the drug used.Do not be afraid.Sovremennyepreparaty Local anesthetics cause similar reactions are very rare, chemnovokain who have years and years.In addition, it is possible to make advance kozhnuyuprobu or a blood test for IgE to drugs preparatam.Eto recommended to do if you suffer from allergies.

Sometimes addition to local anesthesia, you may predlozhiti sedation.It will have to spend an anesthesiologist.It's not quite anesthesia and skoreeprosto sleep caused by sedatives, which are not cut off nervnuyusistemu, unlike anesthesia, but just a little slow her reactions.That estchelovek asleep, but if it is to stir up or call, he just woke up.Inogdacheloveka when sedation is completely euthanized, but only reduce the sensitivity and Full relax.All will depend on the individual case.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong anesthetic.She bezopasna.Glavnoe - find a good anesthesiologist who has experience.And then lyubayaanesteziya pass without any consequences.

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