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In the fight for healthy feet: thermal waters and thalassotherapy

heyday etihtsentrov health due to the need that we currently dolzhnypriderzhivatsya treatments that would not be so aggressive in comparison with those cases vomnogih offers Western medicine.In addition, in the resort or vtermalnom point you do not offer a method of treatment aimed only naustranenie restless legs syndrome and varicose veins, and create a climate that provides psychological and physical recovery, that is, you poluchitepolny complex therapeutic interventions.

What should you consider when posescheniitsentra health

Always napominaytedoktoram center that you suffer from venous insufficiency (konechnotakovaya if available).It is not necessary to enable those skilled provodilipovtornoe examination.You already appoint the appropriate treatment.

ilechenie stay in such centers usually is not cheap.If possible postaraytesprovesti a few days rather than one, as the most effective yavlyaetsyapoluchenie several treatments one after the other.Thus, it may be best to visit a health center,

2 times a year for neskolkihdney than one day, but every month.

Most kurortovi thermal spas offer treatments for restless legs syndrome.Poetomunet need to know beforehand whether your chosen offers tsentrzdorovya similar services.

Treatment thermal waters - good sredstvodlya tired legs

kasaetsyalecheniya With varicose veins, the hydrotherapy produces no effektapri this disease, but at the same time a great opportunity oslabitsimptomy restless legs syndrome.Like most alternative metodovlecheniya, that is, those who do not follow the usual principles of Western medicine, the use of thermal water is an effective preventive sredstvom.Seansy hydrotherapy tone the walls of blood vessels and effectively predotvraschayutotechnost feet.

If vyreshili visit the thermal center, it is desirable that this was done not only stselyu rid of the problem of tired legs, but also to poluchitkompleksnoe treatment.The full course can take up to 3 weeks.Remarkably, if you have the opportunity to pass it all, because you feel sebyatak as if born anew.

In lyubomsluchae no disease, during which for the duration of your stay vtsentre would not change for the better.The preferred first learn ometodah treatments used in health centers that you planirueteposetit, in order to decide which of them will satisfy your potrebnostitselikom.Most of the tools that can be used in termalnyhtsentrah correspond to those that have been considered in the article posvyaschennoygidroterapii.Naturally, each center could offer their own osobyemetody treatment with water.In addition, the great advantage posescheniyatakogo health institutions is that here for the treatment of thermal vodyispolzuyutsya is foot problems.

Termalnyminazyvayutsya water that come to the surface and have a temperature higher (about 5 degrees or more), the mean annual temperature in the mestnosti.Nagrevanie water occurs as it passes through various underground sloi.Takim, the efficiency of the thermal treatment of many diseasesvodamiobyasnyaetsya in that a high content of minerals.

Thalassotherapy: Treatment Sea

In dannomsluchae as a means to alleviate the problems associated with health advocates seawater.This is the basis of thalassotherapy - discipline kotoruyupropagandiroval Hippocrates, saying that "the sea cures all human disease," ikotoruyu widely practiced in ancient Rome.Thus, it talassoterapiyanaschityvaet for thousands of years.On the territory of ancient Egypt were naydenypapirusy that mention the benefits of thalassotherapy, but flourishing eeprihoditsya to Roman times.In the 19th century there was a rebirth metodaispolzovaniya sea water for medicinal purposes, and there were numerous tsentryzdorovya on the beach in different parts of the world.Vozrozhdeniyatalassoterapii initiative, which by that time had forgotten, belongs frantsuzskimvracham.For example, now the International Federation talassoterapiigovorit about this kind of treatment as follows: "In an exclusive position ... etoodnovremennoe of benefits of the marine environment, which includes sebyamorskoy climate, seawater, sea mud and other substances extracted from the sea, under the supervision of a physician andprophylactic or therapeutic purposes. "

means thalassotherapy

Sea vodayavlyaetsya primary means of thalassotherapy, as it soderzhitpriblizitelno 80 elements that contribute to better health.

talassoterapiisposobstvuyut Methods of relaxation and strengthen the body, as well as pozvolyayutpodderzhivat your body in good shape.Water for medical procedures taken from razlichnoyglubiny and at a considerable distance from the coast (usually more than 1 km), gdeona nothing dirty.In addition, the water is exposed to various protsessamochistki to eliminate toxic substances and pathogens.

Prichinaispolzovaniya sea water is that its structure is similar to sostavuplazmy blood.Thus, due to seawater organizmvosstanavlivaetsya osmotic balance in cells.

In lyubomsluchae Thalassotherapy is not only sea water, as well as the effect that gives the sea air.When the waves breaking on the shore, they vydelyayutotritsatelnye ions.It has been proven that the latter contribute obrazovaniyuserotonina - neurotransmitter antidepressant effects.Therefore walk poplyazhu are strengthening exercises, not only because stimuliruetsyakrovoobraschenie, but also because they allow the use of flow otritsatelnyhionov to improve mood.In addition, the thalassotherapy primenyayutsyamorskie algae possessing anticancer, antioxidant, antiseptic and antiviral effect.They contain large amounts of poleznyhveschestv, various vitamins, calcium, iron and protein, which God samamorskaya water.