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Vegetable bread

Bread Baking bread and salt - a celebration in the house.Today, vegetable bake bread.Bright vegetable juice will stain the dough and bread will festively fun and colorful.To obtain a vegetable juice, enough to boil the beets and grate, squeeze the juice.Carrots will use fresh (choose a bright saturated color).Green color you get from spinach.Slightly boil it pyuriruyte.The fourth color is normal white dough.Using the yeast and sugar and knead the dough (4 Bun).Put the dough to come into heat.And fantasize how to lay strips of dough approached.The result of the first baking disappointed me.Or rather, I was disappointed with the color of the bread after baking.Beet test strip turned dark brown.The green color of spinach dough, too, was darkish.Thank cooking mirsladostey, Recipe beet cooking pancakes, it uses dye boiled rather than fresh, as in my recipe, beets.I decided to change the recipe and repeated baking bread again.Fix all the flaws of the first prescription, the second loaf came out successful.

In principle, the usual recipe for making bread.If you want to repeat it, it is not difficult.Improve this recipe!In my opinion, there is more space for imagination!Good luck!

  • Fresh spinach 300g
  • Water silnogazirovannaya 40 ml
  • Wheat Flour 1000 g
  • Semolina 200 g
  • Sol 10 g
  • Olive oil 100ml
  • Yeast dried 20 g
  • Water 110ml
  • Juice carrot 110 ml
  • juice beetroot 110 ml
  • Butter 20 g
  • Step 1 baking color of bread, we need the juice of boiled beets, fresh juice of carrots, mashed boiled spinach, water, yeastdry (can be fresh), sugar, salt, flour (approximate number), semolina, soda, olive oil (any vegetable) oil, butter for greasing the form and the finished bread.
  • Step 2 Dissolve 5 g of dry yeast and 1 hour. L.sugar warm soda water 10 ml in four bowls.Leave a brew in the heat for 15 minutes.
  • Step 3 hour before baking to prepare vegetable juice: Boil the beets, grate finely on a grater, squeeze the juice of 110 ml;fresh carrots finely grate on a grater, squeeze the juice 110 ml (add 1 ch. l. beet juice for color brightness);Boil fresh spinach, pyurirovat take 110 ml of the pulp;110 ml of pure water.In each of the brew cup add.Put into heat.
  • Step 4 Sift flour 200-250 g of semolina and four tanks.Add to the flour slurry green.Knead the dough.During kneading adding vegetable oil, after the kneading salt.Each test takes its amount of flour.Adjust the amount of flour on their own.
  • Step 5 Add the flour slurry yellow.Knead the dough.During kneading adding vegetable oil, after the kneading salt.
  • Step 6 Add the flour slurry beet color.Knead the dough.During kneading adding vegetable oil, after the kneading salt.Step 7
  • Add flour slurry white.Knead the dough.During kneading adding vegetable oil, after the kneading salt.
  • Step 8: Get four colorful Bun.Knead well to the dough to obtain a dense but flexible.For the bread is good.
  • Step 9 Each bun placed in a container.Cover with a cloth.Leave in a warm 1-1.5 hours.The longer the dough ferments, the better, because the dough on vegetable juices.
  • Step 10 Again, knead the dough, to get rid of air bubbles inside.Spread into the prepared (grease with butter, sprinkle with flour) form of test strips of white and green colors in a spiral.(This form is too large. Choose a smaller form with high sides).
  • Step 11 Add a strip of yellow dough.
  • Step 12 Add beet test strip.Cover the form with the test cloth.Leave in a warm More for 1 hour.
  • Step 13 tests should be increased by 2 times.Put in a hot oven 240 ° C.At this temperature bake 7-10 minutes.Then reduce the temperature to 200 ° C and bake for another 35-40 minutes.
  • Step 14 Ready to take out the bread.Sprinkle with water and lubricate the upper crust of bread with olive oil or butter.Cover with a linen cloth and leave for 30-40 minutes to rest.As you can see, the colors from dark bread baking.
  • Step 15 If you chose to re-baking is less.
  • Step 16 colors at a second baking bread more succulent and bright.
  • Step 17 Bread cool.Serve for dinner, a snack with onion and garlic butter.

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