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Your 28 days or all of cycle

little theory

That is from itself is actually nothing but a hundred PMS knows about 90% of the fairer sex at the age of 15 to 50 years.Pikproyavleniya PMS accounts for 27-35 years.This natural female cycle, vsrednem, is 28 calendar days.Just for this period vremeniprihoditsya so-called oocyte maturation, preparing the body koplodotvoreniyu, and if conception has not occurred, attacking those samyekriticheskie days.

the female body each month produced special reproductive hormones.As razeti hormones, or rather their level, which has the ability to rise iponizhatsya in different periods of the cycle, and have a direct impact naemotsionalnoe status of women, as well as her physical well-being and dazheseksualnuyu activity.Therefore, knowing what's really going on inside us UGTT any given day, you will be able not only to better understand myself, but nauchitespodchinyat bring their emotions with the right approach to analyze slozhivshiesyazhiznennye situation.

First to sedmoyden

«Cons» .Kriticheskie days, which can be considered the beginning, as a rule, make the female body vrabotu temporary failures, namely the sharp attacks golovnoyboli, shortness of breath and can even leadthe possible rasstroystvuzheludka.

«Pros» .But because of low levels of zachrezmerno vkrovi sex hormones, which are called estrogen greatest heights upredstavitelnits fair sex reaches a creative and prostranstvennoemyshlenie.In those days in the woman's head can be born igenialnye most incredible idea: a woman can come up unexpectedly, as she still sdelatvesma sophisticated presentation to convince the head of the correctness of his project idazhe find a girlfriend recently bought a dacha not using at the moment kartoyili Dzhi-pi-es.

Sexual Life .During sex low level of estrogen leads the minimalnoevydelenie natural lubrication.Just for this reason, your partner or yourself povashey request should certainly try to somehow diversify the prelude or uvas at hand should be a jar of lubricant.By the way, as compensation for vseneudobstva Mother Nature endowed women bonus - in the period zhenschinyotlichaetsya skin particularly sensitive to all touch.So you get vsegdamozhete unforgettable and truly heavenly delight of silk lingerie, erotic massage or a gentle touch of a loved one.

On the eighth day pochetyrnadtsaty

«Cons» .In etotperiod feminine smell ever endowed with special urgency.It otlichnoevremya to change svoyparfyum - you can choose the flavor that you really pridetsyapo soul.But at the same time the majority of odors (Incidentally, a week ago and did not notice vyih) may simply start to irritate you.

«Pros» .With kazhdymdnem, depending on the growth in the number of your blood tarragon, Ivashov increased confidence in itself.Deal with things in the locker room, udelitevnimanie its appearance, renew friendships with those people with whom Whampoa one reason or another had her break.Right now you nadelenysposobnostyu sensibly assess actions of those around you ikontrolirovat their personal emotions.So feel free to find a compromise solution and receiving in any area of ​​your life.

Sexual Life .This time is considered to be the most appropriate in order to conceive a baby.Ieto is not surprising, because your thoughts about sex does not leave you for a 24hour a day, and as the process itself, it is capable of dostavitmassu you pleasure.So your partner has its part to please you ibalovat constant "alert".By the way, according to research, the stronger sex are able to catch a special women faint odor coming from the ladies at the time of ovulation (egg maturation).So that a man begins svoempodsoznatelnom level tends to procreate!

On the fifteenth day of the first podvadtsat

«Cons» .Dlyavashey skin is one of the toughest times: beginning to show sebyaakne and irritation.Plus, due to the excessive surplus vtkanyah progesterone begins to linger liquid.You should pay attention to your diet and limit the use of smoked and salt food products - otherwise you are guaranteed swelling.

«Pros» .Chtokasaetsya your mood, it is the mark: you differ velikolepnymchuvstvom humor and feel happy.By the way, his optimism you mozhetedazhe infect all the others.

Sexual Life .From desire which was last week, you certainly do not go crazy.But sex with a really, slowly ichuvstvom you're ready right now.Your movements are graceful and feminine.These dnisravnimy a calm before the storm!

twenty-second podvadtsat eighth

«Cons» .Finally tosoderzhanie blood progesterone reaches a critical point, and it is said Otomi that the female body is immersed in the premenstrual phase.This slozhnyyperiod characterized by headaches, frequent changes of mood, zhenschinastanovitsya very touchy on all the little things, mistrust, impulsive, scattered - as in all decisions and actions.Once an effect "wolf" appetite.The body also begins to "sum up" - begins sweating, accelerated hair growth, skin poyavlyaetsyazhirny shine, and the hair very quickly become dull and zhirneyut.A vinovnikometogo all is the male hormone testosterone.In those days you will ever need upotreblyatv foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates.But the salt, sugar, pepper, caffeine and alcohol you still should take time off.

«Pros» .Niktone would argue that in this period happens to you little good noodin comfort factor is still possible to identify.During PMS slightly povyshaetsyaobschaya body temperature, which leads to the fact that the body begins to quickly szhigatvse calories.

Sexual Life .Before menstruation usually decreases tone of voice, so onnachinaet sound very sexy.So men are willing to break all svoipravila hours and keep you small talk on the phone.And if govorito sexual desire, it is at this point "walks" on the top vyssheyshkaly that takes the basis of the all-consuming passion to indifference.

And finally I want to add, learn to properly prislushatsyak your body and good mood you will be guaranteed even with PMS!

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