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Poppy roll with raisins

Where did we come History of roll roll has a very interesting start!Once upon a time, in France, it has been a tradition at Christmas time needed in the yard to keep "Christmas log", and then it poured oil and wine, and then introduced into the house.Further, in the house, a log burned, and the ashes remaining after it retained until the next Christmas.It was believed that the ashes of the house protects from harm and evil spirits and bring good luck.However, with the progression of urban growth and urbanization of residents of villages, it has become a tradition to burden the French, and they replaced the "Christmas log" on sweet pastries, which is reminiscent of a piece of wood - so there was a roll.

  • Milk Article 0.5.
  • fresh yeast 50g
  • Eggs 2 pcs.
  • Sugar 4 tbsp.l.
  • wheat flour 700g
  • Margarine 250g
  • refined sunflower oil 2 tbsp.l.
  • Mac
  • 200 g Raisins 200 g dark
  • Sugar Article 0.5.
  • Step 1 The basic ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, poppy seeds, raisins, yeast,
    sugar, margarine, sunflower oil.
  • Step 2 Fill the raisins with boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.
  • Step 3 Fill with boiling water and poppy and leave for 5 minutes.
  • Step 4 warmed milk add 1 teaspoon of sugar, yeast and 1 tablespoon of flour.This mixture should be stirred thoroughly and put in a warm place to come.
  • Step 5 Rassteret margarine with the flour.
  • Step 6 rasstёrty margarine add a mixture of yeast and milk and 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons sugar and remaining flour.Thoroughly mix the ingredients.
  • Step 7 The next step knead dough.
  • Step 8 Next Kata dough "sausage."
  • Step 9 "sausages" cut into 6 balls.
  • Step 10 Each ball roll out, to get the cake thickness of 5 mm.
  • Step 11 Raisins mix with poppy seeds.Step 12
  • spread the poppy cake with raisins on.
  • Step 13 Korzh stuffed rolled into a roll.As a result, you should get 6 rolls.
  • Step 14 We place the rolls on a baking sheet, after brushing it with sunflower oil.
  • Step 15 Grease rolls with beaten egg and put it in the oven for 50 minutes at 180 ° C.
  • Step 16 rolls ready!

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