Ingredients // Berries

Milkshake with blueberries

  • Sundae - 500 milliliters
  • Blueberry - 5 Art.spoons
  • Milk - 1 cup

So recipe milkshake with blueberries requires three main ingredients - milk, ice cream (the best - white cream) and blueberries.Additionally, you can use a spray cream.First of all, wash blueberries and cleanses from all leaves and sticks.We spread the berries in a blender, pour half of the cream and milk.Beat until smooth.Add the second half of the mass of ice-cream and stir again.This is important - if you add ice cream all at once, the taste will be slightly different, so the ice cream will not be felt.Pour into cocktail glasses, top, if desired, can be made "cap" of cream and garnish with whole berries blueberries.Insert tube and treated as a cocktail did not warm :)

Servings: 3

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