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Everything you need to know about blueberries

Chemical sostavcherniki: minerals and vitamins

100 grams of these berries contained 86.5 grams of water, 8,6guglevodov, 1.1 g protein, 51 mg potassium, 16 mg calcium, phosphorus 13 mg, 6mg of sodium, manganese, 1.2 g of free organic acid, 2.2 g of dietary fiber vitaminR, 6 mg magnesium, 7.0 mg iron, 0.9 mg of copper, cobalt, nickel, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. V1,10 mg0.30 mg of vitamin E, and pantothenic acid.

svoystvacherniki Useful: treatment blueberries

Due to the fact that blueberries contain perfect sootnoshenievitaminov group B, C, copper, iron, magnesium, and P-vitaminoaktivnyh dubilnyhveschestv, it has antibacterial, sosudoukreplyayuschim iprotivoanemicheskim properties,also great influences rabotukishechnika.

Blueberries are so delicious because it contains sugar, malic, citric and other organic acids, and it is curative and treatment of zanalichiya in the structure of tannins.Blueberries - a storehouse pektinovyhveschestv by which heals and is released from the gut produktovgni

lostnogo decomposition, moreover, it is able to deduce from organizmasoli iron.Also in this berry contains iron which our organizmusvaivaet much better than iron, which is part of the lekarstvennyhpreparatov, and all thanks to the fact that iron in blueberries intertwined saskorbinovoy acid and other compounds useful for the organism.

tea with blueberry juice and blueberry juice used inas a diuretic, drink for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis, and vyvedeniyapeska kidney.Aqueous extracts of blueberry juice ichernichny very useful with stomatitis, tonsillitis and catarrh verhnihdyhatelnyh ways.Such infusions caress the mouth and throat, but just pitego can be three or four times a day for 1/3 cup.

especially effective in the treatment of blueberries typhoid, diphtheria, dysentery bacillus and staphylococci.

Dried blueberries are also very useful.Dried blueberries are used in folk medicine pridiaree, cystitis and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract in kachestveprotivovospalitelnogo funds.Mnogielekarstvennye teas are composed of dried fruit and blueberries are used ihpri various diseases of the stomach.

blueberry jelly and fresh berries are particularly useful for rabotyzheludka and intestines.They are not allowed to develop in the intestine ignilostnym fermentative processes and dyes and tannins are kakprotivovospalitelnoe means.

For those who suffer from gout, anemia, kozhnymiboleznyami, sore throat, hepatitis, gastritis with low acidity, rheumatism and kidney stones blueberries particularly useful.

also use blueberries can improve vision, so eslivasha job or profession requires good vision, then make these berries in svoyratsion.Moreover this berry snizhaeturoven blood sugar, so it is helpful to eat sick saharnymdiabetom.If you suffer from constipation, the prolonged use of fresh yagodpomozhet you handle it.

At a time when the open blueberry season, you need every denpytatsya eat as many berries.It can be used in conjunction slyubitsya products, the main thing that it was fresh.

On account of improvements worth noting that priupotreblenii blueberries accelerated update of the retina, increases visual acuity, field of view and provides eyes get tired menshepri any job, especially at night in low light and dark.

use of large amounts of blueberries determine horoshiyobmen substances.

If you are concerned about diarrhea, then it is recommended every denna all times with short intervals shtuksvezhih or eat a few dried berries.

Folk retseptylecheniya blueberries

Treatment of eczema, septic wounds and ulcers is possible with pomoschyucherniki at belyah used for douching decoction bilberry.If disturbed bleeding hemorrhoids, then use this infusion enema: a tablespoon of blueberry leaves nuzhnozalit cup boiling water, boil for fifteen minutes and strain.

If the inflamed mucosa bladder togdanuzhno take a decoction of several cups a day until pokachuvstvo thirst disappears.When onapoyavitsya again and start copious urination, start taking otvarzanovo.

to handle the wound apply this infusion: a tea lozhkulistev need to pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for half an hour, then strain.

For diabetics prepare a decoction of the leaves of blueberry dlyapoloskaniya mouth.If you have the initial stage of the disease, while vozmitestolovuyu spoon leaves and pour a glass of boiling water, wrap a towel inastaivayte forty minutes.Then strain the broth and take stakanunastoya three times a day.It is best if you do it in small glotkamii chilled.

The leaves of this wonderful plant contains neomertillin which is capable of significantly lowering blood sugar, and it is very poleznodiabetikam.

If plagued by chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, you need to take blueberries as follows: take two teaspoons of blueberries, mash them and pour a cup of boiling water.Then wrap a decoction should insist on for three chasov.Etim broth can gargle in acute tonsillar ilikataralnoy angina.Adults drink a warm infusion of half a cup four times a day, and children - from one chaynoylozhki to ¼ cup.The same nastoyotlichno helps with pulmonary tuberculosis and in the treatment of pneumonia.

If you are burned, suffering from weeping eczema or drugihkozhnyh diseases, then use the freshly mashed blueberries vprimochkah and compression.

Medicinal properties of blueberries can help you cure gout, rheumatism and other diseases that are associated with metabolic disorders veschestv.Dlya, take a couple of tablespoons blueberries and pour a glass of boiling water.Ukutaytei let it brew for 3-4 hours.Take five or six times a day ¼stakana.

Besides that blueberries have medicinal properties, it is also very diet.Calories in it very little.In a small dish (so much for nuzhnocherniki daily dose) contains only 40 calories, but despite this onasmozhet quickly enrich the body with minerals and vitamins, in osobennostivitaminom C, iron and potassium.In kazhdoyportsii blueberries contains as much fiber as in a piece of black hleba- take you note.Esliyagody blueberries freeze, it will be able to retain all its useful properties, so you can add it to porridge and simple to use as a samostoyatelnogolakomstva.

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