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How is venous insufficiency, and what complications it leads

In tomsluchae when it comes to the issue of time, a person may not notice nichegoosobennogo.But if vasodilatation occurs constantly, nachinayutpoyavlyatsya first symptoms of distress.

first symptoms: feeling of tiredness in the legs

Protsessrazvitiya venous insufficiency can be expressed in varying degrees: nachinayas lung malaise (a feeling of heaviness or swelling) and zakanchivayabolee severe manifestations, such as phlebitis (inflammation of veins), andemboliyalegochnoy artery.It is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle and nachalnyhsimptomah as soon as possible to diagnose the disease, to take sootvetstvuyuscheelechenie.It is therefore important to know the signs of venous insufficiency: is oschuschenietyazhesti feet and felt as if they burn;ankles and feet swell, it is very hard to go;marked restless leg movements;kozhamenyaet color;at night there are leg cramps, preventing normalnomuotdyhu.

Obychnosudorogi marked the end of the day, if a man has spent his "on your feet".More odn

impriznakom, has a simple muscle wasting from venous insufficiency, is that cramps, feeling of heaviness and swelling naiboleeintensivny on hot days or when a person is close to istochnikompovyshennoy temperatures, such as a stove.Thus, these simptomyobychno recorded in the summer months.In the morning, the pain more tolerable, but postepennonarastayut during the day, to the extent that, as the temperature rises and usilivaetsyautomlenie.The pain will be weakened if to lie down with feet elevated chutteplogo after a shower or a short rest.

appearance of varicose veins

In tomsluchae if initial symptoms are not eliminated, the veins continue to expand, pytayaskompensirovat interference in the blood stream.This process provotsiruetvospalenie internal tissue of the vessel walls.Then the venous wall rastyagivayutsyai consequently produce toxins and water, which increases the pain and otechnost.Teper already beginning to celebrate the more obvious signs that suschestvuyutproblemy in the functioning of the venous system.For example, after neznachitelnyhushibov appear small hemorrhages that sometimes occur even without prichin.Krome that may become visible varicose veins on the back storonekoleney and outer thighs.As a rule, they have a kind of webs or setchatyhzvezdochek.

type violations sistemykrovoobrascheniya: cold feet

Narusheniekrovoobrascheniya provokes symptoms of restless legs and extending ven.Esche one disease from the most common pathologies nizhnihkonechnostey - the so-called cold feet.Stop Temperature is vzavisimosti ambient temperature, as well as blood circulation.Eslistopy tend to cooling, do not wear tight shoes, stockings inoski that hinder proper circulation;umerennyefizicheskie recommended load and the abandonment of certain habits - smoking, drinking coffee, etc.It samyeeffektivnye preventive measures to avoid the appearance simptomaholodnyh feet.

Despite NATO that this condition can not be considered a serious disease without nadlezhaschihprofilakticheskih measures symptom cold feet can lead to takimoslozhneniyam as gastritis, asthma, migraine, etc.

varicose veins

Voprekimneniyu most people varicose veins can not always be detected pervogovzglyada because there is a possibility that excess fat or tsellyulitskryvaet varicose veins.Varicose veins occur when there was predprinyatosootvetstvuyuschee treatment against venous insufficiency.

vozvraschaetsyapo blood veins to the heart after delivery to all cells of nutrients.Naobratnom the way it has to overcome many obstacles - such KAKS attraction, valves venous walls, calf muscles and weak davlenie.Chrezmerno expanding in an attempt to maintain a constant flow of blood to the heart, veins as a result lose their tone, bend and become noticeable.Kozhastanovitsya like transparent, and through it start to shine through thin nitochkiven.

Sistemakrovoobrascheniya has some security mechanisms.If krovivoznikaet stagnation in the veins of small volume, tososednie veins in some way able to take on the task of obespecheniyukrovotoka on this site.Conversely, when the difficulty in krovoobrascheniiproiskhodyat in vessels of large diameter, fully compensate interference vkrovoobraschenii impossible, and therefore appears veins.Although it mozhetvozniknut in many parts of the body, the most common localization nanizhnih limbs.

Venous nedostatochnostporazhaet almost every fourth person.As for the veins, then etomunedugu subject to every tenth.And the number of women, according to statistics, more than 2 times the number of men suffering from these diseases.

Usually zaisklyucheniem very rare cases, the expansion occur in the veins of the legs poverhnostnoyseti.And above all, affects the subcutaneous vessels.There are two bolshiepodkozhnye veins.External subcutaneous Vienna originates on the outside storoneschikolotki and rises along the central and rear portions of the lower leg to level kolenavlitsya in a deep vein.Internal Vienna comes from the ankle to the inside storonynogi groin and enters a deep vein.

It vetih two veins occur most varicose.In some, however rare occasions, varicose may also appear vsosudistyh branches of the saphenous veins.

Hemorrhoids - a kind of veins

Hemorrhoids is a varicose vein develops in the anal area ivyzyvayuschee burning sensation in the rectum, pain and blood in the stool.Naruzhnyegemorroidalnye nodes, ie nodes that form under the skin analnogootverstiya are called "hemorrhoids."The fact that hemorrhoids razvivaetsyatolko people can testify to its close connection with nepravilnympitaniem.

stages of varicose veins

Allocate tritipa varicose veins.

  • Minor varicose who nachalesvoego development does not pose a serious health hazard, nevertheless, considered a cosmetic fault.
  • Average varicose veins.They predpolagayutnalichie problem that it is impossible not to pay attention, because with time sposobnastat cause bleeding or inflammation of the veins of surface vessels.Dazheesli varices at this stage not go into a more serious form of the disease, onyavlyaetsya very painful.
  • large varicose veins.On dannoystadii when struck veins across his legs, the disease poses a real ugrozuzdorovyu.It often happens that, in addition to the inevitable pain and itching, this type of varicose veins leads to thrombosis, etc. yazvi

Complications arise when venoznoynedostatochnosti

Kogdavenoznaya failure becomes chronic disease and stenkisosudov begin to weaken, there is the risk of complications is much more serious, chemsindrom tired legs and varicose veins.Until now, due osnovnymiproblemami flow off the feet were pain and anxiety.If venous nedostatochnostne persists, it may be phlebitis, venous thrombosis that is a result of a blood clot obrazuyuschegosyav vessel.

Vozniknoveniesgustka blood in one of the superficial veins is not dangerous because vetih small vessels circulating blood volume.Clot vbolee deep vein, however, can lead to more serious posledstviyamiz the large volume of the transported blood.The blood clot formed Nastenko veins may at any time enter the bloodstream, a izlegochnyh occlude arteries and, consequently, to cause pulmonary embolism.

vrachuneobhodimo To apply to the first appearance of symptoms such as redness, swelling, numbness, unexplained pain in the calves.