Horoscope: Year of the Tiger, Taurus

Love sign Taurus

From 24 October to 2 November.Too emotional showdown on October 24-25 you are risking to create problems with a partner.Now it is the most vulnerable area of ​​life for you, and it is important to clarify all that was left unsaid.Be guided by love, not selfishness and their own ambitions.Try to tune into the same wavelength with the elect.From 3 to 12 November.Continued period of establishing a solid foundation for future life.Rely on the time-tested values.Do not assume that it is absolutely new ideas will bring income, but the fact that you already know how well, and you know, be sure to give a positive result.5, 6 and 7 November the relationship may be more warm, gentle, it is important at this time to take care of each other.November 8-9 - a passionate days, but in moments of intimacy refrain from further ado.From 13 to 22 November.In this decade, you switch to the other cases, the work takes a lot of time, but the relationship will still be an important area for the application

of force.In general, it is a harmonious period, but on November 20-21 is better to refrain from claims to the partner, most likely they will not be objective.Try not to cause offense to each other.November 22 is also a difficult day when it is best not to focus on clarifying the relationship and the balance of rights and obligations in a pair.

Romantic rendezvous sign Taurus

for a romantic meeting, which will certainly take place this month, will certainly try to surprise her chosen.You can adopt a style of behavior that you, as the electrons orbiting around it, but never too close.Stay mysterious and attractive.

your landmark

♦ Element: Earth.

♦ Talisman month: jadeite.

♦ Favorable days: October 27, 1, 9, 13 of November.

♦ Difficult days: October 30, 4, 11, 18 of November.

♦ Priority interests marital relationships, work.

Family sign Taurus

family business will not take much time.Unless it does not concern the main spheres of the month - the marital relationship.In this direction we will have to work hard, building a solid foundation for later life.The relationship with parents may take the character of the negotiations, where both sides are defending their point of view.On October 30-31, the situation in the home can worsen and affect the relationship with the spouse.November 1-2 - wonderful days to communicate with the child.Spend a fun time for kids can be a celebration with games and prizes.

Health sign Taurus

not relax in matters of self-control.Continue the policy of getting rid of bad habits.Do not overload the body, especially after 7 November.It increases the likelihood of accidents and injuries.Be extremely careful and cautious.

Product of the sign Taurus

Apples and pumpkins, especially baked, improve digestion, and liver health.


This month, it would be good to go somewhere abroad.It is better to start the trip on October 28-29 or November 11th.You can go to the countryside or a trip to a nearby town, it's a short journey to restore power and give a good impression.November 1-2 dedicate romantic getaway.Arrange a holiday and enjoy life.November 17-19, the probability of strong fatigue.Retire and do not forget to switch off the mobile phone to rest was complete.


power plants.Outside the window is already cold enough, and you have beautiful flowers in bloom, giving life energy and optimism.

Finance sign Taurus

At work, not everything goes quickly and smoothly, so please be a little patient - now being tested for endurance and professionalism in the future will surely bring good results.With regard to the career you may have hope, but in any case, much will depend on your hard work.Financial things go well, a lot will depend on your spouse, business partners and the interaction with the public - than it is harmonious, the more you will be able to attract customers.October 26 go shopping.November 3-4, did not take to heart troubles workers and conflicts with colleagues.November 13 - a good day to communicate with the authorities.

Purchase months

Audiokurs English.This will help not only to understand what the actors say dubbed films, but also increase the chances of career growth.

Luck sign corpuscles

Venus will provide a chance to shine and to better understand himself in communion with others.Mercury and Mars will help to adapt and find their way in adverse circumstances and come out of them with minimal losses.Sun will try to learn to hear interlocutors, partners, family, friends, loved ones, and respect their opinions and attitudes.

man Taurus

Love.For him, this month will be significant not so much a romantic and pleasant meeting as a reliable and strong relationships that he wants to create.He wants an equal partner, ready to share the joys and woes.If you want that, too, let him know.


It's not the best time to feel good, and it is important to help them maintain health at the proper level.The most important thing - activity.Exercise, water treatment and a healthy balanced diet will help maintain vitality.

Finance sign Taurus

a whole is favorable financial band, and if he is engaged in business, it is now possible to make investments for the future.It is important to have a number of reliable business partners.The agreements signed in this period, will be very useful in the future.

Jobs sign Taurus

This is a difficult time when he would have to actually prove that it is able to withstand hard working rhythm.It is not necessary to be afraid, but we must not forget about the rest.At the end of the month it will be easier to operate, it will be the energy that can be directed at solving the set of problems that have accumulated.November 13-14, can positive developments in his career.

Friends sign Taurus

In relationships with friends going on a difficult period, when it is necessary not to rely too much on their support.At the same time it is possible that someone from friends or patrons to help improve the professional and social status.

Leisure sign Taurus

him no time to get plenty of rest as work, social connections and personal relationships will absorb all his time.Rest and privacy are possible on November 17-19.It is better not to disturb him, otherwise possible scandal.

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