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Cottage cheese in multivarka of yogurt

Cooking cottage cheese in multivarka Cheese - a product very useful, especially if you cook it at home.Then you know exactly how it was prepared, from which, as the stored product.There are many ways to cook cheese at home.Sour milk can be heated on fire or water bath until coagulation protein curd can be cooked using a microwave oven.You can freeze yogurt, and then wait until it thawed.I suggest to cook the curd in multivarka.Cottage cheese with this method of cooking is very grainy and out like it is for those who like this type of cheese.From 1 liter of buttermilk or sour milk yield of about 250-270 g of cottage cheese.

  • Kefir 1000 ml
  • Step 1 To prepare the cottage cheese in multivarka we need a sour milk and multivarka (I multivarka Polaris).
  • Step 2 Sour milk poured into the cup Multivarki.
  • Step 3 In manual mode "Multipovar" put the temperature at 80 ° C and a time of 10 minutes.After the end of the cooking time is formed curds and whey.You can cook the curd
    and in the "heating" - 7-8 minutes, but then the cover Multivarki need to keep open during cooking.
  • Step 4 Strain the curd through a cheesecloth.
  • Step 5 The result is 250-270 grams of curd and whey, which can be used for baking bakery products, pancakes.
  • Step 6 Ready curd stored in the refrigerator.