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Miracle - thin "pie"

Miracle - thin holiday pies Miracle - the national dish of the peoples of Dagestan.To understand the miracle - a kind of thin cake, which is made from unleavened dough with various fillings.In rural areas of Dagestan, a miracle - a dish for a large ceremonial feast.After pies can be called - a festive bread.Miracle are closed and such great cheesecake - half-closed.The dough is rolled as thin as possible.The main flavor creates a filling, it can be meat, potato, as in our case, with cheese and herbs or just vegetables ... in general, is where carousing fancy.After baking miracle necessarily oiled so they become fragrant and tender.

  • Kefir 500ml
  • Wheat flour 5 tablespoons.
  • Soda 1 ch. L.
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • potatoes 6 pc.
  • Onion 1 pc.
  • 1 bunch fresh dill
  • Butter 200g
  • Step 1 You will need: yogurt, flour, salt, soda, potatoes, onions, greens (you can taste), butter (melted).
  • Step 2 In a bowl, mix yogurt, salt, baking soda, sift 1 cup flour.Mix well.
  • Step 3 Next, sift the remaining flour on the table and place the dough on it.
  • Step 4 Knead the dough, cover with a kitchen towel and leave the minute 20.
  • Step 5 Prepare the stuffing.Peel the potatoes, cut them and put to cook until done.
  • Step 6 Onions finely chop.
  • Step 7 Fry in vegetable oil until translucent golden color.
  • Step 8 Green chop.
  • Step 9 Ready mash potatoes to puree the state.Add the browned onions and greens.Mix well.
  • Step 10 Let's go back to the test.Tear off a piece of dough the size of a tennis ball.Lending his hand on the table.
  • Step 11 Put the dough on the cake filling, in the same volume as the dough (the size of a tennis ball).
  • Step 12 Pinch cake top.
  • Step 13 Then gently roll into a thin cake.Step 14
  • dough should have a thickness of 1-1.5 mm.
  • Step 15 Place the cake in the preheated dry skillet and fry on both sides.Not much rumyante.
  • Step 16 Flat breads stack pile.Each generously lubricate the melted butter.

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