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Ovaries: the main problems

Ovarian cysts

Every woman who has a normal menstrual cycle, once a mesyatsperezhivaet dobrokachestvennoykisty education in the ovary - it is a small pouch that is filled with fluid, ilifollikul ovary.When nachinaetsozrevat egg, it breaks and ochischaetyaytsekletku, this happens during ovulyatsii.Odnako when ovulation does not occur, this bag is growing further, temsamym forming a cyst.Due to the fact that it appears from normal tissues ikazhdy month changes, it is called a functional cyst, usually it donachala next cycle disappears.Vprotivnom case, it is necessary to investigate.

There drugayaraznovidnost cyst, which is formed in the ovary after ousting eggs.Polostiyaichnika filled with new cells and blood vessels to obrazovatzheltoe body, it produces progesterone, prepares the body kberemennosti.Typically, these yellow body there two weeks and potomesli woman becomes pregnant, they skukozhivayutsya and form a small scar.Odnakoesli ovary bleeding in the macula gets the blood can obrazovatsyakis

ta, which will be filled with blood.But that's such a cyst also cherezdva month passes.

More odnaraznovidnost ovarian cysts - small tumors that are filled with fluid, amozhet even be hair and zhirom.Nekotorye of them are filled with mucus and grow to a size of 9 mesyatsaberemennosti.

There vsegodesyat types of cysts, and only seven of them - a functionality that prohodyatsami own before menstrual tsikla.Esli same brush lasts longer, there bleeding and pain or onadostigaet large, then you need to go to the doctor.If you examine it with ultrasound, the mozhnovyyasnit degree, the size and type of cyst.

Many kistynikak not appear, so you may not even know that she's vasest until you this does not tell the physician during the examination.However, if the cystic tumor dostigayutbolshih sizes, they can put pressure on the bladder, abdominal wall ilikishechnik.With this cyst may have pain and nausea.Often such bolprohodit quickly, but it can sometimes take a long time.Be that as it may, you have to go to the doctor to have it examined.

What about now?

nachalazaplaniruyte to hike to the gynecologist.If you are not misrepresented, the inspection took place, then do it now.Every woman should at any age kazhdyygod checked by a gynecologist.Without osmotravracha you will not know that you have a cyst grows, until it becomes slishkombolshoy.

Any brush that has not disappeared for a month and grew by more than 5 cm in women, menstrual cycle kotorayasohranila or 2 cm from a woman who has reached menopause, should be examined and, in any case, was removed, even if onadobrokachestvennaya.This is done to Onan broke or twist, and to make sure that etonezlokachestvennaya cystic tumor.With help of color ultrasound can determine the kind of cyst.

Tsennoyinformatsiey can have a blood test, and especially in women kotoryeprozhivayut menopause.If zhenschinhoroshie ultrasound findings and positive rezultatyanaliza CA-125, then the risk that the cyst budetzlokachestvennaya very small.

Laparoskopieymozhno remove a cyst, but not in cases where it is very big.VTAK case of operation with a section bryushnoystenki choose faster, so the doctor can better examine the ovaries.

Can I just drained the cyst, and do not remove them if they are benign?

delatnelzya This is because they can be restored after drying.Furthermore, when the physician removes them can fully explore them under a microscope to make sure that they are not cancerous.

Do I need to carry out hysterectomy when removing kistyaichnikov?

Now etogone do, but there was a time when it is practiced.Any woman of menopausal age had to do extensive polostnuyuoperatsiyu to remove the uterus, so that in the future there are no problems.

If a woman suffers an ovarian cyst, then riskrazvitiya ovarian cancer increases?

net.Esli Not at all a woman has a cyst, then this does not mean that it yavlyaetsyabolee predisposition to cancer.

Ovarian Cancer

Sredirakovyh diseases as the cause of death in women, ovarian cancer is to chetvertommeste.In America each year, 22,000 new patients with takimzabolevaniem.In women under 40 found ovarian cancer is rare, but after etogovozrasta risk increases, even though he is not so rasprostranenkak breast cancer, colon or legkih.Na early stage it is very easy to fight, but he really ochenotvratitelen because,that identify it at an early stage manage ochenredko, though this is ill and only one woman of seventy.When finally the time comes and ovarian cancer is diagnosed, it has already imperceptibly penetrates suddenly authorities, unlike endometrial cancer and cervical cancer, kotoryerazvivayutsya very slowly, they can be found even in the precancerous stage.

yaichnikov- Cancer is a sneaky type of cancer because it has no symptoms in its early stages: no pain, no warning signs, no bleeding, no visible tumors.Moreover, in our time is not so horoshihmetodov who may suspect its development at an early stage.

What about now?

Each Useful forget to go to the gynecologist, who will examine the ovaries and probe ihrazmery and irregularities.

Tell your doctor about whether vvash family history of occurrence of malignant tumors, the doctor could boleepristalno watch over you and carry out inspections more frequently.

Ask your doctor whether you need to take contraceptives oralno.Est information that indicates that if a woman has semeynayaistoriya illness with cancer, she attributed takiepreparaty that reduce the risk of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer almost na50%.In addition, they protect a woman fifteen years after kakzakanchivaetsya their reception.

When everyone can have access to the analyzes that can detect defektivnyygen that causes women's predisposition to ovarian cancer, even if you ginekologvozmet and this analysis, if someone in your family suffered from cancer.

Why can not detect ovarian cancer at an early stage?

Normalnyezdorovye ovaries in diameter is only two inches, they are located deep in the abdomen and can dostignutbolshih size until he was discovered during inspections.Even ultrasound is not always distinguished Rakoto benign tumors, and such ideal seychasnet tests that could detect cancer cells vyaichnikah.

Why does ovarian cancer?

pokane Doctors can set specific prichiny.Odnako known that women who have never been pregnant, especially those who for many years are not protected from sex longer podverzhenyrisku ovarian cancer.There iissledovaniya who say that a diet high in fat mogutpovysit this risk.But vegetarian women suffer from ovarian cancer by 40% less.

Can cause ovarian cancer drugs for infertility?

Veroyatnostetogo very small, but women who are infertile, have a risk of ovarian cancer vyshe.Bylo have been many studies on this subject, but they did not show uchascheniyasluchaev ovarian cancer in subjects who took such drugs and potomzaberemeneli.There are only cases of women treated for infertility and get pregnant, but fell ill with ovarian cancer.Perhaps it is not a medicine, and in the presence of at zhenschingeneticheskih deviations due to which a woman can not get pregnant, and votrakovye cells begin to become more active.

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