Horoscope at the junction of the constellations, Libra and Scorpio, October 2010

Aries Aries will come to understand that the problems in their personal lives should be solved by radical: if you give up, once and for all.You'll be glad temporary loneliness, as long as it is not delayed for long.

Taurus Taurus, despite a recent vacation, already overcome by fatigue.No wonder: at work you have to deal with the routine.Those who decide to chat with former lover, the stars are advised to exercise caution.These relations do not bring you moral satisfaction, and your second half and did not like.

Gemini Twins expected changes in personal life: someone will have to part with the former partner, someone - to feel the tender feelings of fans, a lot older than you.The only thing that should be avoided - office romances.October 7 stars are advised to make a wish, it will certainly come true.


not attach much importance to love Unfortunately, they are temporary.And do not try to force things - now it's come to nothing lead.It is better to pay attention to his family.


Lions in others literally selling like hot cakes.You as sin, not before - you're busy changing "decorations" in your own home.This is not about repairing, rather purchase new furniture and accessories.Come to the choice of a responsible, aware that surrounded these subjects you happen to live more than one year.


Dev pleasant surprises in the form of a long-earned, but not paid earlier money.At work, all right - a project that you pondered recently, the authorities will take virtually without comment.Perhaps the sudden appearance in your life former love.However, it is not necessary to impose this meeting hopes.

Scales Scales do not feel the shortage of money and can afford to buy beautiful things, which have long dreamed.Maybe shopping will help you in dealing with jealousy.What is the cause of mistrust in relation to your loved one, you yourself can not tell.Stars warn you against premature conclusions.

Scorpions Scorpions clearly reveal the mystery that has long did not give them rest.However, before you blame anyone for their problems, once again carefully double-check the facts.In the second half of the month the representatives of the sign will be replaced by aggression on the goodwill and sense of fullness of life will make you truly happy.


Sagittarius will increase the number of friends and admirers.It is possible to encounter with a person in whom you were once in love passionately.It is better to tell him that on your senses has disappeared, or a loved one is desperately jealous of you to your past.

Capricorns Capricorns

a month to live under the motto "Lovely curse - just amuse."And quarrels, and to tolerate and enjoy it this month will have to often.The main thing is that the game of passion was not reflected in your work.Professionally, the prospects for you now shining.


Aquarians seem to descend from heaven to earth and be able to take a sober look at the situation at work.Now only you will be able to defend his project.If you are going to rely not on general considerations, but on the facts, you will be able to prove to the authorities that the truth is on your side.In the second half of October can be a business trip or leisure travel.

Fish Fish is now much better feel in fantasy than in reality.As for the daily bread, then there will take care of your comfort stars - thanks to being in your sun sign, you will not lack for money.

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